Best 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Husband

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Each birthday year has its own name and is celebrated in a different way. Gifts should be chosen according to the date. On the birthday, a wife can give her husband a themed gift, a thing he needs, something for a hobby, an item he dreams of. You need to choose valuable presents, so that they will definitely be helpful to your spouse, used by him at home, at work, during his leisure time.

We will offer the most interesting and relevant gift options for a husband from his wife for the 30th birthday. Perhaps our tips will help you make your choice.

TOP-30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Husband

  • Knitted woolen items – warm sweater, vest, jumper, scarf. Clothes can be bought or knitted with your own hands – if you own this skill. To give the present a double symbolism, you can embroider a neat openwork pattern or lilies of the valley on the product.
  • Men’s jewelry is made by weaving method. You can choose a gold (silver) bracelet or chain, leather or thread bracelet. Present the product in a box tied with an openwork ribbon.
  • A wristwatch is a useful, practical present, it will surely please your beloved spouse. Give preference to a watch model that suits your husband’s clothing style and character.
  • Paired gifts: T-shirts, sweatshirts, pajamas; rings, bracelets, medallions with your photos; dishes. Unique inscriptions, engraving, pictures are applied to such products. They are for husband and wife.
  • Organizer folder with engraving, multiple departments, with wireless charging – for the executive husband or entrepreneur. Such an accessory is essential for a modern businessman.
  • Cozy warm blanket with sleeves. It can be made to order, decorating with family photos, the inscription “5 years together”, put the names of the spouses on the blanket.
  • Shirt, T-shirt, T-shirt for the summer with openwork inserts or with a mesh. Clothes are suitable for the hot season, will always come in handy for your husband, tell him about your care and love.
  • Terry bath towel with your spouse’s embroidered initials, with the date of your birthday. The product may contain symbolic patterns of lilies of the valley. Good quality textiles are always a necessary thing in the house.
  • Warm terry robe decorated with themed embroidery and room slippers. Such household things will not let you freeze, they will warm you in the cold season.
  • Wicker garden furniture – if you have a country house or summer cottage, then such a gift will be simply necessary. Wicker furniture is considered a traditional gift for the 30th birthday.
  • Men’s perfume – eau de toilette or cologne. Choose a scent that suits your husband, suits him in character and style. Ask the seller to decorate the box with a lace ribbon.
  • A set of ties – they can be presented to a businessman who prefers to wear suits and shirts, works in an office, in business, in a leadership position.
  • A leather belt is a good quality accessory from a trusted brand that suits business and casual wear. It is worn with trousers and jeans.
  • Gift set of pairs of socks in a special jar or box. This is an inexpensive and always necessary gift, such a stock of socks will last for a man for a long time.
  • Sunglasses in a case. If you have a birthday date in spring or summer, buy sunglasses for your spouse as a present. You can choose an accessory with him or herself – if you are sure that the glasses will fit into his bow.
  • A multitool is an indispensable tool in times of everyday problems. It will come in handy for a motorist, cyclist during a hiking trip or outdoor recreation.
  • Personalized external battery with engraving. The spouse will always be in touch, recharge his gadget anywhere, being on a business trip or traveling.
  • Electric shaver, razor and shaving brush, beard trimmer. Buy your spouse one of the devices he needs, let him use it when he needs it.
  • A flexible keyboard, a wireless mouse, a curly flash drive, a mouse pad, a laptop cooling pad – these items are perfect for presenting to your IT husband.
  • Leather-bound diary with a personalized and congratulatory inscription, a good ballpoint pen or a set of pens. Accessories will come in handy for a spouse working in an office.

Personal diary “Persona” with a personal inscription

  • Mug with USB heater, thermos with temperature indicator. A loved one can always enjoy the taste of hot drinks, take lunch with him to work.
  • Lunch box with heating function. The spouse will eat right, take home-made food with him to work, on a business trip, on a hike, or on a fishing trip.
  • Electric toothbrush – will help you to gently, gently and effectively care for the oral cavity and teeth. Add some good toothpaste to your gift.
  • Personalized set for cleaning shoes in a leather case. It has everything you need to care for your shoes: 2 brushes, a spoon, creams of different colors, a cloth for polishing shoes.
  • Piggybank safe in the form of a book. Such a product will delight a thrifty spouse who is used to saving money for necessary things, travel and other needs.
  • Light alarm clock. A great thing for a gift to her husband for the 30th birthday. The beloved will wake up to the sounds of nature and the rays of the rising sun – they are imitated by a “smart” alarm clock.
  • Board games that will interest your soul mate. It can be table hockey, football, billiards, bowling. You can buy chess, checkers or backgammon as a gift.
  • Tabletop punching bag antistress. Placed on the desktop at home or in the office, this accessory will help relieve stress and relax during the work process.
  • A hand trainer is an inexpensive, compact present for your husband. He trains the shoulders, hands, forearm. After a while, a man will feel strength in his hands.
  • An edible bouquet for your beloved spouse. This can be a composition that includes meat products, beer and fish, seafood, fruits and sweets. Decide on what the recipient prefers.
  • A cake made by hand or ordered by a pastry chef. Decorate the confection with symbolic elements – lace snowflakes, lilies of the valley, a congratulatory inscription. Prepare candles to light during the celebration and blow out together.
  • A photo album or photo collage dedicated to your family life for 30 years. Find the best family photos from the moment you meet and get married to the present day. Write captions next to the photos. This is a touching, exciting gift.

Spouse Presents According to His Hobbies

Gifts that match the recipient’s hobby, his hobbies, always win. Whatever date comes, you can safely give them, especially if you are lost in the choice. you can buy the following gifts for your beloved spouse:

  • A set of tools in a suitcase for a master with “golden” hands. Kits are available at different prices, consisting of a different number of tools. Pay attention to this.
  • The cordless electric screwdriver is an excellent present for a household spouse. It is used for many household tasks, it is shock-resistant, heat-resistant, and has a complete set of tips.
  • Give a car enthusiast a car vacuum cleaner or refrigerator, a motorist’s kit for minor repairs, covers for documents, openwork covers for car seats.
  • The spouse has a home library, he constantly replenishes it – give him a good book from your favorite author, which is not in his arsenal. Alternatively, an e-book will work as a gift.
  • The husband loves to go to the bathhouse or sauna – you can present him with a set, which includes everything you need for such trips: a hat, a broom, a kilt, a pouring device, essential oils.
  • A fitness bracelet for the second half, if he leads an active lifestyle, wants to control calorie consumption, health status during sports.
  • An athlete can also be presented with equipment for doing sports according to his interests, sports uniforms, an exercise machine for the home, sports nutrition and vitamins, and more.
  • A fishing husband will be happy to receive a fish finder, a fishing rod or spinning rod, a personal folding chair, and a catch tank for his birthday. It is better to coordinate the purchase of such a gift with your spouse.
  • Cork mini-globe with decorative buttons – the traveler will mark on it the cities and countries where he has already visited, where he is going to go.
  • A tourist and a lover of spending leisure time on picnics will be delighted if you present him with: a barbecue grill in a suitcase, personalized skewers, a tourist backpack, a compact tent, a camping flashlight.
  • Give a music lover high-quality wireless headphones, a portable speaker, a vinyl record (if he has a turntable), tickets to a concert by your favorite band.
  • A wine cabinet or an original globe bar is for the connoisseur of good spirits. The recipient shows off your gift to friends and family.
  • Present the gardener or summer resident an irrigation device for the garden, a collapsible greenhouse, a garden vacuum cleaner, a set for pruning trees.
  • If your spouse is a man who loves to cook, then hand him a home-made smokehouse, a sushi machine, an electric meat grinder, a barbecue marinade, and a mini-brewery.
  • Beloved starts every morning with coffee – buy him a home-made coffee machine or a coffee turk with engraving. You can donate a set of elite coffee varieties.

Gifts-impressions to the Husband

Give impressions to your loved one. Vivid emotions, good, sunny mood are no worse than a material presentation. This is even better because the beloved will remember your gift for a long time, will remember it with lust and a smile. These options may include:

  • SPA relaxation in a massage parlor for two, order massage treatments with aromatic oils, chocolate wrap, steaming in a Turkish bath;
  • flying in a hot air balloon, on a pleasure plane, a go-kart trip – if you are brave, active, athletic and ready to experiment with your spouse;
  • horseback riding for two – the instructor will advise you on all issues, you will walk together in the fresh air, chat with noble animals;
  • 4DX cinema for two – viewers will be given special 3D glasses, they themselves will choose a movie to their liking, completely immerse themselves in its plot;
  • a trip to a resort in your country or a trip to European countries, you have lived together for 5 years, this is a long time, so it’s time to relax together;
  • A romantic dinner in a restaurant, think over the menu in advance and how your holiday will be held. You can book a hotel room and spend the night in an unusual setting;
  • jar “100 reasons why I love you”, if your husband is a romantic, prepare an original jar for him, in which you put 100 multi-colored leaves with wishes and declarations of love, let him read your confessions;
  • Put on new lace underwear, buy an aroma lamp with the scent of lily of the valley or candles, put good wine and your husband’s favorite dishes on the table, organize a romantic evening for two at home. It will be unforgettable!


Decide in advance what gift you will buy for your husband for the 30th birthday, think about how to present it beautifully, how to organize your family holiday. Perhaps you invite guests home or go on a picnic with your family. The main thing is to spend this day together, to confess your love to each other, to surround your soul mate with attention and care.

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