Creative 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

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The Creative 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls: 30th birthday is an important stage in life. That milestone when yesterday’s carefree girl transforms into a woman who firmly knows what she wants from life. In addition, the thirtieth birthday is a “round” date, which means that the donor will have to show imagination in the matter of choosing a gift.

30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

So what to give a 30-year-old girl so that she will have positive memories for years to come? The answer can be found in this article.

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Gift From Your Beloved Man

A solemn date is a way to show your attitude towards the birthday girl, her degree of importance to you. And when it comes to gifts for the most important woman in your life, you need to invest in the gift of love and tenderness that you feel.

Since your beloved has an unusual birthday but a real birth date, then the gift should be status, solemn and expensive. A thirty-year-old girl will highly appreciate such gifts from her beloved as:

1. Jewelry

A variant of a classic and win-win birthday present for a sweetheart – a piece of jewelry. Gold earrings, a chain and a bracelet are great, but if you are not married, think about a diamond engagement ring: then the birthday of your beloved woman will turn into a fairy tale.

2. Handbag

There are never too many bags! After all, the color and shape of this accessory are carefully selected by women for their everyday look. The new bag will delight your beloved!

3. Travel voucher

Broadening your horizons is the best thing you can give your other half. Visiting new places is the most coveted gift for most women. Traveling together will strengthen the bond between lovers.

4. Scooter

The mobile city moped is popular in many countries with both men and women. In big cities, such summer transport will help to avoid unnerving traffic jams and get to work on time.

5. Shopping certificate

If your loved one loves shopping, then the best gift for her is a gift card to a large shopping center. Among the numerous departments, there will certainly be one in which she will acquire something necessary for herself.

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6. Drawing

For a beloved girl who has recently become a little bored, a cute prank will be an excellent shake-up. Many agencies organize such adventures: it can be a staged robbery, kidnapping or other incidents with a happy revelation at the end. The birthday girl will experience unforgettable emotions!

7. A giant bouquet

A large bouquet of flowers is a self-sufficient and very expensive gift. A composition of an armful of outlandish flowers or classic scarlet roses.

8. Horse trekking

The lover of extreme relaxation and unity with nature will undoubtedly enjoy a horse trek for several days. Such a romantic present will delight an active young woman.

9. Automobile

If you have funds for such an expensive gift, and your beloved woman has long dreamed of a private car, then give her a dream!

10. Dishwasher

If your beloved is increasingly repeating the phrase “I am a woman, not a dishwasher,” then this is a clear sign that she wants to receive a dishwasher as a gift for her thirtieth birthday. Try to fulfill the wish of your beloved and free her from the burden of washing the dishes, then she will be just happy.

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11. Telephone

A cell phone is an indispensable gadget in our time. New models come out so often that you just have to keep up with the times! A new model of a smartphone or a chic iPhone will undoubtedly please your girlfriend.

Surprises From Girlfriends

Friends always know how to please the birthday girl. They are in tune with a friend’s favorite cosmetic brand, her hobbies and interests. They know what household appliances the birthday girl dreams of, what little interior things she lacks. Gifts for beauty and home decoration are best suited. It can be:

1. SPA treatments

Giving your friend complete relaxation and relaxation is very caring. After a day at the SPA center, the birthday girl will celebrate her thirtieth birthday fully armed!

2. Fondue set

If your friend loves to receive guests and surprise them with delicious and original dishes, then the fondue set is what you need!

3. Hen-party

In the constant hustle and bustle of life, we often forget about friends, but it is so important to be able to devote time to each other! Organize a bachelorette party with surprises, karaoke and dancing for your friend. She will certainly appreciate such a gesture.

4. A set of dishes for sushi

Many people love Japanese cuisine, and only the lazy have not tried to cook rolls at home. But tasty rolls are not all. It is equally important to serve this dish correctly. This is where your original present comes in handy – a set of dishes for sushi.

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5. Cosmetics

A friend, of course, knows the birthday girl’s favorite brand of decorative cosmetics and care products that she uses. But if you are afraid of making a mistake, you can donate a certificate to a cosmetics store. Such a gift will definitely delight every young girl.

6. River rafting

And if you and your friend are the hero of the occasion – adventurers at heart, then it’s great to go on rafting or kayaking together with an organized group. Such an event usually lasts at least 2 days.

7. Purse

This accessory for storing money and plastic cards always changes less often than you want. Therefore, a friend will be very happy with a brand new leather purse or wallet. A good wallet made of genuine leather 

8. Bijouterie

Good and high-quality jewelry with Swarovski crystals is by no means cheap: you will have to spend about 8,000 on a set of earrings and a necklace as an original and striking addition to the image of an extraordinary young woman.

Present From Family

Gifts aimed at maintaining the health of the birthday girl and comfort in her home are something that relatives can give. Indeed, in this way, you will show your sincere concern for your relative and the desire to decorate the environment around her with wonderful things. Best of all, the following presents are suitable as a gift from relatives to a young woman for her thirties:

1. Electric fireplace

Many girls dream of a fireplace. After all, a fireplace is a symbol of the hearth and the most comfortable place in the house. Having presented a woman with an electric fireplace for her birthday – you will definitely leave her happy with the present, she will be able to rest both mind and body because some models of fireplaces are good heaters!

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2. Massage course

If the birthday girl spends a lot of time at sedentary work or has back problems, then the best gift would be a professional massage from a qualified specialist. A massage course is not the most budgetary gift and will cost at least 5,000 rubles.

3. A set of pans

There are never too many pans, the non-stick coating wears out quickly. If it is high time for a birthday girl to replace old pans in the kitchen, a birthday is a great reason to do this. A good frying pan will cost you a couple of thousand rubles.

4. Home simulator

Such a gift will delight a busy businesswoman, a housewife, and a young mother on maternity leave. After all, all women are equally obsessed with the idea of ​​being slim and athletic. The birthday girl will appreciate the treadmill or the compact ellipsoid.

5. Iron

The range of irons is constantly being updated and improved. A cool wireless iron with a gentle bleaching function and a ceramic sole will delight a young mother and a businessman’s wife because she often has to iron shirts and baby clothes.

6. A figure made of stone according to the sign of the zodiac

A nice interior figurine, corresponding to the zodiac sign of the birthday girl, and made of the stone that suits her according to the horoscope, can be a good gift.


Present your relative a certificate for the services of a professional photographer. All girls love to be photographed, but not all are photogenic. And if a master of his craft takes over the shooting, then the result is guaranteed to surpass all the expectations of the birthday girl!

DIY Gifts

If you want to present something original as a gift to a familiar girl, friend or relative and to smite the birthday girl outright with your gift, then consider the “hand-made” presentation option. It is no secret that a part of the donor’s soul is hidden in handmade gifts, his many hours of effort and painstaking work. Even without special skills, with the help of numerous video tutorials on the Internet, it is really possible to create magnificent exclusive gifts, for example manually:

1. Small storage box

An ordinary cardboard box can become a real work of art and a decoration for a birthday girl’s house if you decorate it with beads, rhinestones, ruffles, and so on. Such an organizer will certainly come in handy for a young woman: in it, she can store important documents and receipts.

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2. Picture made of felted wool

Felting from natural wool is a type of needlework that is used in many areas. One of them is the creation of wall paintings. If you have a creative streak, then try to create such a picture for the birthday girl as a gift. She is guaranteed to be delighted!

3. Wicker basket

Wicker interior items are always stylish, original and effective! A woman in her thirties will definitely love a wicker picnic basket or breadbasket.

4. Leather accessory

If you master the craft of leather, then it will not be difficult for you to create with your own hands a wonderful accessory as a present for a girl on her thirtieth birthday. This can be a leather cell phone case, a case for glasses, or even a stylish clutch bag.

5. Knitted scarf

Knitting is a common hobby, so it is quite possible to knit a warm, stylish snood scarf for the birthday of a friend, colleague and relative.

6. Envelope for money using the “quilling” technique

Money is always a good gift for a girl, but so that it is not too boring, you should give it an original “cut” in the form of a hand-made envelope using origami technique, scrapbooking, etc.

7. Crocheted vase

If you like to crochet, then it’s no secret for you that you can knit not only soft things but also frame ones. For example, vases and candy bowls. Such an original thing will decorate any interior and even a birthday table for a birthday girl.

8. Video film

With the help of special programs, you can easily edit a whole film about the birthday girl, which can be watched with all the guests during the festive feast. And after the film will delight the hero of the occasion for many years.

9. Wooden housekeeper

For a male donor with the skills of a carpenter, it is really possible to put together an interesting trifle for the house. A wooden housekeeper is a thing that a young birthday girl will be delighted with. After all, she will no longer have to look for the keys to the house and the car for a long time. They will always be in their place.

10. Clay jug

After attending a couple of pottery lessons, you will be able to mold original dishes out of clay on your own: a cup, salad bowl or jug. Such a thing will organically fit into any interior and color scheme of the kitchen. The birthday girl will be delighted!

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In the article, we voiced options for gifts for a young girl for her thirties from her friends, relatives and beloved man. Remember that a bouquet of flowers is required for any gift, especially for a girl in the very dawn of strength. It may not be the most chic, but it must be original!

And, perhaps, your gift will not be very expensive, but if you give it wholeheartedly, the birthday girl will notice and appreciate it. Together with the present, do not forget to give the birthday girl your sincere smile and good mood, then the celebration will certainly be a success!

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