Best 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

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The thirty birthday is an important round date, and I want to congratulate my friend on this day in a special way. But what to present, when so much has already been handed over, everything basic and necessary is usually there, and the birthday girl can afford a lot herself.

Not a problem: there are a huge variety of “female” presentations, so there is always something to present. We have prepared a selection of 138 gift ideas for a friend for 30 years, where you will find a variety of options for every budget and taste. Think about what would suit a particular person.

What to Give a Friend for 30 Years

  1. Bed linen. Good sets made of natural fabrics, also with pleasant, unobtrusive prints, are expensive, so they are great as a presentation.
  2. A hanger for clothes in a car will definitely appeal to a business woman, as well as everyone who carries clothes or outfits with them.
  3. The oil painting kit is a wonderful non-trivial gift for 30 years for a girlfriend who is interested in creativity. Let him try something new.
  4. A device for manicure and pedicure to easily tidy up the nails and the skin around them. And you don’t have to sign up and go to the salon.
  5. A heated lunch box is a useful item for anyone who takes snacks or meals with them. You can choose models without heating, there are especially many of them in any format.
  6. A smart yoga mat is suitable for a birthday girl who practices at least occasionally. You can also take a regular one, without smart systems. It’s always a pleasure to use something new.
  7. A can of coconut oil is a universal birthday present for a girlfriend – any woman will definitely find a use for it.
  8. A certificate for a spa salon for a beauty day or some similar complex for relaxation and skincare.
  9. A smart corkscrew or a system for the safe opening of champagne is what you need for a women’s party!
  10. Good stockings or high-quality tights will always come in handy. You can add them to another present.
  11. Press for citrus fruits, there are very simple and more complicated ones for large volumes. They rarely buy this themselves, but it is always nice to receive it as a gift.
  12. An electric or mechanical brush for cleansing the skin and light massage is what a close friend can give a friend for her 30th birthday.
  13. Large vase  – useful for a variety of bouquets.
  14. A leather wallet, you can design, or from an unusual material – for example, python leather, or with an author’s pattern.
  15. Fluffy Car  Mats – Absorb moisture and dirt, leaving your shoes dry and clean.
  16. A coffee machine for a car – a true coffee maker.
  17. A sports water bottle, possibly with a fruit diffuser or with a carbon filter (cleans tap water).
  18. An interesting indoor flower can always be presented for an anniversary to a girlfriend who plants a green garden on the windowsill.
  19. The inflatable sofa will definitely appeal to an active birthday girl who loves to spend time in nature.
  20. The Darsonval apparatus will help to care for the skin of the face and neck, hair. Many women like this very much.
  21. A set of baking tins or baking pots will come in handy in any kitchen.
  22. A stole is a very practical thing, you can choose the color of the eyes or the favorite color of the birthday girl.
  23. Organizer for cosmetics to conveniently place all the little things and be comfortable to use.
  24. An eye makeup palette in your friend’s favorite shades is a great gift for your 30th birthday, it will definitely come in handy.
  25. A set of interesting face masks is simple and inexpensive, you can buy almost at the last moment, and most will definitely like it.
  26. Monopod for taking beautiful general photos.
  27. Decorative items for your home, such as a stylish blanket or original sofa cushions.
  28. A pearl thread is a luxurious birthday present for a friend, just after 30 years, it is time to wear such exquisite things.
  29. A certificate for a tea ceremony is both an interesting pastime and an educational show.
  30. A set of spices in flasks or beautiful jars is what many women would like in their kitchen.

Original 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

  1. A flash drive jewelry that can be a stylish bracelet or pendant.
  2. A folding comb with a mirror is simple and very inexpensive, but at the same time, such a practical gift for a 30th birthday girlfriend. It can be supplemented with other similar little things.
  3. The decorative fountain is elegant and stylish.
  4. A beautiful teapot for tea  – something that comes in handy in any kitchen. You can also choose a set of several mini teapots for your cup.
  5. The nitrate tester will appeal to a birthday girl who is passionate about a healthy lifestyle.
  6. Certificate for individual tailoring of linen (for those who find it difficult to find something in stores for impressive shapes).
  7. A massage foot bath is something that a close friend can present to a friend for an anniversary.
  8. Many people like interesting beads made of stones or wood, so you can look at such options.
  9. Brand fountain pen – for a career woman or a serious businesswoman. It can be monogrammed.
  10. A set of unusual cocktail glasses or goblets  – for example, tumblers or illuminated glasses.
  11. Invitation certificate for wine and cheese tasting for two.
  12. A rug with a warm floor system can be presented for 30 years to a girlfriend who often gets cold. It can be placed under the desk or in the bathroom.
  13. The phone holder on the steering wheel is a trifle but often so necessary.
  14. A waffle maker or sandwich maker is an unusual but very interesting thing that will appeal to many.
  15. Silk pillowcases are very beneficial for the beauty and health of hair.
  16. Massager for the neck and collar zone.
  17. Milk frothing system, aerochino or similar. Such a present can be presented to a friend who loves latte and cappuccino.
  18. Samples of perfume or mini-versions can be ordered online or bought from the store.
  19. A bottle of the birthday girl’s favorite perfume will definitely come in handy.
  20. Soft curlers you can sleep with.
  21. Fitness tracker in an interesting design, with a metal or leather strap.
  22. A salt lamp is good for health, decorates the interior, and serves as a lamp.
  23. Fur braid on the steering wheel – for a girlfriend, a motorist.
  24. The jewelry box is a good 30-year-old gift for a friend who doesn’t have such a thing yet.
  25. A case for glasses, for one pair or for several – also suitable for sunglasses.
  26. Stylish flower pots in various sizes.
  27. Cup-vase for sweets and nuts.
  28. Car communicator for a funny prankster friend.
  29. A beautiful tablecloth is sometimes useful in any home, the main thing is to guess the size.
  30. Winter pajamas are a very feminine birthday present from a friend to a friend.

Useful 30th Girlfriend Birthday Gift Ideas

  1. Gel polish lamp to repaint your nails at home.
  2. A floating certificate, a very interesting relaxation experience, will give you a lot of impressions.
  3. A portrait made up of words looks beautiful and unusual and will decorate the birthday girl’s house for a long time.
  4. A bathtub stands to put a glass, phone or book.
  5. A humidifier is a useful and practical thing, especially during the cold season when batteries dry the air and skin.
  6. A light or aromatic alarm clock with which every morning will begin with a soft, comfortable awakening.
  7. Honey with edible gold can be presented to a friend for 30 years if she has everything and there is little to surprise her.
  8. Jars for products in the kitchen to beautifully pour all the cereals or teas.
  9. PowerBank is an interesting form factor, for example, in the form of a powder box mirror.
  10. Aquafarm, an unusual modern aquarium that needs virtually no maintenance.
  11. A handheld garment steamer is like iron, only simpler and more compact.
  12. A tablet for drawing with water, an aqua board will appeal to all creative people.
  13. A certificate for a photo session is a luxurious present for a friend for her 30th birthday.
  14. Sleep mask to fall asleep comfortably.
  15. A set of soap made from natural ingredients.
  16. Certificate for a master class in pottery.
  17. Brand mascara is what almost all women need, so the birthday girl will be happy.
  18. Designer cutlery  – both come in handy and look unusual.
  19. A spice mill may seem like a trifle, but finding one that is comfortable and durable is not so easy, and they are usually expensive, so they are perfect as a birthday present for a girlfriend.
  20. A set for fondue, as well as cheese or chocolate to it. And most likely, the thing will be tested already during the celebration.
  21. Theater tickets if the birthday girl likes this kind of entertainment.
  22. Small kitchen accessories  – towels, potholders, molds, timers and more.
  23. A grill or pancake pan is not a must, and that is why it is so nice to get them from someone and not buy it yourself.
  24. An original umbrella, for example, one on which a pattern appears when wet.
  25. An elegant dressing gown-peignoir may well be presented to a friend for a birthday by a best friend.
  26. Carving knives and a book for mastering this interesting art.
  27. A beauty box, a gift box is containing cosmetic novelties in mini versions.
  28. Travel accessories  – organizers, travel bags, etc.
  29. Glasses for wine or champagne. Not necessarily a complete set, you can have a pair of beautiful identical ones. Or a funny personal wine glass with a playful caption.
  30. Phone screen magnifier to watch movies like on a tablet.
  31. Unusual garden plants will appeal to a birthday girl, a summer resident or a mistress of her own house. See rose bushes, conifers, fruit trees, and more.

Interesting 30th Girlfriend Birthday Gift Ideas

  1. A set for slicing and serving cheese is a stylish and original gift for a friend for her birthday.
  2. Electronic candles are better than those that run on rechargeable batteries.
  3. This embroidery kit will please your friend who is a craftswoman.
  4. A vegetable cutter like Nicer Dicer will help you quickly chop and chop everything for soup, salad or dessert.
  5. Master class from a famous culinary specialist: cooking sushi, pastries, handmade chocolates and something else interesting.
  6. Makeup brushes are something that you can always give a friend for a birthday, and they will definitely come in handy. Very good travel options in a comfortable case.
  7. Certificate for relaxation in a cedar barrel or in a sauna.
  8. A backpack with the “Anti-theft” system is in a business style, not only for youth and sports.
  9. Eyeliner with a comfortable brush or a quality liner, if the birthday girl uses one at all.
  10. Good face cream with unusual beneficial ingredients, especially from a well-known brand, is what many women would like to receive as a gift.
  11. Funny socks, preferably a set of several pairs, are inexpensive and will definitely come in handy.
  12. A cosmetic bag is a cute birthday gift from a girlfriend to a girlfriend, you can find options for any budget. Don’t forget to put some cosmetic stuff inside.
  13. Coffee grinder, manual or electric. And let the coffee be the freshest and most aromatic.
  14. A picnic set, preferably in a strong container bag.
  15. Click & Grow mini-greenhouses for growing berries and herbs without tinkering with the land.
  16. Tickets for concerts, shows, shadow theater and similar events.
  17. The aroma kit usually consists of a special lamp, candles, aromatic oils or dry mixtures, aroma sticks and the like.
  18. Warm ugg boots are something that you can always give your girlfriend for her 30th birthday. In the cold, they will definitely come in handy.
  19. Boxes for growing herbs and flowers on the windowsill or on the balcony, along with herbal seeds and bags of potting soil.
  20. A set of elite coffee or special rare sorts, you can give not even your closest girlfriend, in any case, it will be interesting.
  21. Soft fluffy bath towels, there are never too many of them.
  22. Body scrub or massage scrub set.
  23. A moon lamp that switches in different phases is both beautiful and practical.
  24. Ampoules for hair are what many women would like to receive as a birthday present from a girlfriend since it can be expensive to buy it yourself, but it is interesting to try.
  25. Metal pearls for cooling wine or champagne are an incredibly sophisticated and stylish thing.
  26. Desktop bio-fireplace always attracts attention and really warms.
  27. Original cookie cutters or curly rolling pin.
  28. A stylish bag, if you understand tastes and preferences, and you know what the birthday girl likes.
  29. Multi-styler for hair, – and curl, and straighten, and style.
  30. A designer silk shawl or light scarf is a good 30th birthday present for your girlfriend.
  31. Certificate for a lesson or mini-courses in a drawing.
  32. Organizer in a bag, it is so convenient to transfer all the little things you need to another bag with it.
  33. An electric turkey to brew good natural coffee right on your desktop or wherever you have an outlet.
  34. Floriana, garden in miniature. There are both very small compact versions and wall-mounted ones.
  35. Comb Tangle Teezer – incredibly gentle with hair, detangles and does not tear.
  36. Illuminated mirror – if you don’t know at all what you can give your friend for your birthday.
  37. The desktop weather station is useful for meteosensitive ladies. Moreover, now there are very unusual models.
  38. A hairdryer with an ionizer is for those who are proud of their hair and take good care of it.
  39. Floor- standing heater, can be jutted.
  40. A stand for your phone or tablet with which it is so convenient to watch videos.
  41. The plant sensor will definitely delight home gardeners. It shows what the plant lacks by transferring data to a smartphone.
  42. Painting for drawing by numbers is one of the best gifts that can be presented to a girlfriend for 30 years. And definitely, the best if you order a print of a drawing based on her photo or one made by her.
  43. Bathroom sets: salts, bombs, foam, milk and so on that woman likes so much.
  44. Blanket or heated sheet.
  45. Night light projector of sea waves. Qualitatively lulls and puts you to sleep.
  46. Smart Music Flowerpot Smart Music Flowerpot with built-in speaker, controlled via Bluetooth and plays music along with the light show.


As you can see, our list of 138 gift ideas for a friend for 30 years covers a wide variety of budgets and areas. And if you still did not choose something specific, you were probably able to get inspired by ideas and options. In the end, you know the birthday girl better, her interests and preferences, and build on from them.

A friend will definitely be glad that you share the joy of the holiday with her and say warm words. An unusual bouquet, for example, from fruits or vegetables, will be a great addition to any present.

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