Best Original 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Brother in 2023

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The best 30th birthday gift ideas for brother is an important date in the life of every person. And on this day, it is extremely important to please the birthday person with a worthy gift. Choosing a gift for a close relative is easier than for an unfamiliar person since you already know his character and hobbies.

30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Brother

We will tell you about the most popular presentation ideas that you can give your brother for his birthday.

1. Jewelry

2. Leather Belt

3. Smartwatch

4. Wristwatch

6. Stylish Diary

7. Electric Shaver

8. Inflatable Sofa

9. Game Console

10. Coffee Machine

11. Fitness Tracker

12. Modern Smartphone

13. Car Vacuum Cleaner

14. Wireless Headphones

15. Portable Wireless Charger

The 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Brother

1. Wristwatch


Mens Watches Ultra- Thin Minimalist Waterproof – Fashion Wrist Watch for Men


A wristwatch is a classic gift for an adult man. The decoration should fit the general style of the birthday person. Engraving will decorate the watch and make it more individual. As an inscription, you can choose the initials of the brother, his date of birth or a wish.

2. Jewelry


Jewlpire Diamond Cut Miami Mens Cuban Link Chain Necklace


Bracelet, chain, signet. You should choose such a gift only if you are sure that your brother loves such accessories.

Smartwatch or fitness tracker. Almost every modern person has such gizmos.

3. Modern Smartphone


Apple iPhone XR, 64GB, Black – Unlocked


A modern smartphone is a gift that any person will be happy with. In particular, this option is relevant for a person who dreamed of changing his old phone.

4. Coffee Machine

Coffee Machine

Cuisinart DCC-1170BK 10-Cup Thermal Classic™ Coffeemaker


If the birthday boy loves this aromatic drink. A man will definitely appreciate such a gift because with it he will be able to enjoy delicious coffee every day.

5. Car Vacuum Cleaner

Car Vacuum Cleaner

THISWORX Car Vacuum Cleaner


A car vacuum cleaner is a must-have for every motorist. It is easy and convenient to maintain order in the car interior with it.

6. Stylish Notebook

Stylish Notebook

PAPERAGE Lined Journal Notebook


A stylish diary with a genuine leather cover is a gift option for a businessman. On the inside of the cover, you can engrave a congratulatory inscription.

7. Game Console

Game Console

Nintendo Switch Console with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy‑Con


The game console is a gift for men of any age. Even grown men love to relax after work with an exciting game. Several interesting games can be purchased with the console.

8. Inflatable Sofa

Inflatable Sofa

Floating Recliner Inflatable Lounge


If your brother has frequent guests or is a house party lover. With such furniture, the problem of lack of sleeping places will disappear. It inflates quickly and deflates just as easily.

Birthday Gifts for Hobbies

By the age of 30, men already have a character and a hobby. Most of the free time is devoted to hobbies, so the corresponding gift will be very relevant. A 30-year-old brother can be presented with the following gifts:

A gift chosen to take into account the wishes and interests of the hero of the occasion is the most appropriate and practical. It will not gather dust on the shelf but will benefit the birthday man.

Original Gifts for Brother 30 Years Old

A Brother’s birthday is a great occasion to please a loved one. On this important date, you can surprise him with an original non-standard present that will stand out from the rest of the surprises.

  • Leather belt with original buckle. For example, with his initials.
  • A table lamp with an electronic clock is a useful gift that will come in handy for any person.
  • Bio fireplace is a device that will decorate any home and give warmth.
  • A minibar with an unusual shape. For example, in the form of a globe, guitar, plane, ship or book. Such a little thing will perfectly fit into the interior of a man’s home or personal office.
  • A spyglass or telescope is for the birthday person who loves to gaze at the stars.
  • A bathrobe with personalized embroidery is a worthy gift for any adult man.
  • A flask with engraving is a present that you can carry with you. On the surface of the flask, you can apply the initials of the birthday person or a memorable date.
  • Hookah – if the birthday person likes to spend leisure time smoking aromatic tobacco blends.
  • Unusual whiskey glasses. For example, backlit or bullet. They will look interesting during any meal.
  • Beer glasses with engraving, with which friendly gatherings will turn into an interesting party.
  • Annual subscription to your favorite magazine. When choosing this gift option, you should be sure that your brother reads this printed edition.
  • Certificate for visiting a car wash. It can be issued for a different period of time. For example, for 6 or 12 months. Your best bet is to choose the car wash your brother visits most.
  • Certificate for courses – if the birthday person has long wanted to learn something new. These can be courses for self-development, advanced training or training in a new sport (mountaineering, skiing, archery, etc.).
  • A sweatshirt with an original inscription – if the birthday boy has a good sense of humor.
  • Quadrocopter is a toy for children and adults. Even an adult man will be happy with such a gift.
  • A mini version of the coffee maker that is powered by a cigarette lighter. Such a present is suitable for a man who loves coffee and spends a lot of time behind the wheel.

A birthday present may not always be standard, even if it is intended for an adult. Unusual surprises give brighter and more memorable emotions.

Top 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Brother

A 30-year-old man is already an adult independent person with a bunch of interests and hobbies. Also, by this age, many men are already starting their own family and achieving some heights in their careers. When choosing a gift, it is recommended to select things that will correspond to his interests and desires.

A brother will always be one of the closest and dearest people, so it is worth trying when choosing a gift for him. Most often, 30-year-old relatives are presented with the following gifts:

  • A gamepad is another gift for computer game lovers. With it, the management of games will become faster and more convenient.
  • Professional camcorder or photo camera – for a creative person. You can also purchase accessories or a carrying bag as an add-on.
  • Electronic photo frame with large memory capacity. If you upload several memorable photos to the device in advance, then the gift will be more valuable.
  • The e-book is for the avid reader. You can also read e-books using a smartphone, but this is not very convenient. The e-book is specially adapted for such reading.
  • A set of hats and a scarf is a nice and useful gift. Since the kit is intended for an adult, choose a standard model of neutral shades that will go with any outfit.
  • Wireless headphones are a popular accessory for modern gadgets.
  • A portable wireless charger for a mobile phone is an innovative device that makes charging a gadget much easier.
  • A travel suitcase or bag on wheels is for a man who travels a lot.
  • A trimmer or electric shaver with different attachments – if a man carefully monitors his own appearance.
  • A certificate in a barbershop – for the owner of a beard or mustache. A neat appearance is important not only for women but also for men. If the birthday person can boast of luxurious facial hair, then present him with a certificate to a fashionable barbershop. Going to top-notch professionals will help your brother get the look of a fashionable and brutal man.
  • A gym or pool membership is for a guy with an active lifestyle. If the birthday person is already attending a section, then the subscription should be bought at this institution. But if he just planned to start practicing, then choose the most popular gym.
  • Boardgame “Poker” – for pleasant leisure in the company of friends.

When choosing a gift for your brother, consider his hobbies and desires. Perhaps earlier, he mentioned things that he would like to receive. The realization of a dream will be the best surprise for any birthday person.

Surprise Impressions

Vivid emotions will be the most memorable surprise for your brother. But such a gift is suitable only for an active and gambling man who does not like to sit still.

  • Extreme driving lesson – for the speed lover. Also, such a gift will help you gain more confidence and driving skills, which will improve your defensive response in the event of unpleasant situations on the road.
  • A quad bike ride is a surprise for an active person who loves adrenaline. Organize a route in advance through picturesque and memorable places, as well as through relief terrain.
  • Rafting down the river. Such an extreme trip should only be accompanied by an experienced instructor.
  • An exciting quest game organized on the theme of some famous horror or thriller.
  • A jump from a height with an elastic band is for the thrill-seeker.
  • Diving certificate. This gift is suitable only if the birthday person lives near the sea or ocean.
  • Paragliding is a surprise that will give you a lot of exciting impressions. If the birthday boy has never flown on such a device before, then arrange a flight with an instructor.
  • Flying in a wind tunnel is an interesting entertainment that can replace a parachute jump. This option is suitable for a person who has long dreamed of making a jump but at the same time is afraid of heights.
  • Tickets for your favorite sports game. It is recommended to give several tickets at once so that the birthday person can enjoy the game with friends.

When choosing a surprise experience, consider your brother’s desires and phobias. For example, you should not organize a jump from a bridge with an elastic band for a person who is afraid of heights. A brother is one of the closest people in the world, so be more attentive to his wishes.

Inexpensive Gifts for 30th Brother

The cost of a gift does not always determine our attitude towards the birthday person. Sometimes an inexpensive present becomes more pleasant than an expensive item. For your brother’s 30th birthday, you can choose the following budget gifts:

  1. cover for a passport, driver’s license or other documents;
  2. lighter in a gift box;
  3. book;
  4. mouse pad;
  5. mobile phone stand;
  6. keyring;
  7. a small thermos or thermo mug;
  8. stones for cooling alcoholic beverages;
  9. board game;
  10. shower curtain with an unusual pattern;
  11. a case for phone or tablet.

Among the inexpensive things, you can find a really interesting and useful gift that the birthday person will be pleased to receive.

Expensive Gifts from 30th Brother

Thirty years is an important date, which can even be called a kind of birthday. That is why relatives sometimes want to give a birthday person a truly valuable and expensive gift. The cost of such presents depends only on your financial capabilities.

  • elite alcohol with a long aging period;
  • notebook;
  • tablet;
  • back massager;
  • leather chair for the office;
  • television;
  • laptop table with built-in fan;
  • a picture from a famous artist;
  • precious metal cufflinks or tie clip;
  • branded men’s perfume;
  • portable mini-refrigerator in the car;
  • a large set of tools for the home or car;
  • musical instrument;
  • robot vacuum cleaner;
  • virtual reality glasses;
  • modern bicycle;
  • cruise tickets.

Particularly expensive gifts can be given by several people. For example, if you want to please the hero of the occasion with a trip to another country, then you can purchase a ticket from all family members.

DIY Gifts from Sister

You can make a surprise for your brother for his 30th birthday with your own hands. Such a gift will be pleasant to the birthday person and will show your attention to his person. For his sister’s birthday, the following handmade gifts can be presented to the brother:

  • Decorative lamp “Candle in a bottle.” To create it, you need a bottle (you can curly), decorative multi-colored glass balls or river pebbles, a wick and a holder for it, as well as a special alcoholic liquid for burning. Such a lamp will perfectly fit into the interior of a man’s dwelling.
  • A cake that you bake yourself. Above, you can make a congratulatory inscription or print his photo on an edible paper.
  • Chocolate figurine – kettlebell, motorcycle, car. It is made from chocolates. There are tons of videos on the Internet with detailed instructions on how to create various sweet figurines.
  • Gift box with a surprise. The inner content of the box depends only on your imagination and brother’s preferences. This can be a set of hygiene products, alcohol with a branded glass, or a sweet surprise.
  • Edible masculine bouquet, which can consist of different varieties of sausages, cheese, nuts and dried fish. As a complement to the bouquet, you can choose a bottle of whiskey or real live beer.

DIY gifts are always highly appreciated. They show your love and respect for the birthday boy. Moreover, they are individual, i.e., no one else will have such a presentation. With a little imagination and diligence, you can create an original and interesting present that your brother will remember for a long time.


Despite the fact that a brother is a close person and relatives, choosing a gift for him can bring serious difficulties. On the 30th birthday, I want to simultaneously please and surprise the birthday boy.

The main rule when choosing any gift is to comply with the preferences and desires of the hero of the occasion. You should not give what you yourself would like to receive. In addition to the gift, you can also organize a party with friends or relatives.

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