Best 25th Birthday Gifts for Girl

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A girl’s birthday is always a holiday filled with gifts, fun, surprises. Friends and family want to give her something special to make the birthday girl. The girl has her first serious date – 25 years old. Gifts on this day cannot be random. Let’s figure out which present is best to bring for a birthday.

TOP 25th Birthday Gifts for Girl

25th Birthday Gifts for Girl

  • Lamp with a portrait of the birthday girl.
  • Umbrella (folding or walking stick, depending on the girl’s preference).
  • Handbag.
  • Keyholder on the wall in the hallway.
  • Stylish wristwatch.
  • Massage Mat.
  • A hand warmer comes in very handy during winter walks.
  • A book by your favorite author, especially in a gift edition, is a great gift.
  • Beautiful cosmetic bag.
  • Spa certificate.
  • Genuine leather wallet. Order a personalized inscription or a beautiful pattern on it.
  • Urban backpack, solid color, or with a bold print.
  • A tea set with a cute pattern will always come in handy.
  • The holder for documents will help put things in order in the bag and protect the necessary papers from damage.
  • Aroma lamp with a set of various oils.
  • A set of tea or coffee of different varieties.
  • The stole can be of the most unusual colors.
  • Certificate for visiting a beauty salon.
  • The tablet.
  • Selfie flash will help you take great pictures.
  • Personalized phone case.
  • Gloves with touch fingers are especially useful in winter.
  • A set of cushions can be gifted if you know the interior of the birthday girl’s room well.
  • Culinary master class certificate. Let the girl improve her culinary skills.
  • A gift certificate to a perfume shop. Let the birthday girl choose the scent of her taste.

Top 20 Original Gifts for a 25-year-old Girl

  • Music Box.
  • Table fountain.
  • USB heated slippers.
  • Plaid with an original print.
  • Ant farm.
  • Portrait of a girl from a photo.
  • Inline skates with protective gear.
  • 3D lamp.
  • An electric toothbrush.
  • Flip flop portrait.
  • Microphone for karaoke.
  • Desktop weather station.
  • Backlit keyboard.
  • Lingerie store certificate.
  • Luminous shoelace.
  • Workshop on extreme car (motorcycle) driving.
  • Certificate for visiting the aquarium and swimming with dolphins.
  • Dance rug.
  • A poster where the birthday girl is depicted as a show business star.
  • Runaway alarm clock.

Expensive Gifts for Your Beloved Daughter for Her 25th Birthday

The following expensive gifts will be more relevant for parents.

  • Mink coat.
  • Tourist package for two or three.
  • Multicooker.
  • Laptop.
  • Coffee machine.
  • An electric waffle iron.
  • Food processor.
  • Freezer.
  • Elite bed linen.
  • Large table service.

What to Give Your Girlfriend for the 25th birthday From a Guy/husband

25th Birthday Gifts for Girl

The choice depends on the youngest person on his creativity and financial capabilities. Here are some gift ideas for a boyfriend to give on your 25th birthday:

  • Dinner at a good restaurant.
  • Paired rings.
  • Favorite perfume.
  • Walk-in an old carriage.
  • Flowers in a hatbox.
  • Statuette “Angel”.
  • Joint vacation trip.
  • Paired blanket.
  • Gold or silver pendant in the shape of a heart.
  • Festive fireworks.
  • Video congratulations.
  • Set of handmade sweets.
  • Rose in a glass flask.
  • Warm slippers “Unicorns”.
  • Original stand for rings.

What to Give a Girl 25 Years Old From Friends – 10 Cool Ideas

  • levitating photo frame;
  • USB flash drive of the original design;
  • smartpen;
  • kigurumi pajamas;
  • selfie stick;
  • travel suitcase;
  • suitcase cover;
  • certificate for extreme driving courses;
  • photography master class;
  • Set of accessories for the computer.

What to Present to a Friend for 25 Years?

  • calendar with photos of the birthday girl;
  • certificate to the spa;
  • original night light;
  • a set of homemade soap;
  • manicure certificate;
  • breakfast table in bed;
  • stole with a beautiful pattern;
  • evening clutch;
  • A book by your favorite author in a deluxe edition.

At Work – 10 Best Gift Ideas From Colleagues

  • Computer chair.
  • A gift certificate to a cosmetics store.
  • Foot hammock.
  • Antistress toy.
  • Capsule coffee maker.
  • Pillow with a personalized pattern.
  • Beautiful folder for papers.
  • Desktop pendulum “Perpetual motion machine.”
  • Flower charger.
  • Thermo mug.

Useful Gifts From Relatives – 10 Great Options

25th Birthday Gifts for Girl

  • Large album for photos.
  • Smartphone.
  • Silver dishes.
  • A certificate for two to visit a trendy restaurant.
  • Natural stone beads.
  • Coffee maker.
  • Food processor.
  • Collection wine.
  • A set of original wine glasses.
  • Linens.

Choosing a Birthday Present for a Girl by Interests

Modern women have a wide variety of interests. The gift, which considers the hobbies of the birthday girl, will be received with a bang.

A girl who loves outdoor activities will appreciate the following gifts.

  • Annual subscription to the fitness room;
  • Treadmill;
  • Orbitrek;
  • Rafting on a mountain river;
  • Certificate for a master class in extreme driving;
  • Tourist package;
  • Self-defense master class;
  • Hula-hoop with magnets;
  • Yoga accessories;
  • Travel bag on wheels.

For the chef girl:

  • Culinary master class;
  • Certificate for attending courses in cutting and sewing;
  • Confectionery art educational disc;
  • Electric waffle iron;
  • Multicooker;
  • A set of elite dishes.

Top 10 Most Useful Gifts for Housewives

  • Coffee machine.
  • Bread maker.
  • A set of pots.
  • Electric meat grinder.
  • Dishwasher.
  • Double boiler.
  • Juicer.
  • Robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Food processor.
  • Microwave.

Intellectual Girl – Science Lover 10 Gift Ideas

25th Birthday Gifts for Girl

  • Laptop.
  • The tablet.
  • USB lamp.
  • Powerbank.
  • Personal diary.
  • Home planetarium.
  • A set of lunch boxes.
  • Oil burner.
  • 3D puzzle.
  • A box with educational games.

Fashionista – Gifts for Beauty and Style

  • Bright handbag;
  • Hairdryer;
  • Designer scarf;
  • Leather belt;
  • Pendant – zodiac sign;
  • Clutch;
  • Certificate for a branded shoe store;
  • Multi-style.
  • Certificate for a branded clothing store;
  • Spa certificate;
  • Beauty salon certificate;
  • Elegant decoration;
  • A silk scarf.

15 Interesting Ideas for Creative People

  • 3D pen.
  • Painting by numbers.
  • Embroidery kit.
  • Scrapbooking kit.
  • Set for soap making.
  • T-shirt with the slogan “Creative personality”.
  • Digital photo frame.
  • Storage basket for accessories.
  • Certificate for a specialized store.
  • Master class on making chocolate products.
  • Art album;
  • Master class in pottery;
  • Portrait from a photograph by a professional artist;
  • Drawing master class;
  • Disc with recordings of your favorite tunes.

Gift for a Female Student for 25 Years

25th Birthday Gifts for Girl

  • City backpack;
  • USB hub;
  • Organizer;
  • The tablet;
  • Large flash drive;
  • Powerbank;
  • Glasses for working at the computer.

Gift for a Girl-child for 25 Years

  • Glowing sneakers;
  • T-shirt with a cool inscription;
  • The umbrella of the original form;
  • Kigurumi pajamas;
  • “Runaway” alarm clock;
  • Glowing headphones;
  • Magic ball;
  • A towel with a funny inscription;
  • Kitchen apron with a picture of a man.

For a Young Mother – 10 Most Desirable Gifts

  • The baby monitor will help you always to hear your child.
  • A subscription to the pool will make the figure of a young mother fit and slim.
  • A subscription to the fitness room will allow you to return to previous forms.
  • A certificate for a visit to the spa, where it is simply pleasant to relax.
  • The kangaroo backpack is convenient when visiting a store or clinic.
  • A rocking chair for a child will allow you to go about your business.
  • A photo session for the whole family will leave pleasant memories.
  • A set of face and body creams.
  • A gift certificate to your favorite store will make any woman happy.
  • A certificate for visiting a beauty salon will transform a young mother beyond recognition.

For a Businesswoman – 11 Good Gifts That Will Come in Handy at Work

  • Electronic book.
  • Cardholder.
  • Laptop fan stand.
  • The organizer is made of wood or natural stone.
  • Stylus for a smartphone.
  • Humidifier.
  • Parker pen.
  • Expensive pen.
  • The tablet.
  • Leather folder for papers.
  • Stylish business cardholder.

Extreme Gift – 10 Ideas for a Brave Birthday Girl

  • Workshop on extreme driving a car or motorcycle.
  • Buggy riding.
  • A visit to the aquarium and swimming with dolphins.
  • Visit the karting track.
  • An exciting quest.
  • Visit the climbing wall.
  • Horseback riding.
  • Rafting down the mountain river.
  • Paragliding.
  • Bungee jump.

15 Inexpensive Gifts for a Girl’s 25th Birthday

25th Birthday Gifts for Girl

  • Thermo mug.
  • Named T-shirt.
  • The original kitchen apron.
  • Cookbook.
  • Knitted snood.
  • Perfume set.
  • Hairpins.
  • Elegant brooch.
  • Bracelet cuff.
  • Fortuneteller ball.
  • Eyeshadow palette.
  • Original mug.
  • Warm mittens.
  • Handle with engraving.
  • Mousepad.

Is It Worth Giving Money for a Birthday?

In the recent past, giving money was considered bad form. It was believed that banknotes do not convey the donor’s warmth. Now the attitude towards such presentations has changed, and nevertheless, a loved one should be presented with a gift that will show your attitude towards the hero of the day.

The presented item will serve a girlfriend or relative for a long time, reminding of pleasant moments. Money, as a rule, runs out quickly.

If your gift was not random but well thought out, original, it would evoke positive emotions every time your friend looks at it. This is especially important if you have broken up for a long time.

Some people are opposed to giving money in principle. They may think you didn’t want to waste your time looking for a suitable present and simply “bought off” the hero of the day. Therefore, be sure to find out in advance if the birthday girl will be offended by your envelope with money.

If you nevertheless decide, for one reason or another, to donate money, then follow some rules:

  • do not advertise the amount you presented;
  • Give an amount adequate for the event. Too big or small can cause unwanted feelings;
  • Be sure to think over the packaging for money: it must be original, beautiful, and have an inscription. You can give a small piggy bank or wallet along with the money.

When giving a cash gift, be sure to say warm words to the birthday girl, explain why you decided to give money. The girl, of course, should also receive a bouquet.

What Flowers to Give a Girl for a Birthday?

If you want to give flowers to a girl for 25 years, you should be careful. There are rules of flower etiquette that must be followed in order not to get into a mess:

  • bright scarlet roses are given only to their beloved;
  • a friend can present gerberas or pink roses;
  • a group of friends will choose an exotic bouquet in original packaging;
  • relatives can give any flowers because they know the tastes of the birthday girl well;
  • For the 25th birthday, you should not give too chic a bouquet. Small but creative compositions will look organic.

You can make a bouquet and fruit. An interesting option is placing a bottle of wine in a beautiful wicker basket and decorating with a variety of flowers. An exotic orchid will emphasize the sophistication of the birthday girl. Chrysanthemums are considered the flower of emperors so that these flowers will suit a serious, purposeful girl.

What Can You Present to a Young Girl for a Birthday Who Has Everything?

  • a party with friends in a limousine;
  • hot air balloon flight;
  • a walk in an old carriage;
  • a certificate for purchases in your favorite store;
  • exciting quest;
  • thematic photo session;
  • collage of photos;
  • video of congratulations;
  • visit the karting track;
  • paragliding flight.

How to Make a Present for a Girl With Your Own Hands – 10 Good Examples

25th Birthday Gifts for Girl

  • Embroidered picture.
  • Soap set.
  • Warm scarf.
  • Soft toy.
  • Cover for diary or passport in scrapbooking style.
  • Photo Frame.
  • Postcard with a surprise.
  • Decorative pillow.
  • Box with 100 Reasons I Love You Scrapbook.
  • Bouquet of sweets.


You can celebrate the 25th birthday of your best friend, sister, daughter, not only at home or in a restaurant. A good alternative would be a trip to a recreation center, to nature. If funds allow, it is not a bad idea to rent a small motor ship or yacht and make this holiday unforgettable.

In any case, the main thing for a girl is your kind words and smiles, gifts presented from a pure loving heart!

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