Happy 23rd Birthday Gifts Ideas for Guys

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Choosing gifts for men is always difficult, especially for young guys, whose interests and hobbies can change at least every day. Therefore, if the birthday of a dear person is approaching, preparation for choosing a presentation must be started in advance. You can try to unobtrusively ask the future birthday boy what he expects from the holiday, or try to guess on your own. And we will show you several very different ideas of what to give a guy for 23 years in order to please him for sure and make this day unforgettable.

What Useful Can You Give 23rd Birthday Gifts?

Do not think that a gift for a young guy must necessarily be funny or surprising, useful things at 23 are very relevant. Many men like to receive practical items for their birthday that can be used often and at the same time remember the giver. The best gift ideas include:

  • A set of tools for small household repairs. If the guy already lives alone or is going to acquire his own home, such a present will be very useful.
  • A cordless electric drill is another gift that will be useful for a home craftsman.
  • Bluetooth headset for your phone. It will allow you to free your hands if a guy drives a car, rides a bicycle or is engaged in other necessary and important business.
  • A cooling board for a laptop will come in handy for a guy who works with a laptop for a long time in not the most comfortable conditions. You can also donate a car computer table with a cooling function.
  • Purse or wallet. A brand new product made of high-quality leather will be an excellent replacement for an old wallet.
  • Good headphones or a mouse for your computer. All modern guys use a PC, so such a gift will be more than relevant.

Often, girls like to give guys clothes. But you need to do it very carefully, for example, you can give a cool T-shirt, baseball cap or mittens with a scarf, but let the guy choose classic shirts or warm sweaters himself. A great idea – a certificate for tailoring. So you will present something useful, but at the same time leave the birthday person the freedom to choose a present for himself.

You should not give cosmetics and perfumes to men. This seemingly helpful present is so banal and so tired of everyone that by giving something like this, you can easily offend the birthday boy by accidentally hinting at a disdainful attitude on your part.

A good and valuable gift is learning something new. It could be a culinary workshop and extreme driving lesson, something related to creativity or creating unique things. A helpful skill will forever remain with the birthday boy and will remind him of the girl who gave it to him.

Top 10 Birthday Gifts for 23rd Years

  • Date in an unusual place
  • Runaway alarm clock
  • Drunk tape measure or beer helmet
  • Participation in a quest or paintball battle
  • Helicopter tour over the city
  • Mug or T-shirt with an author’s picture or photo
  • Multifunctional corkscrew or knife
  • Good headphones or mouse for your computer
  • Cooling car computer table
  • Small Household Repair Tool Set

What Inexpensive Can You Give for 23 Years?

A good gift doesn’t have to be expensive. Moreover, at this age, too valuable gifts may be inappropriate, so feel free to choose what you can afford. The best gift ideas include:

  • A bottle of good brandy;
  • Multifunctional corkscrew or knife;
  • Stylish lamp or night light, such as a ball or a mask;
  • Thermo mug;
  • Nice soft blanket;
  • A mug or T-shirt with an author’s picture or photograph, yours and/or the recipient’s;
  • Personalized gadget case;
  • Covers for documents made in the same style;
  • Unusual keychain.

A good idea for an inexpensive gift is a fantastic treat. If the guy has a sweet tooth, he will be happy to receive a cake with his photo or name and a funny congratulation, a box of handmade cookies or a cool composition of sweets. You can also prepare a beer can cake garnished with a variety of snacks. And a meat lover can be presented with a composition of several varieties of sausage.

When choosing a budget present, do not forget about its quality. Avoid cheap knockoffs and unnecessary knickknacks. It is better to give something very small, but of high quality and useful.

Original Gifts for His 23rd Birthday

If the birthday person loves non-standard solutions, try to surprise him with your present. Recently, the fashion for adventure gifts has been gaining momentum. Most popular solutions:

  • Skydiving;
  • Hot air balloon ride;
  • Helicopter tour over the city;
  • Riding ATVs or snowmobiles;
  • Horseback riding;
  • Participation in a quest or paintball battle;
  • Thai massage or other pleasant and useful procedure in the SPA-salon;
  • Certificate for a manicure or pedicure in a beauty salon.

If the guy loves jokes and pranks, you can arrange for him to be almost real kidnapped. The victim can become both the birthday person and his beloved pet, or even a hobby, for example, a favorite spinning rod or a game console. Then you need to demand a ransom, for example, sing or dance on camera and send a video. After that, you can tell the birthday boy where the kidnapping victim is waiting for him and then gather friends for congratulations and birthday celebrations.

If the guy does not have a penchant for adventure, give him material, but no less interesting present. Best ideas:

  • The game of drunk roulette or a beer helmet will appeal to a lover of parties and relaxation with friends;
  • Table football is great fun for a cheerful and active guy;
  • An umbrella in the form of a saber – with it, the birthday boy will look like a real samurai;
  • An unusual alarm clock, for example, running away or flying away with a pear or a target, will come in handy for a sleepyhead who is always late.

Be sure to choose something unusual but appropriate to the tastes and habits of the birthday person. So you will definitely please him and make a memorable gift.

Romantic Gifts for Your Beloved for the 23rd Birthday

If you want to do something nice to your loved one and show your feelings, choose a romantic present. The best gift ideas include:

  • Romantic video greeting. You can even record it on a smartphone camera, but it is advisable to choose interesting places and truly beautiful words for this. If you know how to edit a video, you can make a whole small confession clip. Even the most unromantic guy will like this video, and he will definitely review it periodically.
  • Date in an unusual place. This can be a roof of a house, a planetarium or a greenhouse, a riverbank or a salt cave. It is necessary to choose a place from what is in your area and your financial capabilities. The main thing is to surprise the guy and make the evening unforgettable.
  • A set of magnets with your shared photos. Now your photos will always be in sight, because everyone loves to look into the refrigerator, and will remind you of your feelings.

It’s a good idea – the gift is not entirely romantic but rather intimate. If you have a close enough relationship with the birthday person that such gifts allow, the best gifts will be:

  • Album with your photos in nude style;
  • Kama-sheet;
  • Erotic dance;
  • A present from a sex shop.

What Can You Do With Your Own Hands as a Gift for 23 Years?

The best way to show your creativity and feelings for the birthday person is to make a gift with your own hands. You don’t have to be a needlewoman to do this, just study a couple of masterclasses on the Internet and put in a little effort. The simplest and nicest ideas:

  • Handmade cookies. It can be baked from the simplest shortbread dough, made in the form of hearts or letters in the name of a loved one.
  • Photo collage from your common photos in the form of a poster or a beautiful picture in a frame.
  • Knitted scarf, or even better socks. It is not difficult to make them, but the present will turn out to be useful. Socks are a better option. Even if something is not perfect, it will not be noticeable under the shoes.
  • A box with confessions. This is probably the cheapest and easiest option, but at the same time very pleasant and touching. You just need to write confessions on small pieces of paper and put the reasons for your love in a beautiful box.
  • Photo frame with a common photo. It is very simple to make it, for example, from thick cardboard, decorating with small decorative elements. In the frame, be sure to insert a beautiful photo where you are happy. This is a great reminder of the bright moments in life and a wonderful present.


Don’t be afraid to show your creativity and imagination when choosing a gift for a guy on his 23rd birthday. This is the only way you can choose not only a pleasant but also a very interesting presentation. And be sure to try to demonstrate your feelings with a gift, because this is the most valuable and important thing.

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