Best 22nd Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend of 2023

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Best 22nd Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend: Your friend and just a cool guy will have a holiday soon, but you still have no idea what to give your friend for 22 years old?

Let’s solve the issue together, picking up the coolest, fashionable and trendy presentation ideas so that the guy is definitely not disappointed. You, of course, know more about your friend’s hobbies and interests than ours, but what if a couple of thoughts will help you find the perfect option?

22nd Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend

Here you will definitely find several dozen chic gift ideas for a friend for 22 years old, all that remains is to implement them! By the way, we have taken care of everyone, so there is a surprise for any budget.

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How to Choose a Cool Present for a Friend Aged 22 Years

The age slightly over 22 is very contrasting, bright, it is during these years that the worldview, interests are formed, everything evokes strong emotions. Since at 20 with a ponytail, love or hate will never work again. And at the same time, guys at the age of 22 are completely different from each other, someone is already building a career, someone else wants to lose with the latest radio-controlled toys.

Some are learning and dreaming of hitchhiking around the globe, others are passionate about cycling tricks, and still, others are already preparing to become fathers. How to choose a gift for a friend for his birthday 22 years old, if all guys are so different? There are some helpful tips:

  • Hobbies and hobbies are your first clue. It doesn’t matter what character and outlook on life the future birthday boy has, he definitely has some hobbies. Find out about them and give them a hobby gift. Such a present will definitely be interesting, useful and important!
  • The conversation is the best counselor. The boy is not 15 long ago so that he went crazy for surprises. So just ask him what to present and the result will be amazing! You will definitely buy the right thing, your friend will definitely be happy.
  • Do not try to convince the birthday person of something with a gift. Do you think it’s time for him to drop the boyish style and switch to shirts under cufflinks? This does not mean that he urgently needs to present such a shirt. In this way, you will not convince him of anything but only upset him with an unsuccessful gift.
  • A certificate for a clothing store is a woman’s present! Even in the coolest men’s boutique, a man goes without you, so do not give a friend certificates for clothes purchases for 22 years. It is uninteresting, corny and somehow boring. Even if you are a girl and are choosing a gift for a boyfriend-friend, still find some other option. Shopping and everything connected with it is a ladies’ theme.
  • It is believed that it is not customary for friends to give money. However, if you know that the birthday person is saving up for something, it is better to present the bills he needs so much. Just do it in some non-trivial way, for example, bury the treasure chest and draw a map. Also, add a memorable little thing to the present, the money will be spent, but the remainder will remain.

List of 40 Best 22nd Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend

The easiest way to make the right choice is if you have plenty to choose from. We tried to give you the opportunity to consider many ideas, compare and choose the very best. This list includes 40 popular ideas for guys in their 20s, choose what your birthday boy likes. A friend for 22 years old can give, for example, such things as:

Birthday Present to a Dandy Friend

When deciding what to give a friend to 22 years old for his birthday, take a closer look at his image. He loves to dress up, always looks stylish and effective, wants to stand out from the crowd? Then don’t hesitate to give him something for style and attractiveness. Not only girls love to look great, boys do too! You can give:

  • A fashionable wristwatch with a python or stingray leather strap is just a chic accessory that will always be noticed and appreciated by others. He speaks of the status and impeccable taste of its owner, so your friend will just be crazy about such an accessory.
  • Trendy sunglasses come in handy for completing stylish everyday looks. Choose a branded model that is in trend now, the birthday boy will definitely like the gift.
  • Wooden or stone cufflinks are a cool alternative to ordinary cufflinks that won’t surprise anyone, but such a model will look boring and will definitely come in handy for a birthday boy in his impeccable bows.
  • Suspenders are a very creative gift for a friend for 22 years. This is a trendy hipster style that many boys love. So if a friend wears such things, he will 100% like the replenishment of his collection.
  • The arafat scarf will add zest to every look. This is a cool, stylish and very unusual accessory. It will become a chic alternative to ordinary scarves that are almost indistinguishable from each other.
  • A certificate in a barbershop will allow you to enjoy a truly masculine atmosphere for creating a cool haircut or styling. A visit to such a men’s salon will definitely appeal to a fashionable dandy.
  • A belt with a designer buckle looks more than cool, looks good both in classic bows and paired with jeans. The designer buckle will make the thing one of a kind, unique.
  • Branded sneakers or sneakers are a cool decision what to give to your best friend for 22 years. You are definitely aware of the boy’s favorite brands and shoe sizes, so you can find him exactly the pair that the birthday boy dreams of.
  • A leather bracelet with a silver engraved insert looks like an appropriate present for a stylish boy. This cool black leather bracelet will become your boyfriend’s favorite accessory, as well as a symbol of your friendship.
  • Chic calfskin gloves are not only warm and cozy but also stylish and attractive. The boy will be able to combine comfort and style, which is not so often possible.
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A stylish guy can be presented with a cool piece of clothing that is trendy among his peers. Each season has its own thing, but all the guys know what exactly is at the peak of popularity. And if suddenly you are not sure about the color or size, ask your friend’s girlfriend, she is definitely in the know. By the way, in matters of a fashionable gift for a friend, his girlfriend is your best advisor and helper!

Choosing a Present for a Fan of Digital Technologies

When deciding what you can give a friend for 22 years, be sure to visit a digital technology store, there you will have many great presentation ideas. After all, no matter how different guys over the age of 20 are, they are not obsessed with technology and new products of the digital world! We offer you some of the most popular and relevant things for almost every guy:

  • Multifunctional Yandex Station is a smart mini-computer at home that will help you listen to music, watch videos, find out the weather and perform hundreds of more actions without additional gadgets. Tempting, isn’t it? The guy will not refuse such a gift 100%.
  • A power bank in the shape of a stone is always at hand to help you stay in touch, not lose charge of gadgets and at the same time will look unusual, cool, and attract attention. Guys love creative things, so the present will go 100%.
  • An action camera is a good gift for a 22-year-old friend if he leads an active lifestyle. Now he will have the opportunity to capture the brightest moments, cool emotions. These videos will be a great reminder of youth later and will also help you create your own video channel with cool stories.
  • Brand wireless headphones are more than a hot thing for a modern guy. A real music lover will enjoy the present by a million percent because now there are no wires, nothing that gets in the way. Just pure enjoyment of music!
  • The quadcopter is considered the most popular and coolest toy for men between the ages of 14 and 45. So your present will be 100% liked by the birthday man and will give him a lot of adventures and cool entertainment.
  • A modern photo printer will allow you to save not only digital images but also print them. If you are thinking about what to give a 22-year-old friend for his birthday, then a high-quality photo printer with a set of special photo paper will be an excellent solution.
  • A fitness bracelet will serve as a great surprise for an activist and an athlete, a guy who loves to go to the gym and closely monitors his figure and load. A fitness tracker will help him a lot with this.

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Cool Presents for a Car Owner Friend

Does the guy have his own car? Then we can say without a doubt that he is obsessed with his iron friend, invests money in him and will be infinitely happy with a gift for a car. Moreover, there are a lot of options here, you definitely rode with a friend and you know what his car is missing, but we still dare to offer several always relevant options:

  • A set of rugs with the owner’s initials is a cool gift idea for a friend for 22 years, so the car will be chic, original, as well as comfortable and beautiful. For example, you can order black rugs with red stitching or an option in the color of the car, cool, isn’t it?
  • The organizer for the trunk will help to put things in order in the car so that everything looks neat and beautiful. Such a thing will always come in handy and will be appreciated by a real motorist.
  • Auto-TV is a cool little thing for a real fan of your car, now during traffic jams or waiting in the car, you can watch your favorite movie, video on YouTube, and for this, you don’t have to look for a gadget, everything you need will be in the car. Such a fancy present will be cool!
  • The DVR will help protect your car and yourself in the event of various unforeseen situations. In our troubled world, a more than a useful thing, now there will be no ambiguous interpretations of high-quality situations on the road, the video recorder will judge everyone by providing irrefutable facts.
  • A car wash subscription is a simple, useful and very relevant gift for a friend for 22 years if he has a car. The birthday boy will be 100% grateful to you.
  • Cool wheels for cars. Alloy wheels are a decoration of the car, and if you pick up a cool brand option, the birthday person will be delighted, just do not make a mistake with the size so as not to turn a pleasant surprise into an embarrassment.
  • The massage cover for the driver’s seat will make driving even more pleasant and comfortable, now there will be practically no fatigue even during long trips. But besides the benefits, such a thing also looks very stylish, spectacular, attractive.
  • The tuning certificate will help the car owner to make his car beautiful, stylish and fashionable, and exactly the way the owner wants to see it, which is most important!
  • A silver keychain with a car or brand logo is a cool piece that can be effectively taken out of your pocket, amazing people around you, especially girls. A beautiful keychain will attract attention and delight the birthday person himself.
  • A heated cup from the cigarette lighter will help you enjoy your favorite hot drink from home or your favorite coffee shop on the way home. To work or school, and at the same time, the drink will retain its temperature and great taste. Useful in our frenzied world, isn’t it?
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Would you like to buy a really incomparable thing as a gift for a friend for 22 years old? Then we suggest sending him to extreme driving courses. These are beneficial skills for the owner of the car, which will be both interesting and necessary for him. This is a creative present that will make driving safer for a man.

Cool Things for Hobbies and Rest

For every person, his hobbies mean a lot, especially when it comes to young guys. You, as friends, are 100% familiar with the hobbies of the birthday boy, so you can safely pick up a present from this category. We are not familiar with your friend, but we know what hobbies young guys have and offered several presents that will be useful in most cases:

  • Skewers with designer handles will appeal to a young man who loves picnics and outings. Now his kebab will not only be the tastiest but also the most recognizable! Luxurious handles of an unusual shape, made to order, will always delight the recipient and will not let them forget about the imagination of friends.
  • A sports bottle with the name of the birthday boy. It is quite a good present for an athlete or an active guy who loves jogging. For 22 years old, you can give a friend a bottle not only with a name but also, for example, with his nickname or a totem animal. It will turn out to be such a joke, understandable only to friends.
  • A cool suitcase will appeal to the avid traveler who does not sit at home. Choose a creative model, it is possible with a set of covers and let every trip of the birthday boy be memorable.
  • A set of dumbbells with a counter will help you exercise, accurately controlling the load. This is a modern unit for home workouts that no sports boy will refuse.
  • A subscription to a fitness room is useful for a guy who looks after himself, is always fit, or has simply shown a desire to pump up for a long time, but all the time there is not enough money or time. With the advent of the subscription, there will definitely be time!
  • Boxing gloves autographed by the famous boxer will be a great motivator for a guy who is seriously involved in this sport. Even an amateur will be delighted with so much creative author’s piece.
  • A set of sports towels is a good decision, what to give a friend for 22 years. This is an inexpensive but 100% useful and necessary gift for every guy who goes in for sports, loves jogging and training.
  • A high-quality leather ball will allow you to actively spend time with friends, have fun and relax.
  • Subscribing to a package of sports channels will make watching TV much more interesting and exciting. Especially if your friend is a real fan. Now there will be some brothers to watch their favorite movies.
  • A cool fishing rod will appeal to a fisherman who cannot imagine his life without fishing. Just specify in advance what exactly is considered a “cool fishing rod” for your friend, after all, everyone has their own ideas.
  • Multifunctional tourist lantern will appeal to the avid tourist, lover of outings, camping, hunting and all the same fishing. Just choose a truly functional model with a capacitive battery, this is a very necessary gift for a friend for twenty-four years, especially if he is a practical person.
  • A steering wheel and pedals for a true gamer – here it is, the joy of a fan of consoles and computer games, which will now become even brighter and more realistic.

For Tasters, Gourmets and Gourmets

Want to pamper your birthday boy with something delicious? We offer a couple of delicious and, at the same time moderately original gifts to a friend for 22 years. They will diversify the festive table or simply serve as a source of gourmet pleasure for a guy:

  • A keg of beer for a frothy drinker is a cool present, especially if you are looking for a keg of an authentic German signature drink.
  • A bouquet of snacks, you can order such a bouquet of cheeses, crackers and other various “male delicacies”, you can also add a bottle of good wine or cognac to the bouquet. This is a cool alternative to banal colors that men don’t need at all.
  • The box “in case of emergency” contains a set of elite cheeses, sausages, caviar, and a bottle of strong alcohol. On the box, you can make a funny inscription “open in case of absence of the wife”, “only for the boy’s company”, etc. this is a pretty cool, and at the same time inexpensive gift to a friend for 22 years.
  • Elite coffee for fans of this drink. Choose only good, proven varieties that you will not be ashamed to give even to the most selective guy.
  • Niotamori is a wonderful option for serving sushi that will definitely delight a guy. Such a gift can be made a highlight of the holiday or a personal present. In any case, such an idea is not to be occupied with creativity.
  • Is whiskey the same age as the birthday boy – cool? More than that, so the guy will be happy!
  • A birthday cake in the style of a guy’s tastes, both externally and internally, will become the star of the holiday and a beautiful way to end the holiday party.
  • A set for making mulled wine or grog will help make evenings in the company of friends, beloved girl or wife cozier, more pleasant and tastier. Hardly anyone will refuse such a presentation.
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Want to shock your friend 100% with a cool present? We suggest choosing a surprise party as a gift for a friend for 22 years. You can organize it yourself or by contacting the appropriate agency.

Good Surprises for Study and Work

Often guys after 20, what is called “take to their minds” and begin to devote a lot of time to study, building a career. If your birthday person is one of these, we suggest presenting him gifts useful for study and work, for example:

  • Cool fountain pen for beautiful notes, chic autographs and just a sense of self-importance! Things create a person’s image, and such things make him irresistible.
  • A convenient ventilated laptop stand will make working or studying with your laptop as comfortable as possible.
  • An e-book for the study will make the process of reading useful books and articles more enjoyable and easier.
  • A creative laptop bag can help you carry your digital friend easily and look cool while doing it.
  • Organizer for the desktop – and order in the working area is guaranteed, which means the ease of the thought process.
  • A set of new licensed programs for training or professional development. For a smart guy, this is a cool gift solution.
  • A useful master class or attending a lecture, useful training is a cool option to give a friend for 22 years. This is already a serious age when a guy will definitely appreciate such a present with far-reaching prospects.

Adventure and Emotion Is Great Gift for Best Friend

There are too many things in the material world! And sometimes emotions are not enough, so why not present them as a present to a friend for his birthday. In any form? We have a couple of ideas:

  • Tickets to an interesting sports event for a friend and you to get your dose of adrenaline and feel the atmosphere of the event.
  • A master class on topics that are interesting for the birthday person, so that he has a cool time and gains new knowledge.
  • Going to paintball is fun, vivid and will be remembered for a long time. Such a fun holiday will appeal to every active boy.
  • Passing the quest with a fun company of friends. Here it is, a really creative and non-trivial gift to a friend for 23 years, it remains only to choose an option that is ideal for the birthday boy. Maybe you will run away from the mental hospital, look for treasure, defeat monsters? It all depends on your imagination.
  • An adrenaline adventure – there are just a lot of options, from the usual parachute jump to more exotic zorb rides or rope jumping. Such entertainment will always be relevant for a young, active person.
  • Video congratulations as a gift – just do not shoot boring congratulations, rhymes, make a cool, driving video with jokes, wishes and funny shots. Such a gift will never be forgotten 100%!

Final Thought

Now you will definitely not be at a loss in search of an answer to the question of what to give a friend for 22 years. The main thing is not to buy everything at once, choose a single idea and implement it, then the present will be 100% successful and appropriate!

Well, of course, devote enough time to your friend, and do not just run to a party, have a snack, so the birthday person will definitely succeed.

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