Best Interesting 21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Sister

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A birthday in youth is always a holiday and a great mood, and twenty-one years – especially! I already have education and work, I want so much, and so much is yet to come! You can present a lot of things that will delight your sister, and there is a choice for any budget and for a variety of women.

21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Sister

Our selection of 130 best 21st birthday gift ideas for a sister has so many options that there will be plenty of options for many more holidays to come! It is very convenient that a sister, as a close relative, can even be presented with relatively personal things, which significantly expands the list.

Original 21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Sister

  • A cute clutch, better from a fashion designer house or just a good brand. Choose a design that matches your overall style, your favorite color, or something trendy, and the birthday girl will be happy.
  • Samples of perfumes or miniature versions are a great gift for a sister of 21 years, if she loves different scents and does not have a specific favorite – let her try as many new things as possible.
  • Silicone kitchen accessories  – for all lovers of cooking and baking. With them, cooking turns into a pleasure, and they wash in seconds, and nothing sticks.
  • A certificate to a lingerie store is what a sister can give a sister for her birthday. Well, or you can even buy specific items if you’re sure the size will fit.
  • A levitating photo frame is a very unusual thing that will decorate a birthday girl’s room or desk. It will appeal to everyone who loves something original, non-trivial and special.
  • A fun curtain for the bathroom, for example, in the style of a Facebook page. Or a “bloody” curtain for rebels and lovers of shocking and black humor.
  • A smart jump rope not only counts jumps but also shows them in the air, which is a very unusual thing that you can present for your sister’s birthday.
  • A funny sleeping bag for your sister on your 21st birthday can be given by your brother if you are fond of outdoor activities in the family or the birthday girl loves hiking. You can also look for ultra-compact and lightweight models, albeit not fun.
  • Moleskin for the drawing will delight creative young ladies.
  • Touch the alarm clock to wake up gently and easily without harsh sounds. It’s easier to get up this way, and the mood in the morning will definitely be better.
  • The sleep mask is a very inexpensive gift that a younger sister can give a sister for 21 years, especially since you can make a present with your own hands.
  • This cooling stand for a laptop will appeal to all girls-gamers, as well as those who like to use technology on the couch, in bed, or on the bedspread. Quality cooling guaranteed.
  • Makeup brush sets, in regular or travel style (in a durable case).
  • An original teapot or teapot, possibly a French press.
  • A heated rug, a small block of a warm floor, on which it is convenient and comfortable to put your feet while working at the table.
  • Fluffy bath towels will come in handy for a sister who already lives separately.
  • An electric toothbrush is a useful item that you can take from close relatives.
  • Portable waterproof speaker  – you can walk in nature, and in the rain, and in the bathroom to hum to it.
  • The tree for storing jewelry will definitely appeal to all jewelry lovers.
  • A fashionable hat or scarf, or maybe a fun animal hat – choose according to the style of the birthday girl.
  • An interesting house plant. Orchids, unusual succulents, carnivorous plants, tangerine trees, etc.
  • A headphone splitter is a useful and very inexpensive gift that a younger brother or sister can give a sister.
  • A certificate for a yoga lesson or mini-course to try if it’s interesting, and additionally stretch your whole body.
  • A piggy bank for small change  – and then you can buy something large unplanned.
  • An anti-stress pillow is a cute and touching thing that will appeal to almost any young lady.
  • A five-book notebook, in which every day you need to write down your emotions and events – and every year it is interesting to watch what happened a year ago.

Original 21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Sister

  • A flip-flop portrait is a very original birthday present for your sister, which will definitely leave an unforgettable impression and will always remind you of the donor.
  • The home planetarium is always liked by the fair sex, no matter how old they are.
  • Oils and hair masks in large jars, coconut oil, and a variety of sprays are what you always need, so deliver with confidence.
  • Beautiful bedding, for example, silk for special occasions or simply very stylish. However, some people like the funny design – with unicorns, Pokemon, provocative drawings, etc.
  • Wine decanter, a stylish container in which a good drink reveals its taste and aroma better. It also looks very pretentious!
  • A cosmetic bag is one of the universal gifts for a sister when she turns 21. Always useful. And inside you can put something from small cosmetics.
  • Fashionable backpack made of leather or eco-leather, as an option – denim or fabric.
  • A certificate for a spa day in an elite salon will definitely be used.
  • A portrait made up of words.
  • The neck massage pillow relieves stress after a hard day at the table.
  • Beautiful female dumbbells, with which it is so convenient to go in for sports. If you can afford it, choose smart dumbbells as a gift for your sister on your 21st birthday – these also count the reps themselves and write the data into the phone.
  • A planner notebook will help you to plan your goals correctly and achieve them, like all lovers of self-development and organization.
  • Precious jewelry, silver and gold, is always a good idea and will remain in memory forever.
  • A thermal cup is what almost everyone needs.
  • Convenient organizer for storing linen.
  • Electric candles, battery-operated or rechargeable. Complete fire safety, you can take with you to nature.
  • A photoshoot certificate is one of the best gifts you can give your sister for her 21st birthday.
  • Gloves for touch screens.
  • Hairdryer with an ionizer.
  • Kigurumi pajamas.
  • A wireless mouse and batteries for it will be useful to every young lady because, with such a device, it is much more convenient.
  • Aroma diffuser to humidify the air and give it a pleasant aroma.
  • Luxurious stockings are a wonderful present for a sister from a sister for her birthday.

Interesting Birthday Gift Ideas for 21st Sister

Interesting Birthday Gift Ideas for 21st Sister

  • Yoga mat, classic or even “smart”, which controls several parameters of asanas at once.
  • Brand mascara. It will always be useful to everyone who dyes.
  • A set of cute picnic utensils.
  • Several interesting cushions: fluffy, with sequins, in the form of a stone or a piece of chocolate.
  • Unusual umbrella: an umbrella-opposite, luminous, with a developing pattern.
  • Fluffy rug with long pile.
  • Eco-friendly cosmetics made from natural ingredients, especially from well-known brands in this area, are always a good choice.
  • Silk pillowcases are what you can give your sister for 21 years from your sister.
  • A set of massage hair brushes.
  • A good iron with many modes. Or “liquid iron”, spray for smoothing at any time.
  • A belt bag made of leather or dense fabric  – comfortable, hands-free, and everything is under control.
  • Foot massage bath. A great thing that lovers of high heels and unrestrained dances will be delighted with.
  • A set for serving cheese  – both look very stylish and convenient to use. It can be supplemented with interesting cheeses and sauces.
  • An inflatable sofa is a great gift that a brother can give a sister for her 21st birthday.
  • Books for creativity, the choice in bookstores is huge.
  • Interior bottle holder.
  • Self-watering plant pot.
  • A certificate for sewing a bag, and only let her have one that fits perfectly.
  • The apparatus for the preparation of cotton candy.
  • A gadget stands that fits phones and tablets.
  • An inflatable mattress in a classic design or something funny and funny.
  • Electric Turk is a present for a birthday, of 21 years, which any coffee drinker will be delighted with.
  • Brush for face and body massage, regular or electric.
  • Beauty box, a set of cosmetic novelties in mini versions. Always a surprise and always interesting.
  • A miniature florarium, as an option – a wall florarium lamp.
  • A lamp for fixing gel polish is something that will come in handy for almost every modern girl. You will not have to wait for an appointment at the salon to the master to repaint your nails or fix a chip of varnish.
  • Large vase in a stylish design to match the interior.
  • A good blender  – for smoothies, cream soup, and milkshakes.
  • Beautiful tableware is always a pleasure to receive as a gift for your 21st birthday, your sister will be happy.
  • Bathroom table, like in fashion magazines.
  • Small leather or fabric shoulder bag.
  • Certificate for a drawing lesson, with watercolors or oil paints.
  • Luxury bath and shower sets.
  • Salt lamp  – this makes it easier to breathe and is good for the skin.
  • The foot hammock is a fun birthday present for your sister who works at the desk.

Birthday Gift Ideas for 21st Sister

  • The organizer in the trunk will definitely appeal to all motorists.
  • Double-sided mirror, with normal and magnifying sides.
  • Silent mouse and keyboard  – to keep quiet at night.
  • Warm boots  – they heat up in a couple of minutes and then warm their feet for a long time.
  • A jewelry box will definitely come in handy for every girl.
  • A table in the car  – at it you can have a snack, makeup, and work with a laptop or papers.
  • The certificate for active entertainment is a wonderful gift for 21 years to an active and cheerful sister who loves bright emotions.
  • Designer jewelry and bijouterie with symbols, as an option, something made to order, in a single copy.
  • A device for home hardware manicures and quality care for the skin of hands and feet.
  • A certificate to a jewelry store  – and let them choose what they like.
  • Modern candlesticks in the form of lanterns or in an unusual design.
  • Laptop table  – it is convenient to work with it right in bed.
  • A board game of any format, for two, romantic, for a company – the choice in stores is huge.
  • A wireless karaoke microphone with a speaker as a presentation will suit a sister who loves to sing in her 21st.
  • An illuminated mirror, with it, is especially convenient to paint or take care of the skin.
  • Several pairs of brightly funny socks  – both beautiful and always useful.
  • Wine-cooling pearls are a very fashionable alternative to men’s whiskey stones.
  • Warm winter gloves, leather or knitted.
  • A book by a fashionable author for self-development or just something fun and exciting.
  • Badges, brooches and similar small ornaments that can be changed every day are always nice little things.
  • A fondue set in which you can melt both cheese and chocolate.
  • A power bank is something that will always come in handy, so feel free to give your sister such devices for 21 years. Pay attention to the power, and choose something with an unusual design.
  • Scented or ordinary candles, you can assemble a whole box or basket from different ones, and the little sister will like it.
  • Comb Tangle Teezer, if the birthday girl does not have one yet. Everyone always likes it, it’s ideal to take a road compact version.
  • Tarot cards will definitely appeal to a romantic and dreamy young lady. It can be supplemented with a book for decryption.
  • Musical-sensory plant pot plays a melody when the leaves are touched.
  • The organizer for cosmetics is a fashionable novelty, a block with compartments where it is convenient to store all tubes, bottles and boxes – such a gift for the 21st birthday will definitely be appreciated by a sister who loves to paint.
  • A cozy fluffy blanket, maybe a blanket with sleeves.
  • A set for making coffee on the sand is an unusual thing, and it will appeal to coffee lovers, lovers of receiving guests, impressing and surprising.
  • Hair accessories – something that will always come in handy for owners of at least a little long hair – hairpins, clips, elastic bands, headbands and other little things for every day.
  • A set of face masks  – can be bought anywhere. Moisturizers, cleansing, nourishing – everything comes in handy.
  • A camera with an instant photo print is something that can be given as a birthday present to a younger sister from an older sister or brother. The thing will definitely be used right on holiday!
  • An aromatic lamp, and to it special tea candles, aromatic oils, perhaps sticks and the like.
  • Natural grocery store sweets for everyone who is always losing weight but loves sweets.
  • Wish map, and visualization board, and let the birthday girl visualize her goals, dreams and aspirations.
  • Everyone needs good headphones. They can be an ordinary vacuum, waterproof, cordless, or bone conduction of sound – there is a wide choice.
  • Multi-styler for hair – let the 21-year-old sister do the most interesting hairstyles on her birthday and on any day.
  • A palette of eyeshadows in the birthday girl’s favorite shades. Someone will like nude tones, someone loves bright acidic ones, and there are lovers of dark shades for smoky eyes.
  • Picture for coloring by numbers. It is especially cool if you order in advance the printing of the scheme from a personal photo of the birthday girl or from a photo that she took.

Gift Ideas for 21st Sister's Birthday

  • A set to correctly and safely open champagne is what many women need.
  • Collectible figurines and souvenirs from computer games, TV series and films.
  • The certificate for tasting cheese and wine is an interesting present that can be presented to a gourmet sister. Just give it for two at once, alone it is not so interesting.
  • A miniature mirror in a cosmetic bag, it is possible with a folding comb.
  • Designer business accessories and stationery.


Here’s how many options are on our list of gifts for a sister for 21 years: out of 130 ideas, you can probably choose the perfect present for a particular birthday girl. Who, if not you, know the preferences and tastes of a loved one, what she is interested in, what she enjoys, what she likes and how she spends her free time – start from these data.

And, of course, on such a holiday it is definitely worth presenting a bouquet – it can be flowers, bouquets of sweets or even fruits – it will be even more interesting. Prepare a warm congratulation and spend this important day with your sister!

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