Best Memorable 21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend of 2021

Creative 21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend: Twenty-one years is a significant date because it is at this age that adulthood comes. Therefore, the gift should be more serious, memorable, and at the same time, fun. What to give a friend for 21 years? Despite the massive number of offers, it is challenging to choose a suitable option.

21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend

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Here Is The List Of 30 Great 21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend

The liking of a birthday present depends on the degree of your closeness: one thing if you are bosom friends since childhood, and another thing if it is a work friend. The amount you are willing to spend also matters.

Today there is a massive selection of things that can please, surprise and become useful to a young person at the age of 21, the main thing when choosing to show imagination and desire to surprise and please the birthday boy.

–  Coffee Machine

Coffee Machine

Some people just can’t imagine their morning without a cup of coffee. The device for making a coffee drink will make your beloved’s breakfast more enjoyable. Coffman will surely be delighted with such a gift.

–  Headphones or a Portable Speaker

Portable Speaker

Today you can find headphones for every budget and taste: wireless, overhead, earbuds, luminous, zippers, etc. A mini speaker that you can take with you anywhere is also a good present.

–  Game for Console or Pc

Game for Console

In video games, both boys and girls like to chop. Any new product or something that has already become a classic will come to your young man if he often kills time during games.VR glasses. You can also give a gamer a joystick, steering wheel, or gamepad. Technological innovations that make the gameplay more convenient, enjoyable, and realistic will always be appropriate.

–  External Hard Drive, Flash Drive, or Power Bank

Power Bank

External drives and stand-alone chargers have become classic gifts. You can find very original models, and if you wish, you can engrave on such an item.

 Brand Clothes

Tommy Hilfiger Boys' Stretch Ivy Polo

It does not have to be a famous brand. Any fashionable hoodie, sweatshirt, or bomber jacket will also be a great gift. You can also give merchandise to your favorite artist.

 Sports Bag or Backpack

PUMA Men's Evercat Contender 3.0 Backpack

Today, many young people are fond of sports and monitor their health. It’s easy to go to the fitness room at least once a week. If your boyfriend belongs to this category, then a comfortable, durable sports bag will be very useful. Otherwise, you can give a stylish backpack.

– Peripherals for PC

Razer Tartarus v2 Gaming Keypad

Backlit keyboard, gaming mouse, large mat, USB hub, etc. Everything depends on the needs of your young man. Someone, for example, desperately needs a printer or monitor, and someone needs a desktop microphone.


Norelco Shaver 2300, Rechargeable Electric Shaver

The beard grows in all men. Well, or almost everyone. And a beard is a good gift theme. Bearding today is a trend. There are many gift sets for the care of a beard and mustache. And traditional men’s gifts are an electric razor or trimmer.

 Chair Bag

Portable Folding Chair

This shapeless seat is comfortable not only for its softness and streamline, but also because it can be dragged into any room. You can trace a design that matches your best friend’s home.

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 Extreme Sports

Extreme Sports

Another way to get an unforgettable experience. If your boyfriend is not among the timid, he will appreciate such a gift. It can be a parachute jump or jumping, diving, paragliding, rafting on a mountain river, or something like that.

– Active Games With Friends

Active Games With Friends

Gather two teams from colleagues, acquaintances, relatives, or friends and arrange a merciless carnage of paints. Having fun at the paintball ground is a great birthday present. You can also give a trip to the laser tag or quest.


RUNBOX Minimalist Slim Wallet

A purse, a clutch bag, a small bag-tablet are convenient men’s accessories where you can put different little things and documents. It is also fashionable to carry waste bags. If this item is made of leather, then beautiful embossing can be done on it.

 Ring, Wristwatch, or Bracelet

murtoo Mens Leather Bracelet

Men also love jewelry. A person’s hands can tell a lot about his character. Even if the guy is not a fan of useless trinkets, a wristwatch with a memorable engraving will please him.

 Portrait From a Photograph

Portrait From a Photograph

Order a funny cartoon, a picture in the style of pop art, cool styling, an image from threads, or a portrait from words. There are a lot of options. This is an attractive, original gift that can decorate the interior of a room.



Knowledge is power. And reading is one of the most useful activities. In the modern world, the struggle for the environment has become a trend, and ordinary paper books are gradually losing their relevance. Therefore, for an amateur reading, an e-book will be the best gift.

 Columns Fountains

Outdoor Floor Water Fountain with Light LED

Inexpensive, but insanely beautiful audio system. The jets of a dancing fountain located above the column itself move to the rhythm of the music. It looks amazing.

 Home Exercise Machine

Home Exercise Machine

As we said, many young people go in for sports. But to keep fit, you don’t have to go to the gym. For example, you can give a guy a multifunctional wall horizontal bar or dumbbell. But do it so that it does not look like a hint.

 Foosball or Hockey

Franklin Sports NHL Mini Hockey Sets

Arrange kicker championships right at home. At home, parties with friends are also sometimes dull. In such cases, such games can create a fun atmosphere.

 Home Golf

Home Golf

In the absence of friends, you also need to entertain yourself with something. For such situations, a compact set for mini-golf was created. To play golf, you do not need either a company or a vast field with a lawn.

 Board Game

Board Game

Fanta, activity, high tower, mafia, etc. Great fun for a big, noisy company that loves to have fun. Also now, poker has become very popular.

 Device to Prepare Hot Dogs

Nostalgia HDS248COKE Large Coca-Cola Diner-Style Steamer, 24 Hot Dogs

Now a hot dog is not exclusively street food when you need a quick and tasty snack while at home, use a hot dog maker.

 Motivational Posters

Motivational Pictures Posters

Scratch map of the world, the sign “100 cases” or “100 films.” They help broaden one’s horizons and inspire new achievements.

 Tickets for the Concert

Americanflat Ticket Shadow Box Frame

Give yourself and your young man the impressions that will remain with you. When you are 21 years old, you just want to have fun, have fun, hang out, walk, and go to concerts. Do not deny yourself this pleasure.

– Action Camera

Action Camera EIS External Microphone Remote Control WiFi Waterproof Camera Webcam

Initially intended for filming in extreme conditions, but today they shoot anything with these cameras. Age from 20 to 25 is a constant movement. Then the activity gradually subsides. Hurry to capture the craziest years of life.

 A Drone or a Toy on the Radio


What did man in childhood not dream of becoming a pilot of a fighter or military helicopter? The one who did not become still dreams, but with age, such dreams become more mundane.

 Fitness Bracelet or Smartwatch

Lintelek Fitness Tracker

A fashionable, stylish, practical, convenient accessory that will be useful to any modern person. Everyone has a smartphone that can be connected with a technological wristwatch.

27. An Image Addition to Clothes

A belt, tie, suspenders, glasses, or umbrella can add a twist to the image of a young man. We are not even talking about their practical component.

28. Vivid Emotions Without Risk to Health

More relaxed entertainment: horseback riding, go-karting, ballooning, a tour of the rooftops, etc. Such a gift will suit a person of a romantic warehouse, soft and balanced.

Inexpensive Original Gifts for Best Friend

 Alarm Clock

Sonic Bomb Dual Extra Loud Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

Running away, flying, singing, with a target … Such a device will not allow your boyfriend to oversleep his studies, work, or an important meeting.

 Great Puzzle Picture

Mudpuppy Superhero Secret Picture Puzzle

It is much more interesting to assemble a puzzle that depicts you, than an irrelevant, albeit beautiful, picture.

 Drum Set for Fingers or Usb Drums

Liberty Imports Electronic Mini Finger Drum Desktop Novelty Set

Your young man can feel like a real rock star. Also, these trinkets allow you to pass the time while waiting.

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Ravensburger Tropical Waters 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle for Adults

So that the brain does not atrophy, it must be periodically trained. Someone reads books, someone solves crosswords, and someone likes the good old puzzles.

 Antistress Toys

ZGWJ 12 Pack Anti-Stress Ball LED Mesh Squeeze Ball Toys

Take care of your nerves from a lad age so as not to seize mental disorders by old age. Different antistress gizmos entirely relieve stress.

 Fancy Slippers

Jessica Simpson Women's Comfy Faux Fur House Slipper Scuff Memory Foam Slip on Anti-Skid Sole

Grass slippers, tank slippers, heated slippers, etc. Lovely, funny, funny, soft, and comfortable. Such a gift can amuse and surprise.

 Hewing Piggy Bank

Pearhead Ceramic Pink Piggy Bank

With this little thing, the money will accumulate much faster, because you will constantly want to feed her. True, she chews rather slowly.

Fortune Cookies

100 Pcs Fortune Cookies Fresh Single Wrap(golden Bowl)

Such cookies can also be based on their own, hiding the warmest wishes in them. By the way, about gifts that you can make yourself – the next section.

A Ball With Predictions

21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend

Remember how in the movie “Route 60”? We hope that this ball will tell your guy only the right decisions. But, as a rule, he does not have others.

Retro Tube for the Mobile Phone

It is unlikely that a person will talk on such a pipe on the street, but you can use it yourself at home. Of course, solely for the sake of fun and fun.

21st Birthday DIY Gifts for Best Friend

Cake, Muffins, Pastries

21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend
Best Friend 21st Birthday Gifts

To make the holiday a success, you need a holiday cake. To pleasantly surprise a birthday boy, you need to make a cake yourself. However, cakes, pancakes, or other sweets will also work.

Holiday Table

21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend
21st birthday gift ideas for her

Set a luxurious table, and this will be a great gift. Naturally, provided that you cook Everything yourself. If necessary, you can ask your friends for help.

Beautiful Things

21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend

Painting, panels, sculptures, embroidery … Everything that is done with your own hands is done with the soul, which means it will be a great gift.

Practical Stuff

For example, knitted socks or a sweater. Imagine how pleasant it will be for your loved one to wear these things. The ability to craft something with one’s own hands is always highly appreciated and beneficial.


This is a rather dangerous gift. The dance must fit into the context of your relationship. Otherwise, it will look ridiculous and leave only negative impressions. And, of course, you need to be able to dance well.


Draw an analogy with needlework. If you are not sure of a sufficient level of your skill, it is better to come up with something else.


Do you sing well and play the guitar? Speaking to a young man with songwriting can be a good gift. But do not overdo it with emotions. It’s better to do something fun, entertaining.

Video Greetings

21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend

Today, probably, only a child of kindergarten age does not know how to use video editing programs. We apologize if we offended anyone. In any case, this business is very easy to master.

Scrapbook, Wall Newspaper, Photo Collage

Beautiful memories captured on the photo moments of your meetings, dates, kisses, bright events can be arranged as a great gift.

Certificate of Desire

Stay for a while, a goldfish for your sweetheart. But only adequately evaluate your capabilities. And write them on a small certificate. No magic needed.

What to Give a Guy Who Has Everything

Sweets, Tea, Coffee

Men are also very fond of sweets, and only tea or coffee set will be unpacked and consumed.

Socks, Clothes

Yes, yes, yes, we already hear: “Socks ?? What is this gift? Don’t give socks!” And you look for pictures on the Internet, how beautifully make gifts from socks. These are whole works of art. This set of socks is not a shame to give.


This is what remains with us for life. In addition to the above parachute jumps, horseback riding, etc., you can come up with a lot more of your options.

Certificate for a Tattoo

Tuatha is a dangerous gift. If your boyfriend has long wanted to stuff himself but did not dare or there was no time, this will be the best birthday present.

Edible Bouquet, a Box With Sweets

A kind of set for a glutton. It looks impressive. Look at even the pictures on the net, and salivation starts instantly. You can also give a collection of small bottles of alcohol.

Engraved Gift

21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend
Memorable 21st Birthday Gifts

Engraving automatically transfers the gift from the category of “ordinary, banal” to “memorable, original.” Each engraving is an individual, so your boyfriend didn’t have such a gift.

Gift Certificate

In some stores, for example, sports. Let him choose a gift himself. Not everyone loves such certificates, but someone is quite happy.


Perhaps the most expensive option in this article. But if you have a big budget, then it will be a delight!

What is Not Worth Giving

Memorable Souvenirs

21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend

This refers to various figurines, medals, congratulatory diplomas, and other useless heavy objects. Even ordinary souvenirs should not be given to a beloved guy, like some china owl.

Hint Gifts

21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend
Memorable 21st Birthday Gifts

If your boyfriend is engaged in sports and has a strong physique, dumbbells will be an appropriate gift. If your boyfriend is thin and feeble, then dumbbells will be a strange gift for him. Feel the edge.

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Women’s Gifts

21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend

Flowers, balloons, soft toys, light alcohol (wine, champagne, liquor) can hurt a young man. In any case, such a gift to a man will look strange. Therefore, we recommend that you take a closer look at the set of tools “Everything at hand.”

Dinner at the Restaurant

21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend

This man should lead you to a restaurant, not you. Another thing is the homemade dinner. In your kitchen, you are the mistress, and you treat. The restaurant operates a man. Although the relationship is different …

Household Utensils

21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend
Birthday Presents for Best Friend

Crockery, decorations for the interior, appliances such as crock-pots, curtains, bedding. If a guy needs it, he will buy all this for himself, but as a gift, such things will not please him.

Gadget Accessories

21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend

It’s difficult to imagine our life without various gadgets and accessories for them, so when you think about what you can give for 21 years, pay attention to these options:

  • gaming or flexible keyboard;
  • branded wireless headphones;
  • mp3 player;
  • cool mouse with additional buttons;
  • licensed computer program;
  • cool case for smartphone or tablet;
  • portable charger;
  • audio amplifier;
  • stand for gadgets;
  • portable Bluetooth speaker.

Important! The price category of these gifts will suit absolutely everyone because you can choose an inexpensive option or, if finances allow, a cool branded accessory.

Useful Gifts for a Motorist

What to give a friend for 21 years? The easiest option is to pay attention to his hobbies. Most often, guys love cars, which is one of their primary interests. Therefore, feel free to choose something from the list of gifts to the car enthusiast:

  • Many consider 21 years a jubilee because it is the age of majority in developed countries, so a birthday present for a friend should be severe, for example, a video recorder.
  • It can also be a tool kit in a car.
  • A great gift is an orthopedic pillow or seat cover.
  • The travel bag will be a useful thing for lovers of long roads and trips.
  • A warm road blanket will always come in handy.
  • A multitool or an engraved knife is sure to come in handy on the road.

Funny Souvenirs

Even the most severe guy will be pleased to receive a funny birthday souvenir from friends. Here are a couple of win-win ideas that you can give for 21 years :

  • world conquest map or traveler’s globe;
  • board game “Drunk Roulette” or a beer helmet;
  • dispenser for liquid soap in the form of a female breast;
  • Oscar figurine;
  • cold cup with an inscription or a funny photo;
  • perpetual calendar;
  • socks in a tin can with a funny inscription;
  • ball antistress in the form of a female breast.

Surprise Options for Friend

21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend
21st Birthday Best Friend Gift Ideas

The easiest way to choose a gift for a friend is 21 years old, focusing on his hobby.

  • For a travel enthusiast, give a voluminous backpack, an organizer for documents, a waterproof cover for a bag or backpack, and a scratch map of the world.
  • The amateur photographer will like a cool timer in the form of a lens, a piggy bank in the type of a camera, a multi-frame, and a photo adapter.
  • The athlete will appreciate the new gym bag, a fitness club membership, sports accessories, for example, a smartwatch.
  • The gamer will suit any computer accessories, wireless charger, joystick, and he will also like a blanket with sleeves.
  • A beer lover will appreciate a cool beer glass, a beer lover’s camouflage helmet, and other cool souvenirs.

Pleasant Impressions

21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend
Gifts for Best Friends 21st Birthday

From a friend’s company, you can present a vivid experience to a birthday person as a gift. So, what to give for 21 years or 20 years?

  • Organize a birthday party.
  • Present him a certificate for realizing his dreams, for example, a parachute jump, a field in a wind tunnel.
  • Buy a concert ticket for his favorite band.
  • Send it to the quest together.
  • Present a certificate to a go-kart club.

If you are one of those who want to not only give a practical gift but surprise and make a birthday person happy, think carefully about what impressions will be most desirable and unforgettable for him.

Practical Gifts

21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend
Creative 21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

Of course, you can opt for some practical gift that will be useful to a young guy every day. It can be one of the following options:

  • city ​​backpack, purse, passport cover, cardholder;
  • diary
  • organizer for documents;
  • Lantern;
  • multifunctional manicure set;
  • portable charger for gadgets;
  • Wrist Watch.

The choice of gifts is quite wide. If you approach the selection of a presentation in advance, you will be able to purchase a perfect, useful option, which will undoubtedly please the birthday boy.

No matter how expensive or inexpensive a gift maybe, a serious approach to the issue and careful attention to your soulmate will make it especially valuable and desirable. The interesting, original design and the right presentation can make any detail a masterpiece.

Listen to each other, try to understand each other, and not spend a lot of time choosing a gift. Everything will be clear without any questions. Usually, a person himself says a hundred times what he would like to receive for his birthday. But when the time is right, we cannot remember what he needed.

Final Thought

We hope our article helped you choose a gift, and you have found something that suits your loved one. We wish you successful acquisitions and a merry celebration!

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