Best 20th Birthday Gift Ideas for Girl

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Are you looking best 20th birthday gift ideas for girl: The 20th birthday is the most important date in the life of every person and a serious stage in life: high school is over and you have to decide on your future profession.

In addition, 20 is the age of majority when a person fully enters into an adult and independent life. When faced with the dilemma of what to give a girl for coming of age, keep in mind her interests and hobbies. We will voice the most popular ideas.

20th Birthday Gift Ideas for Girl

Inexpensive 20th Birthday Gift Ideas for Girl From Friends

Presentations for 20-year-old girls must be creative, cool and modern. Friends of the birthday girl will be the best to pick up a gift suitable for age. The only drawback of gifts from one-year-olds is the relatively small amount that they can afford to spend because they do not yet earn personal money. But even here, you can “get out”! An inexpensive and pleasant gift for 20 years from friends will be:

  • Slide show. Choose a dozen or two of the best pictures of the birthday girl and her company, mount a slideshow of them on your computer. This cool and memorable present is guaranteed to be stored for years on your friend’s computer. You can overlay the song of your friend’s favorite musical group: the touching effect will increase significantly!
  • T-shirt with creative lettering or a cool pattern. The stream of fantasy and humor is inexhaustible! Come up with a humorous print that’s right for your girl and order a stylish T-shirt for her from the designer’s workshop. The main thing is that the joke on your gift does not turn out to be offensive. A friend will gladly show off a gift from her fun and creative friends.
  • Anti-stress pillow. Home and cozy little thing that will decorate the girl’s room and help her relax her neck after a long time working on the computer. The design of anti-stress pillows can be very original and funny, and the cost is quite modest.
  • Headphones. Young girls love listening to music, so they will love stylish and unusual headphones. An option for home listening to music is speakers. You can buy good headphones for your 20th birthday.
  • Taking pictures in a photo booth. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for a cool joint photoshoot. Take a lot of funny pictures in a cozy photo booth, edit them, and then choose the best ones together. Everyone will have fun, and the girl will be left with a memento for her birthday.
  • Power-bank. An external battery is a tool for fast and timely recharging of phones and other gadgets without using an outlet. Power-bank will help the birthday girl to always stay in touch.

Expensive Gifts From Parents

Who but parents know better about their daughter’s needs and interests? Adult children usually do not hide their expectations because only parents can spend a fair amount of money on a gift. But even if you want to make a surprise, there are a lot of cool gifts for your daughter for her 20th birthday. Provided that you are ready for significant expenses on her birthday, you can give her:

  • Home simulator. For a daughter who strives for an ideal figure, a simulator can be purchased. Home exercise equipment is not cheap, but the benefits from them are invaluable! Now the daughter will be able to exercise on her own in any free time and not depend on the schedule of the fitness group.
  • Professional camera. Perhaps your daughter is seriously interested in photography, then a professional camera would be an excellent gift. Maybe in the near future, this will become her first source of income and vocation in life.
  • A netbook is a gift from the world of gadgets. The compact version of a laptop is called a netbook. Such a device will easily fit into a purse or backpack. When buying a netbook for your daughter, choose elegant, feminine models in white, gold or pink.
  • Party for friends. Young people like to celebrate their 20th birthday away from their parental home, with a group of friends. It is quite possible for an adult daughter to organize a holiday outside the city, where young people can have a cool and fun party.
  • Hairdryer with an ionizer. Hair is a visiting card of a beautiful and well-groomed girl, and technical means for styling and styling hair are relevant at all times. A new product – a hairdryer with an ionizer will help you to dry your hair safely and keep it healthy.
  • Certificate for a clothing store. For a girl who is trying to be fashionable and look stylish, at the age of 20, parents can present a certificate to a shopping center for a decent amount. The daughter will be able to choose expensive new clothes to her taste, getting the maximum pleasure from shopping.
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Practical Gifts From Relatives

Numerous relatives most often cooperate and give a joint gift for the 20th birthday of a relative. Therefore, such a present may well be expensive. It would be nice to consult with her parents about the gift, so as not to give the same. Relatives can jointly buy a birthday girl for 20 years something from this list:

  • Money. No one appreciates money as much as people who do not have the opportunity to earn it due to their young age. The birthday girl will be happy with such a practical gift and will independently choose what she needs. Such a gift will allow a 20-year-old girl to feel like an adult. When presenting money, it is important to take care of good and creative packaging.
  • Jewelry store certificate. At the age of 20th, it is already appropriate for a girl to wear a noble metal – gold. In order not to miscalculate with the birthday girl’s preferences, the best option is to present a certificate to a jewelry store for the amount you have. Such a status gift will symbolize the strength and value of your family ties.
  • Smartphone. New models of mobile communication devices are constantly appearing on the market. One of them can be presented to a 20-year-old girl if her phone is broken or outdated. The birthday girl will be insanely happy with such a new thing.
  • Stylish bag or backpack. There are not many accessories for a young lady! Bags are daily and painstakingly selected by girls for the general image and style. A creative clutch or backpack purchased in accordance with the fashion trends of this year will definitely come in handy for a relative.
  • Stylish jewelry. Jewelry made to order by hand-made craftsmen is not cheap. It is important to choose the style that suits the birthday girl. The girl will certainly love this designer jewelry in the Boho style.
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Best Friend Surprise

There is no person who knows the birthday girl as well as her best friend. 20-year-old girls trust each other with the most intimate secrets and ambitious dreams, it will not be difficult for them to find the right and cool thing for their friend. Or maybe it will be a surprise impression that the birthday girl has dreamed of for so long? As a present from a friend for a 20th birthday, the following are best suited:

  • Makeup kit. A friend knows exactly what kind of cosmetics the birthday girl has long dreamed of buying. She can buy a stylish eyeshadow palette, blush, lipstick, highlighter, contouring products and arrange them into a single composition. Prices for modern cosmetics are affordable and the assortment is incredibly diverse. By the way, a friend will also have a set of skincare products, such as a moisturizer for the face and micellar water.
  • Hair straightener. The apparatus for straightening strands, which is popularly called “iron,” is very popular. It makes hair manageable, even and smooth – just what you need for a great look on your 20th birthday!
  • Master class with a professional makeup artist. Take a makeup lesson with a friend from an experienced makeup artist. He will teach her friend how to do everyday and festive makeup, choose the right makeup and skincare products. Such lessons are invaluable for every young lady looking after beauty.
  • Joint horse ride with a photo session. It’s so great to have a good time and not just eat the birthday cake! Horseback riding means sports, outdoor recreation, and cool photos on social networks.
  • Hand-made notebook. Girls of this age are very romantic. A beautiful, voluminous notebook, perhaps, will become a diary for a friend to write down personal thoughts, quotes from great philosophers, written poems, or, elementarily, a schedule at the university.
  • Quest room. Modern rooms for the passage of quests are able to give unforgettable emotions and even stronger to rally friendship. Arrange a quest with your best friends as a gift. Adjust the course of the game in such a way that the birthday girl becomes the main player, let it be she who will bring the team victory. Such emotions will be very welcome on your birthday!

From a Guy to a Girl

At the age of 20, people develop their first strong feelings. A 20-year-old girl probably has a boyfriend, and he, too, should congratulate the birthday girl in an unusual way. Remember, the thing given by the guy should really like the birthday girl, then she will wear it without taking it off and can proudly show it to her friends. You won’t go wrong if you present your girl for her 20th birthday with one of the following gifts:

  • Silver pendant. Not every guy can afford expensive jewelry to a girl, but everyone can buy a modest but cute pendant with a place for a photo.
  • Perfume. A stylish bottle of eau de toilette or high-quality perfume is a variant of a classic gift from a man. In order not to be mistaken in choosing a variety of fragrances, find out from your friends the TOP fragrances of the year and feel free to go to the store for a gift.
  • A magnificent bouquet of flowers. Girls are madly in love with huge bouquets of fresh flowers. Importantly, such a broad gesture will touch not only the birthday girl but also her friends and parents. A gorgeous bouquet in itself will be a full-fledged gift.
  • Dinner at the restaurant. Coming of age is a great excuse to take a girl to a restaurant. Arrange in advance that her favorite music will be played periodically in the hall. You are unlikely to be denied such a romantic request.
  • Plush toy. There are girls who, even at the age of 20, are madly in love with plush toys. If you notice such a feature for your girl, then you can safely bring her a huge teddy bear on her birthday. Hugging him, every time the girl will dream of you.
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What Gifts Are Best to Avoid

There are a number of birthday gifts for a young girl that should be avoided in every possible way. These include:

  • Alcohol. Only friends and girls of the birthday girl are capable of such a present. They often take the phrase “now everything is possible” too literally. So that the celebration of the 20th birthday does not turn into a sad story, such frivolous gifts should be avoided. Alcohol is appropriate to give only to older men and only elite varieties.
  • Acne remedies, deodorants, shaving razors will not create a festive atmosphere. All these gifts from friends and family are unacceptable. It is worth hinting at the flaws in an appearance on any other day and in a softer, unobtrusive form.
  • Erotic present. A big mistake from a guy can be a gift for a girl’s 20th birthday, which has an erotic focus. Yes, your girl has become an adult, but remember that only yesterday she was not! Shouldn’t we wait a little longer with hints?
  • Slimming products. Fitness membership, scales, home workout accessories and various weight loss aids are gift options that will upset any girl. Hinting at excess weight, you ruin not only the mood of the birthday girl but also your relationship with her.
  • Handicraft kit. Modern girls are interested in needlework at a more conscious and older age. If you give a macrame or knitting kit to a 20-year-old birthday girl, you will definitely remain misunderstood by her.
  • Known brand fakes. Fake things are a manifestation of bad taste and an inappropriate economy. Willy-nilly, fake presents will cause quite a genuine indignation of the birthday girl.

So, the line between childhood and the life of an adult has been crossed. But do not be sad, it is necessary to celebrate the 20th birthday bright, colorful and unforgettable!

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In this article, we examined the ideas of gifts for a girl from relatives, friends and a beloved guy, and also discussed what to give is categorically not worth it. Choose the option you like and do not skimp on kind words and sincere attention on the birthday of the young birthday girl. Indeed, today she really needs the support and presence of people close to her.

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