Best 2 Year Old Birthday Gifts Girl in 2023

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Are You Looking for the best 2 year old birthday gifts girl? We have prepared a list of 55 cool gifts for this occasion.

2 Year Old Birthday Gifts Girl

They are divided into sections: toys for girls, gifts for mental, creative, and physical development, outdoor games, childcare, and household needs, as well as handmade.

Gifts for Childcare and Household Needs

For the development and education of a child, not only toys are needed, but also many other things. Thanks to the following gift ideas, the girl will get used to being neat and independent, and more.

  1. Bathing and hygiene products. Shampoo, oil, liquid soap, baby cream – everything should be hypoallergenic, and bath products marked “No tears”. Assemble the kit with wet and dry wipes yourself.
  2. Hooded poncho towel. It is useful for washing in the bathroom and for swimming in the pool or pond. Well, more precisely, after all the water procedures, so that the girl does not catch a cold. The towel should be 100% Terry.
  3. Manicure set. For babies, it should be special – scissors must have rounded tips (for safety), a file with a soft coating, and miniature tweezers. Everything folds into a cover.
  4. Children’s inhaler. Or “nebulizer”, which is needed for the prevention and treatment of acute respiratory diseases. It should be suitable for use with liquid medicines by converting them into an aerosol.
  5. Potty chair for a girl. This is a very timely gift for a girl for 2 years, as it is high time for her to get out of diapers. You need a chair, preferably pink, with an anatomical border and no protrusion in front.
  6. Children’s tableware. The child should have his own mugs and two plates (deep and shallow). They can be made from safe plastic or durable porcelain and are dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe.
  7. Foldable gaming table with a chair. There should be a lot of drawings on the countertop so that the child is interested in eating and not being capricious – a kind of distracting maneuver.
  8. Car seat. A very important and necessary gift for traveling with parents. In an anatomically shaped chair, five-point belts with soft shoulder pads and a central lock should be provided.
  9. Electronic weather station. It is best to take a wall-mounted device – it is always in sight and does not take up space. It should show the air temperature both inside and outside the room, as well as the level of humidity and the presence of precipitation.
  10. Baby monitor. Everyone knows that if a child is quiet, then he is doing something inadmissible. But the video baby monitor can broadcast to the mother’s smartphone – what does the daughter do when she is alone in her room?

Toys for Girls

This is what the child enjoys the most – it’s a toy, colorful and functional. But it must correspond to the age of the birthday girl – precisely two years.

  1. Yula. The same top, very similar to the attribute of the game “What? Where? When?”. The modern whirligig glows and emits melodic sounds, and its transparent body contains a three-dimensional picture or small toys.
  2. Doll. Give the girl a “daughter”, that is, the most ordinary doll. No special effects are needed, just so she can sit. The baby will learn to look after her ward.
  3. Doll stroller. It will serve as a “transport” for the ward, and its main criteria are ease and ease of use. It is best to give a cane stroller with a visor and straps for attaching a doll.
  4. Doll clothes. There are standard sets of clothes for specific dolls, for example, for a Barbie or a baby doll. Clothes should be of high quality, easy to put on a toy, and colorful.
  5. Toy products. These are all kinds of fruits and vegetables, sausages, and plastic cheeses. Only they should be large enough and made of safe material, in case the baby wants to taste them.
  6. Prefabricated playhouse or tent. The girl will certainly want to have her own little house, even if she has a room at her full disposal. In it, she will be able to establish her own rules and play with her favorite dolls.
  7. Bath toys. It is not interesting to swim if there are no ducks, dolls, and boats in the bathroom. But there are requirements – plastic and rubber toys must not contain holes, otherwise, they can “bloom” from the inside.
  8. Toy phone. The girl sees every day how her mother constantly speaks on the phone, and she also wants to be as businesslike. For such monologues, a phone that glows and sounds is suitable.
  9. A handbag with a dog or a cat. If there is no living pet at home, then a soft toy can become a friend, and carry it, you need a handbag over your shoulder. There is no need to take a fancy model, the main thing is that the gift is compact.
  10. Bursting soap bubbles. Such a gift will just come in handy on the birthday itself because multi-colored bubbles create a festive atmosphere. They fall to the floor and do not deflate for a very long time.

Gifts for Mental and Creative Development

These are very important gifts because the girl grows up, learns about the world and already at the age of 2 is learning something new! The following list will help her achieve heights in development and small victories.

  1. Finger paint. It’s great with them – I dipped my palms in them and you can create your own chaos everywhere. And it does not matter if such natural paint does not fall on the paper, but on the floor, wallpaper, or clothing – it is easily washed off and is not at all harmful to health.
  2. Mass for modeling. It is also safe and does not leave stains, moreover, it is much more elastic than simple plasticine, and the colors are brighter. The mass is sold in jars or sets, which also include special molds for sculpting figures.
  3. Easel-cracker. This is a floor easel that unfolds and has two sides. You can draw on it with crayons or markers, and you can also attach magnetic letters and numbers to it.
  4. Coloring book. How can you captivate a girl for a long time? That’s right, put her on the table, give her pencils and such coloring. Let her draw clumsily at first, shading the entire page, but she’s still learning!
  5. Toy musical instrument. The girl does not need loud percussion or wind instruments, she needs to choose something melodic. For example, a piano or an accordion. Let your child develop hearing.
  6. Interactive toy. And such a friend, in the form of a doll or an animal, will be a good mentor for the birthday girl. He knows how to sing, dance, talk, and, if appropriate, glow with multi-colored lights.
  7. Developing toy tablet. It should have a minimum set of functions – only those that will be understandable to the baby. It is imperative that sound and light effects are present.
  8. Sorter “Magic Pot”. And it’s interactive too! This is a musical kolobok that has holes with corresponding figures, and the learning modes are switched with a toggle switch.
  9. Cubes. For the development of fine motor skills, very light and pleasant-to-touch crumbs are needed. But in order to build houses, learn letters or collect pictures, you need plastic or wooden cubes in a set.
  10. Lacing toy. There is no need to buy a complex toy with many details, it is enough to buy a “shoe” so that the baby learns to tie the laces on her boots. Such an activity captivates diligent girls for a long time.
  11. Labyrinth. A winding wire with many figures is fixed on its wooden base. The child’s task is to correctly guide each of them along a difficult path and at the same time not get confused.
  12. Finger Theater. The game develops creative thinking – for each character on your finger, you can come up with your own actions. In general, it is much more interesting to play with finger dolls together with Mom.
  13. Asphalt crayons. Colored, from 5 pieces in the set and preferably thin, so that the baby is comfortable holding them in her hands. Drawing captivates, gives a flight of creative imagination, and teaches us to distinguish colors.
  14. Sandbox toys. A scoop, a sieve, a bucket, and a few molds to make cakes. Such an activity not only develops hand motor skills and imagination but also makes it possible to communicate in society with other children.
  15. Toy household appliances. Plastic vacuum cleaners, irons, a stove – everything that surrounds the girl at home, only in miniature. Games with such a “technique” bring up a future mistress in a girl.

Gifts for Outdoor Games and Physical Development

But for a restless girl, other gifts are suitable that will help her get carried away with active entertainment for a long time. Here are the TOP 15 great presentations on this topic.

  1. Pusher machine. You can sit on it and ride for your own pleasure, pushing off the floor with your legs. The pusher does not have any special technical bells and whistles, except for the fact that some of them can be steered and given a signal.
  2. Tricycle. When choosing such a gift, pay attention that it has a handle on the back. It will help adults control their movement speed. And for complete comfort, you can buy a bike with a sun awning.
  3. Electric car. The toy is expensive, but it looks so cool! It is a battery-powered car that can reach speeds of up to 4 km / h. The electric car is equipped with special sound and light effects and thus looks like a real car.
  4. Sled. Wide and reliable runners, a rope in front, a handle in the back (so that the child can be carried by adults), and always a soft back. And there are also interesting options with a canopy and additional wheels.
  5. Hand wheelchair. And with such a toy, it’s fun to run on smooth asphalt paths. The gurney can be made in the form of a butterfly or a bird, and they flap their wings when riding fast.
  6. Inflatable trampoline. Small – no more than a meter wide, round or square, with high, soft sides. It is very important that the trampoline can withstand a heavy load, despite the fact that the birthday girl herself is still small.
  7. Inflatable ring or swimming vest. Both in the pool and on the pond, the girl needs to be protected from unpleasant surprises, even if she is playing near the shore. And thanks to such devices, it is easier to teach a baby to swim.
  8. Balls for a dry pool. And with such balls, no vests are needed – dive as much as you want and at the same time safely. They are sold in a set of 50 to 200 pieces, in different colors and sizes, very light and colorful.
  9. Inflatable play center. But such a gift will cause indescribable delight in the birthday girl! There is a shallow pool, a slide, and an arch! It can be installed in a summer cottage or outdoors, securely fixing it from the wind.
  10. Swing-balancer. They also need to be installed outdoors if there is no playroom at home. And to swing you need a “partner” because you have to keep the balance! The product itself must be made of galvanized steel and plastic.
  11. Swing. Ordinary suspended ones – they can be attached both at home above a doorway and on the street (to a horizontal bar or a tree branch). There must be a comfortable plastic seat and a removable front restraint for safety.
  12. Ball. A simple rubber one with a pattern or a huge inflatable one. In any case, he immediately tunes into outdoor games. And also, as an option, you can buy hedgehog balls in a set, they perfectly develop fine motor skills.
  13. Net. A wonderful summer gift that will help develop a child’s dexterity and eye. If you go out into nature, where there are a large number of butterflies, then the girl will have something to do.
  14. Windmill. These are spinners made of thin plastic on a stick that makes light sounds when they rotate. If there is no wind outside, then you can just run around with such a toy, and it will rustle again.
  15. Ring toss. Just for an adult and a difficult task for a child – you need to throw rings on the pegs from a distance. This activity develops eye and spatial thinking.

DIY Gifts

And finally, gifts that you can make with your own hands. They are not very complicated, and each idea is accompanied by a detailed master class.

  1. Mobile decoration “Butterflies”. This is the “wind chime” that can be hung over the birthday girl’s bed, and it will serve as decor for the children’s room. To make butterflies, you will need printed paper templates for pom-poms, yarn, and a hoop for the base.
  2. Toy basket. The girl should be accustomed to order by putting her toys in the space provided for them. Let it be a basket made of cotton fabric and non-woven fabric, but for needlework, you need a sewing machine.
  3. Voluminous organza flower bow. A chic decoration for a girl’s head. To make a bow, you need to master the kanzashi technique or learn it with the help of our master class.
  4. Cloud wall lamp. And such a gift can be made by a man (dad, uncle or grandfather of the birthday girl). The cloud itself is made from a wood panel, but how to put everything together, you will understand from the video tutorial.
  5. Hat and scarf-snood. This is a complete set for outdoor walks in autumn or spring. Sewing them is very simple, as the master class presenter says: “Literally in three seams and in 10 minutes.” But the products are very fashionable and beautiful.


This concludes our list, there is only a small piece of advice. If for some reason you do not have time to buy or make a gift, then it will be appropriate to give your parents money in an envelope or a certificate to a children’s store for a certain amount.

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