100+ Best Baby Boy 1st Birthday Wishes for Son of 2023

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Best Happy Baby Boy 1st Birthday Wishes for Son: Birthdays are very special dates for everyone, that is why they deserve to be celebrated. It is the date on which the birthday boy is reminded how important they are to us.

1st Birthday Wishes for Son

So, the first birthday is much more special, because we celebrate 365 days with a new being that we love very much.

If the first year of a baby you love is approaching, do not hesitate to share your feelings with these wishes that we offer you. Animate and share them on your social networks.

Baby Boy 1st Birthday Wishes for Son

  • Knowing that I would be a mother was the best news they could give me, I waited so long for you in my tummy that I dreamed of having you in my arms. Dear little son, you are the best gift that God could give me, you have brightened my days with your presence and it is already a year by your side. Happy Birthday my baby!
  • It fills me with happiness to be able to share with you such a special moment as the first birthday of this little boy. I know that they looked forward to having him in their arms and now they can enjoy it. God bless the life of this little baby. Congratulations!
  • I know you are still too young to understand these words, but the day will soon come when you can read and I want you to know that your arrival was the most anticipated by your parents. You have blessed their lives and they love you unlimitedly. Happy first birthday, little gift from heaven!
  • This baby is a gift that came from heaven to fill your family with happiness. Now we begin a new stage with a new member and his first year cannot pass without being celebrated. I am the happiest grandmother of all. Happy first birthday, my beautiful grandson!
  • God allowed to fill his family with happiness by bringing this beautiful and delicate creature into the world. I know you feel very blessed to see him grow bigger every day, I hope he is full of health and love. Happy first birthday to this cute being!
  • A year has passed since you came into our lives to fill us with love and happiness. That is why we prepare this celebration because we cannot avoid expressing how special you are. I thank God for blessing our family with your presence. Happy first year, my life!

We hope that these beautiful birthday wishes for the first year of a baby have been to your liking. Encourage to share them on gift cards or on your social networks. Until next time!

Cute Birthday Messages for the First Year

  • The tenderness you transmit is inexplicable, I will never tire of contemplating you, because I am grateful to be able to hold you in my arms after so much waiting. Your arrival filled our lives with pure happiness that is why I thank God for blessing you with this first year of life. I love you forever. Happy first birthday, my treasure!
  • I am so grateful that you allow me to share this beautiful day with you. The arrival of a baby into the world always brings blessings for the family. I wish them the best and I ask God to bless the little one with great health. Congratulations on the little angel’s first birthday!
  • In the future, you may not remember the meeting for your first year, but we will not stop celebrating your arrival full of blessing. You are the being that illuminates our lives and to whom we want to express all our love. We never hope to deserve a gift as cute as you. God bless your first birthday, my sweetie!
  • I know that you still cannot read this note but by the time you can, you will understand the importance of this message and I hope it fills you with emotion. Since you came into our lives you have been our little treasure and today that you are celebrating the first year we want you to know that you are the object of our purest love and we ask God to cover you with his blessing. Happy first birthday, beloved son!
  • Sometimes we ask for things that seem impossible in this life, but when we asked for happiness to come to us, we knew that it would be you. Since we knew you were in my womb, we jumped for joy and today that you are celebrating your first year we can only ask heaven to fill you with blessings, happiness and good health. We love you!
  • Exactly a year ago your presence changed our lives and our hearts found new happiness. We give thanks for how lucky we are to have you and we swear that as long as we exist, we will give you all the love that our parenting hearts can harbor. This is just the first of many birthdays to come, my little flower!
  •  You look like an angel wrapped in diapers and it is impossible to stop smiling when you look at us and try to speak. We know that this first year in your life is important because it is the beginning of a long journey in which your father and I will protect you by giving you love and strength until God gives us the strength to see you shine. Happy first birthday, my princess!

We are completely sure that this detail, simple as it may seem, will give you a wonderful surprise.

Boy 1st Birthday Wishes

All birthdays deserve to be celebrated in some way, but a baby’s first year is the most special and should be celebrated. Babies are a gift from God, so do not stop expressing the love you have for your little one and be inspired by these beautiful birthday wishes.

  • I hope you can feel all the love I have for you, I try to transmit it to you every second, because you are what I always expected. My son, you are the reason for my existence and for whom I would give my life completely. Happy first year, my little one!
  • Dear gift of God, you are still small to read these lines but you have to know that you represent the great love of a couple, who waited for you a long time. Now they have you in their arms and they can’t look happier. Happy first year, little beloved!
  • A year has passed since the beautiful baby came to the family, it is a gift from God for his parents and for everyone around him. This year we will remember him forever, because with his birth we were all more than happy. Happy first year, my little grandson!
  • The joy of having your baby in your arms is incomparable and inexplicable. The arrival of this baby was allowed by God, who wanted to bless you with a beautiful baby, now it has been a year since his arrival and I wish it to be an unforgettable day. Happy little year, precious!
  • I thank you for the invitation for the first year of life of your beautiful baby, children are the best gift that a couple can ask for, I am so happy to see them radiate with happiness. I pray to God to give them health and strength to enjoy their daughter for a long time. Enjoy your first birthday!
  • The first year of life will always be remembered by those who love a baby so much, so I hope that this day they can celebrate to the fullest the joy of holding their treasure in their arms. Congratulations on your first birthday!

Nice Messages to Your Son Who Is Turning His First Birthday

The happiness of having a child is enormous but it seems to intensify with each year that little growing.

However, there is a special date in the scrapbook that brings to mind beautiful memories and thousands of sighs for the tenderness that makes us feel: the first birthday of our little ones.

Do not let this date pass, because even if the little one does not remember it, you: his Parents, will celebrate with joy every year that his offspring comes to fulfillment and will thank heaven for being with him.

Immortalize this beautiful moment with a tender birthday greeting for the first year of your child’s life, in a few years he will know how to read and will find in those words all the love and emotion that his arrival caused them.

  • Your first heartbeats left us speechless and your kicks were like an inexplicable sweet pain. Now that we can touch your little hands and your soft cheeks, we thank God that you came into our lives as our greatest token of love. Happy first birthday baby!
  • This is only the first year of the many that you will have in your long life and I pray to heaven that each one of them is filled with happiness. I promise that I will always take care of your steps and there will not be a single day in which I stop loving you. Happy first birthday, darling!
  • The most important people for us have come together to celebrate your first year of life and are willing to share our happiness and great emotion. We are fortunate to have you in our home and we will guide your steps with tenderness, wisdom and understanding. We love you, my little one!
  •  Your arrival at our home was like a breath of life, a light that was turned on and filled us with happiness. We will celebrate each of your birthdays with joy because time is eternal when we see you smile and for us, you will be our little one for all eternity. Happy first birthday, beloved offspring!

Choose the phrase that you like the most but do not doubt that they all contain the noblest feelings and in a few years they will bring nostalgia to your loving heart.

Beautiful Greetings for a Boy on His First Birthday

Having a life is already something that we should feel grateful to the Lord because if it weren’t for him we would not be on this earth. Without a doubt, turning our number one-year-old is something that fills our parents with joy and happiness because they will remember this day as the best day of their lives and they will celebrate it in a big way.

Many Popes try to capture all the possible images of this date to later give us the memory of what our first year was. In this case, you know a little boy who is fulfilling his first twelve months with us and you want to express your good wishes, below we will give you some examples of beautiful greetings for a child on his first birthday for free, which you can share in various ways.

We are sure that by reading them you will be comfortable with all of them.

  • One of my greatest wishes in this life was to become a Mom and thanks to you my dream came true. I want to wish you today that you meet your first year all the happiness in the world. Congratulations my little boy. I love you a lot.
  • Thanks to you I have had the privilege of being a Mom, of meeting the love of my life, of having you in my arms from a very young age and whispering in your ear how much I adore you. You are a blessing. Happy day dear son.
  • There is no word that can explain what it feels like to be Mom. It is something that runs through your veins with emotion, makes your heart race and fills you with happiness. Today that you are a year old I want to wish you many congratulations.
  • You came into my life bringing me happiness and happiness. You became my reason for existing and my will to live. You are my whole world and the best thing that has happened to me. I adore you beautiful son and I want to wish you a happy first year.
  • Today that you are one year old, dear nephew, I want to wish you all the happiness in the world. I pray to the Lord to pour out on you all the happiness in the world, blessings, joys, health and much more. Congratulations.
  • For me, you are like an angel that fell from heaven and brought me peace, joy, a world of happiness, love and thousands of other things. Having you in my life has been and always will be the best gift of life that God gave me. Happy first year.
  • Today that you are the number one-year-old among us, I want to tell you that you are the most beautiful child in the world. I can still remember when I first took you in my arms and told you how much I loved you. Congratulations son.
  •  I feel very excited to know that we are celebrating your first twelve months with each other. You are a little one who has stolen my heart, my dreams and more. I adore you sonny and I will always be by your side. Congratulations.
  • It is incredible how much love can bring a child at such a young age because you are just turning your first twelve months and I already feel that my life is only you. With all my love I wish you a beautiful birthday my King.
  •  You are my son and the greatest adoration I have in life. Today I want to promise you that I will always be by your side no matter what happens and that my motherly love will accompany you wherever you go. Happy year one number one.

There is no greater joy than celebrating the number one year of our little ones. Share these beautiful greetings for a boy on his first birthday for free. Do not stop visiting our page. See you in other moments!.

Wishes to Congratulate a Child on His Saint

Indeed, all birthday parties will always be extremely momentous; However, when a saint is celebrated for the first time, the event takes on a very different relevance because it is a fact that is unique because it will remain engraved in the memory of all those who participate.

After seeing the first movements of our baby and hearing his cries, there is no way not to consider himself a lucky person in life.

You may think that your child will never know what happened to your saint; But at least have the gesture of summoning the people you love to celebrate their day in an atmosphere of harmony and peace. On this occasion, we have selected a list of wishes that will serve to congratulate the child who is on his birthday.

  • Congratulations, little one. I know you still can’t see the meaning of this day but I am very happy to be a part of your first birthday.
  • Actually, I must confess that I am filled with immense happiness knowing that I will be with you in the celebration of the first birthday of your son, that little boy who since he was born has only brought moments of joy. I just beg the Lord to pour his blessing on that boy and lead him to the right path.
  • I know that you are still too young to understand the meaning behind this dedication; however, later you will be able to review it and know that I felt a lot of happiness to be present in your first saint. You have exemplary parents, that is why I have the absolute assurance that you will be a good man since you will receive the best education in your home”.
  • This little boy has come to his beautiful family to fill it with happiness. With your displays of affection he will grow up to be an exemplary and respectful man. This celebration for your first year will be a fact that will never leave your minds. I have no doubt that by his side he will be the luckiest parents on earth. Happy saint, adored grandson”.
  • The Lord is so generous that he gave them such a wonderful daughter and that, in this way, he brought joy to their hearts. Feel proud on this date because it is the first time that you will celebrate your little girl’s saint, it is not for less since it is a unique and indelible event. Happy day, cute little girl”.
  • I don’t have enough time to give you my displays of affection, you are a little creature that has brought you joy. Today that we are gathered with your parents to celebrate your first birthday party in style, I want to remind you that you have a wonderful family. When you are grown up and you realize reality, you will know that we love you”.
  • You really inspire me too much tenderness, even though you still can’t speak, your very presence in this room fills us with happiness. You have proven to be extremely loving parents and I am happy to hear that you considered me for your child’s first birthday. Happy day”.
  • I feel immense joy to know that I have the joy of sharing with you the first birthday party of your beautiful daughter. I have no doubt that you will be a wonderful person and that I will fill your lives with happiness. I only ask the Lord to never abandon you and illuminate your home. Enjoy this event to the fullest, which will never be repeated”.
  • The happiness generated by the first birthday party is unique and unmatched. You are truly loving parents and you are well deserved of this blessing. Jesus, from heaven, will illuminate them at all times and will accompany them in this life. Congratulations”.

Use one of the wishes mentioned above to share all your feelings with the child who is at a birthday party. When time passes and you are grown up, you will know through memories, such as photos or videos, who was present in your first saint.

Best 10 Gift Ideas for 1-year-old Babies

What can I give a one-year-old baby? Finding the best gift can become a difficult task, especially if we want it to catch the baby’s attention and be a durable toy. To help you with that, I have made a list of 10 gift ideas for a 1-year old that I have tried myself. Original and practical toys with which the baby can discover the world around him.

After the experience with my two children, I can assure you that each and every one of these 10 gifts has been a resounding success. These toys have provided hours upon hours of fun, play, and learning. Stay to discover them!

1. Evolutionary Toys

This VTech 5-in-1 Maxi Train is an evolutionary toy with 5 play modes. It is a ride-on, an activity panel, a block-stacking game, a walker and a cart so they can carry their favorite treasures from one place to another.

It seems to be a very complete toy, which will accompany them during this first year of life, where changes and advances happen so quickly.

When they are not yet fluent, they can enjoy their activity panel and block stacking games. Tasso loves this part! And later the train will also be of great support in the advancement of their psychomotor skills, thanks to its ride-on, cart and walker.

For the price it has, it seems to be a very complete toy and with a lot of possibilities.

2. Psychomotor Games

These types of games stimulate their imagination, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. They are made of wood in the purest style of Montessori toys, which in addition to being very resistant, are more stimulating for babies than plastic toys.

In addition, they are durable toys, since although they can be enjoyed from 12 months, they are still liked by older children. It was my oldest son’s favorite toy when he was a baby, and he still enjoys playing with his little brother today.

3. Your First Bike

This bike without pedals is perfect as a first bike for children from 1 year.

It is specially designed for the smallest children, with non-slip and silent wheels and a comfortable and ergonomic seat. The handlebar, in addition, has a limitation in the turn up to 135º for greater safety, as it prevents children from falling sideways.

The best choice for your first bike ride. And with great ratings on Amazon!

4. Sensory Balls

This set of balls with different textures, sizes and colors is very suitable for developing the sense of touch in a 1-year-old baby. It will be very stimulating and it can also help you to become familiar with colors.

It offers various forms of play which makes this gift a durable and multi-age toy. Even on more than one occasion, you will be surprised playing with them.

5. Ride-on-walker

This ride-on truck offers several different forms of play and is a toy to use both indoors and outdoors.

It can be used as a walker to help your baby take his first steps. The truck trailer is raised so that children can sit on it and use it as a ride-on. My oldest son had a similar one when he was little and he played a lot with it.

6. Sound and Color Blocks

These wooden blocks of different shapes and colors have inside elements that produce different sounds when moved, suitable to stimulate the baby’s hearing development. It is a toy that offers many possibilities.

A 12-month-old baby will have fun rolling the pieces and shaking them, discovering the sounds they make.

Later he will use them to discover colors by looking through the blocks. The pieces are stored by fitting them in the wooden box that it brings.

7. Toy Remote Control

I don’t know about your kids, but mine goes crazy over the TV remote control. What will those pots have to be so striking?

We have to have our controller always out of reach of his sight because he immediately wants to pick it up to play with it.

For that reason, this super realistic remote control could not be missing from the list of gift ideas for a 1 year old baby.

We usually leave it on the table like someone who does not want the thing and Trasto flies to get it. By pressing its keys it produces funny sounds, animal noises and some melodies.

8. Books

It is never too early to introduce children to the world of books and reading. We can always use any story to read aloud to them.

Although a priori you may think that it is not a good gift for a one-year-old baby (I also believed it), I discovered that there are books for babies. Books are made of cloth or hard sheets so that babies become familiar with this format and can handle them safely and in a fun way.

This soft-format book presents different materials, textures and sounds to entertain them between its pages. It can also be attached to the cart and can be washed in the washing machine!

Among the hard-page books, the one by El Pollo Pepe stands out indisputably.

Its pop-up foldouts perfectly capture the attention of the little ones. They are also ideal to introduce the baby to the world of books while we read with him.

This set includes a plastic backpack to store them as well as a El Pollo Pepe stuffed animal that will delight the little ones. Trasto is that he loves it!

9. Activities Table

Ninth on the list of 10 gift ideas for one-year-olds goes to an activity table.

It has lights, songs, and wishes to teach children letters, numbers, and geometric shapes. The voice is in Spanish and English, which makes it a great toy for babies to begin to become familiar with English.

It has 3 levels of interaction according to the age of the child, which makes it a durable toy. So much so that Gordito still liked it when he was 3 and 4 years old.

Its different play areas will give you hours of fun: opening and closing doors, pressing buttons, turning or pushing pieces. All this will allow the baby to develop fine and gross motor skills.

10. Crawling Toys

In most cases, babies begin to walk and move on their own after one year.

Drag toys are highly recommended to invite them to move. Fatty found it a lot of fun to drag his toys around the house, he even took it when we went out to play with him.

This little woodworm, in addition to being very beautiful, when the little ones drag it, the parts of their body rattle and make sounds. This attracts a lot of attention and amuses them.

More Gift Ideas for a 1 Year Old

This list was initially of 10 gift ideas for a 1 year old baby, but the arrival of Trasto has allowed us to discover new toys.

Here are the ones that were the best gifts for her first birthday. Those toys that he continues to play with when he is 2 years old and even shares with Gordito, his older brother.

1. Musical Toys

Musical toys are a perfect gift for 1-year-olds.

Music is fundamental in the lives of the little ones and contributes to their brain development.

There are many benefits of musical toys for 1-year-olds: it favors language development, develops motor skills and intelligence, and stimulate creativity and imagination.

2. Building Games With Blocks

This was one of the birthday gifts that Gordito used the most and for the longest time.

At first, he only used them to bite them, throw them from one side to another or destroy the towers or constructions that I was making.

But little by little he used them more and more and we spent long periods playing with them.

They are great as a 1 year old baby gift. They promote their imagination, creativity and motor skills. At home, it has been and continues to be an essential toy.

3. Waldorf  Toys

I already told you in this other post all the benefits that Waldorf education has for the little ones.

One of the best, best known and most versatile toys is this Waldorf rainbow.

This toy offers endless play possibilities to help develop children’s learning, imagination and creativity.

A durable and complete toy to give to babies 1 year and older, which will surely accompany them throughout their childhood.

4. Bath Toys

With these types of toys, we can make bath time one of the best moments of the day.

Some babies do not like going in the bathtub at all, but if they associate it with playing time with their bath toys, they will likely change their minds.

I do not know that they will have the toys for the water that are always a sure hit. They have not been absent from my house in all these years. Transfers and splashes, they don’t want to get out of the bathtub!

5. Material for Drawing

These crayons are an ideal gift for a one-year-old baby, to provide them with the first approach to painting. Its cone shape makes it easy to grip.

They have a hole where they can insert their little fingers (and it is also a safety measure to avoid drowning if they accidentally put it in their mouth).

Very resistant and non-toxic, we also know that at 1 year old they still tend to put everything in their mouth.

And in addition, they are stackable so in addition to being used for coloring, they are one more toy.

They seem like a very successful gift for a 1 year old baby.

6. Soft Blocks of Learning

These same blocks were one of the best gifts Gordito received on his first birthday.

He played a lot with them, as they offer many possibilities for play. When Gordito got older he lost interest in them as their age range is more limited, but we got them back when Trasto was born and they still play with them.

In addition, being made of soft fabric cubes, they can be put in the washing machine and washed without a problem. Ours have withstood many washes!

Puzzles can be formed with them, they have numbers, animals, different figures, flaps … they are a very complete and entertaining toy!

7. Rainstick

These kinds of musical toys/rattles are always a hit. Babies are amused and enraptured by them.

This model has a perfect design so that it can be gripped and turned without problems.

The small beads inside when moved and turned create a soothing and calming sound. I love the sound they make!

What to Give a 1-year-old Baby?

The baby’s first birthday is a time long-awaited by parents and relatives. A one-year-old baby is still not very aware of what is happening or what is being celebrated, but we adults are excited to give him a birthday present, right?

At that age, the toys still do not attract too much attention. Surely they are engaged in hitting, sucking or trying to bite them. That is why they must be durable toys that you can take advantage of when they grow and develop something else.

Children of these ages are also beginning to develop their cognitive skills and are more precise in their movements.

For this reason, it is also good to choose toys that promote the development of the baby and the improvement of their skills.

I hope this list of more than 10 gift ideas for a 1 year old baby girl or boy that meets all these requirements has helped you.

First Birthday Decoration

The first birthday is always very special. Many more birthdays will come, but the first is a date that is never forgotten, that will remain in the memory of the whole family forever.

That is why it is important not only to ask ourselves what to give a one-year-old baby but also to think about the decoration of the first birthday.

A baby may not know much yet, but it will be fun to see balloons and special decorations.

As the years go by and you see the photos of your first birthday you will like to see how we made that day an unforgettable day for everyone. We celebrate life and its arrival in the family!

There are many decoration themes for the first birthday. We can choose the one that most attracts our son or daughter’s attention.

What can not be missing in the celebration and party of the first birthday? Balloons! Children love it and with very little, you give the special and festive touch that the occasion requires.

I show you the most original, beautiful and complete decorations for the first birthday.

What Is Your Baby’s Favorite Toy?

I hope you liked my selection of gifts for a 1 year old baby. Do you know of any other practical gifts for a baby? Tell me in the comments. What was the best gift your children received on their first birthday? And the one they never played with?


Remember that the first year of a baby’s life is special, we hope you have been able to express your feelings with these beautiful wishes for a baby’s first birthday. Many blessings.

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