Happy 1st Birthday Wishes for Nephew

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Best 1st Birthday Wishes for Nephew: Children always bring joy to a family. They are very cuddly with the innocence that characterizes them and we love to see them pouting. When they are of the same blood, everything they do is cause for celebration and comments.

1st Birthday Wishes for Nephew

If you are going to celebrate your nephew’s birthday, buy a nice gift and express your best wishes for happiness. Below you will find beautiful birthday phrases to dedicate to your nephew who is one year old. You can say them in person or on the card that accompanies your gift.

Sweet Birthday Dedications for My One-year-old Nephew

  • You are my first nephew and I have a very special affection for you, happy birthday nephew.
  • You are a beautiful baby, I love you very much and you have many emotions on this very significant day for your family and therefore I wish you a happy birthday.
  • I enjoy having you in my arms, sharing your first games and listening to you babble your first little words, happy birthday.
  • May God bless your first year of life, I wish that you are always surrounded by the love of your parents and that you are very lucky in this life, happy birthday.
  • When you grow up and see the photos you will know that since you came into the world you have been received with much love and affection by those around you, happy birthday dear nephew.
  • I see that you are a very precocious girl and that you will surely give your parents many joys, I wish you the best in the world, happy first-year-old niece.
  • I love birthdays and even more so if it is about celebrating my nephew’s first year, congratulations nephew.
  • Since you came to the world you were the joy of your parents, I feel part of that happiness because I feel great affection for your nephew, happy birthday.
  • I not only want to give you a nice gift, but I also want to give you a big hug and a big kiss and I wish you all the happiness in the world, happy first-year nephew.
  • Dear nephew, you will always have me as your favorite uncle and also as a second father and best friend, happy first birthday.
  • As you begin to discover the world you will realize that you are blessed because you have wonderful parents and many people who adore you, happy first-year nephew.
  • Today your house is paralyzed to distract all the attention in the preparations for your birthday, you will receive many gifts, congratulations and I give you all my love dear nephew, happy birthday.
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We hope that these greetings have been to your liking and that you are encouraged to dedicate a few words to your dear nephew. He may not yet understand your words but he will be able to perceive the great love you have for him.

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