Best Creative 1st Birthday Gifts for Girl in 2023

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What to give a girl for a 1-year-old? Choosing 1st birthday gifts for girls is a responsible business.

A gift for a baby for the first birthday should be unique and original so that the child can be sincerely surprised or delighted. If you do not know what to give a girl for a year, we suggest looking through the list of original and unique gifts.

1st Birthday Gifts for Girl

Even an adult woman or a young girl, knowing her preferences and inclinations, can find it challenging to choose a birthday present. And if we are talking about a young lady only one year old, then the question of choosing a gift may seem difficult at all.

After all, she still cannot even say what exactly she will be happy about. You can, of course, consult with your parents or just donate money. But many people want to make a unique, memorable gift on their first birthday in order to pamper the girl and at the same time give a helpful thing.

In fact, the choice of gifts for a baby of this age is quite broad. After all, a child needs a lot for physical and mental development and the manifestation of creative abilities.

1. Balls

2. Bumper Car

3. Mini Pool

4. Tricycle

5. Character Chair

6. Portable Baby Swing

7. Remote Control Helicopter

Gifts for Physical Development

Such toys have a beneficial effect on the development of muscles, dexterity, and coordination of movements. And girls need this as much as boys.

1. Balls


120 Count 7 Colors BPA Free Crush Proof Plastic Balls


Now in stores, there is a huge selection of balls of various sizes. You can choose from inflatable, textile, rubber, wood or plastic. And you can give a whole set of balls, this will make the girl even happier.

2. Mini Pool

Mini Pool

Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center


A great gift with little slides and a hinged roof to keep the sun from baking your head. You can complement the gift with bright toys for water (by the way, they are perfect for bathing in the bathroom). Of course, you can swim and play in such a pool only under the supervision of adults and it is better not to completely fill it with water.

3. Remote Control Helicopter

Remote Control Helicopter

Remote Control Helicopter, S107H-E Aircraft with Altitude Hold


Such toys, especially those making musical sounds or flashing, are usually very popular with young children and they are able to roll it on the floor for a long time.

4. Character Chair

Character Chair

Soft Landing, Sweet Seats, Premium Character Chair with Carrying Handle


Previously, mainly wooden rocking horses were sold, but now you can find all kinds of “swinging” animals, even a hippopotamus, even Winnie the Pooh. And modern horses can make a clatter of hooves, whinnying, waving their tail.

And the materials used for their manufacture are very different. It will be more comfortable to sit on a soft rocking chair, but wood or plastic is more hygienic and easier to clean.

5. Portable Baby Swing

Portable Baby Swing

Ingenuity 5-Speed Portable Baby Swing with Music


They can be floor-standing or hanging. The baby will definitely like them, all children love to swing. You just need to choose carefully so that there is a comfortable seat and crossbars, and the child cannot fall out.

6. Tricycle


Joovy Tricycoo 4.1 Kid’s Tricycle, Push Tricycle


There are models with a holder so that parents can roll their daughter by pushing the unique handle. And there are models “for growth” in order to remove auxiliary parts over time and the baby herself was able to control the bike.

7. Bumper Car

Bumper Car

Ride On Electric Bumper Car for Kids & Toddlers, 12V 2-Speed, Ages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Year Old Boys & Girls


Such cars are very suitable not only for boys but also for girls. You just need to choose the right color, and the delight of the hero of the occasion is guaranteed. Especially if it is a typewriter with a musical horn.

8. Dry Pool

Also a great gift option. Such a pool, filled with plastic balls instead of water, relaxes well and has a beneficial effect on the physical condition of the baby. There are arena-type pools, there are inflatable or foam rubber options.

A special massage mat for games, which simultaneously trains the muscles of the feet and, in general, the musculoskeletal functions.

At such a young age, of course, you need to pay attention to the development of not only physical but also mental forms. Let’s see what gifts you can choose for this purpose?

Gifts for the Development of Thinking

Speech and thinking are closely related to fine motor skills, so such gifts will be not only interesting for the child but also useful.

Gift options for developing thinking:

  • The easiest developmental option is cubed. The dice game is usually among the favorites of almost any child.
  • The pyramid. One of the best educational items for children of this age. Perhaps the girl already has an ordinary pyramid, then she can give it a musical one. In such pyramids, with each hit of the ring, some kind of sound is heard or the backlight comes on.
  • Constructor with large details. A more complex version of the pyramid and, perhaps, at first, the baby will be difficult with it, but gradually she will learn and will enthusiastically build houses, bridges, and so on.
  • Another interesting option is a sorter. You can donate a simple one or a more complex, multifunctional one. This toy develops attentiveness well. Perhaps, too, everything will not turn out right away, but over time, the girl will begin to do everything without hesitation.
  • Or you can present a whole set of interesting games on one table. It can include pyramids, a constructor, and a small sorter.
  • Lacing. These are large pictures that look like puzzles, the parts are connected if you thread a string through them.
  • Busy board. This is a board on which various small parts are fixed – doorknobs, bells, bells, locks, etc. An excellent gift for a curious young person and one of the best things that are useful, interesting and developing at the same time.
  • Books. These can be ordinary books with thick sheets and beautiful bright pictures that parents will read aloud to the girl. Or interactive books, which themselves will tell poems, fairy tales or sing songs if you press the buttons.

The list of cognitive games for children one-year-old can still be continued taking into account the development of technology.

Gifts for the Development of Creativity

Every child is a creator by nature. And, even if it seems that while the girl does not show interest in creativity, you just need to show her some things, and most likely, soon, she will not be torn away from drawing or modeling.

Moreover, they develop fine motor skills, imaginative thinking, soothe and organize the child.

Gift options:

  • Safe plasticine or dough and modeling mass.
  • Easel for drawing. You can draw on it with crayons or markers; for this purpose, it is better to take a double-sided easel.

When choosing a gift, you need to check, firstly, the stability of the structure, and secondly, the presence of a stand for markers and crayons.

  • A magnetic drawing board is an excellent alternative to an easel. It is easy to carry, easy to erase the painted “masterpiece”.
  • “Water” markers and a special drawing mat are other options for an “artistic” gift.

Parents will be especially grateful for such gifts. After all, from now on, the child will create in unique places, leaving alone furniture and wallpaper.

  • A one-year-old girl will surely like the mosaic too. For these young children, special kits are available with large parts and special types of connections.

Musical toys, most likely, will please parents less, but more – the child himself.

At one year old, the baby will really like such musical instruments as:

  • Drum
  • Maracas (sounding balls with filler)
  • Tambourine or little bells
  • Whistles
  • Children’s hurdy-gurdy.
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More modern options for musical gifts:

  • Synthesizer
  • Saxophone
  • Guitar
  • Xylophone, etc.

The main thing is that there are more buttons that emit different musical sounds.

  • A dance rug that emits a musical sound when pressed with a foot. You can listen to it and at the same time learn the rhythm while trying to dance.
  • Play music table. A wonderful sound toy with many buttons, by pressing which the child creates his own melodies.

Gifts for Story Games

Girls love and very early begin to play role-playing and story games, so such gifts will definitely please the young birthday girl.

  • Doll and things for the doll: crib, stroller, clothes, toy dishes. Perhaps this is the best gift you can give. All these things, of course, will lead the girl to the idea that with the doll, you can do everything that her mother does with her: play, walk, feed, put to bed. At this age, girls like dolls more, but a doll with long hair can be combed.
  • Glove puppets for games with elements of theater are also an original giftBy the way, such dolls are very often among your favorite toys.
  • Playhouse. Any child wants to have their own personal place in the house. And the girl will certainly “live” in such a house with great pleasure. And invite adults to play together in her home.
  • You can buy a sled for the winter birthday girl. Now there are many models on sale: from traditional sleds with a metal frame and a seat made of multi-colored boards to more modern ones with soft covers. There is also a model with additional wheels that you can lower and ride on them when there is not enough snow on the streets.
  • Low home slide for rolling down. It helps to develop muscles, prevents the fear of heights.

Of course, when choosing a house, you need to take into account the size of the parents’ apartment. If there is not so much space, it is worth choosing a small house. Better yet, it is foldable so that it can be removed if necessary.

  • Children’s vacuum cleaner or other similar toys, “like an adult.” At a year old or a little later, a desire comes to be like a mother, to help a mother, and such “adult” things will come in handy.
  • Toy phone. Another one of the very favorite gifts for children.
  • A good gift is a child’s night light in the form of a projector. Lovely lullabies, pictures from your favorite cartoons are very relaxing and have a calming effect on the child.

Practical Gifts

A little princess doesn’t have many outfits. And it would be quite appropriate to give something from clothes.

  • Nice dress. It can be completed with a hat, headband or handbag.
  • Something from outerwear (jacket, overalls, etc.)
  • Home clothes or bathroom kit.
  • Pajamas, nightgown.
  • Children’s bedding, with flowers, stars or favorite cartoon characters.

Most importantly, when going for a gift for a one-year-old child, you should contact good, proven stores, where products are supplied with certificates and instructions. And carefully examine the future gift, evaluate the material, smell, the accuracy of the seams and the strength of the fasteners.

Memorable Gifts

Many people believe that it is on the first birthday that a gift should be expensive and memorable for a long time.

In this case, you can donate:

  • A silver spoon. After all, you can give such a little thing not only “for the first time.” Engrave on a spoon, pack in a beautiful case.
  • Gold earrings, pendants, chains are universal things. Parents will undoubtedly appreciate such a gift, and after a while, the birthday girl herself will appreciate it.
  • Picture. You can order a portrait from a good artist based on the selected photograph.
  • Photo session with a professional photographer.

Such things in the future become real family heirlooms, they are kept or used for many years.

So, for the anniversary of the one-year-old beauty, we had a lot of ideas. But you can also give a choice to parents by presenting a gift certificate to a good children’s store.

Top 1st Birthday Gifts for Girl

What can you give a girl for a 1-year-old? A gift for a one-year-old child should be simple, but at the same time interesting for the baby. What does a girl need for a year? Of course, these are toys and similar entertaining things. Here are gift ideas that are sure to impress any toddler:

  1. Cute unicorns with big eyes and small horns are soft toys that your child will love. Delicate colors, touching round shapes and small magical creatures delightful to the touch will win the baby’s heart. It’s great to climb on them from above and imagine how you are jumping at full speed!
  2. A wheelchair is an excellent gift for a child for a 1-year-old girl. Since we are talking about a girl, it is better to choose transport in light shades. A small hand-held wheelchair is convenient for both a child and an adult who can help with the control of the toy. These devices are often equipped with music, light bulbs and teaching functions.
  3. Interactive baby doll with many accessories. You just need to make sure that the details are not too small so that the birthday girl does not inadvertently swallow them.
  4. The gurney is a horse. Usually, small rolling horses delight little girls, and if they are still equipped with musical accompaniment, there will be no limit to the child’s joy.
  5. What could be better than an audio story? The story about the little girl “Malusya and the Rogoped” is not just a fairy tale about amazing adventures in a magical land, where cows compose poems, molars swim “on the herring,” and a lot of the most incredible things happen … It is also a real speech therapy manual.
  6. Magnetic fishing is great fun for a baby and what to give a girl for a year’s birthday can be for the development of motor skills.
  7. What gift for a child for a year will spark joy and desire to explore new territory in a safe way? All kids love to build their own houses and huts from blankets. A playhouse or a tent is perfect for a girl. For one-year-old, the girl will be pleased to get her own secret corner.
  8. Business boards, constructors and blocks are great educational games for any baby. The girl will be happy to add figures from the bright parts of the constructor.
  9. Interactive books are a great educational gift for a one-year-old girl.
  10. A soft play complex is something that can be presented to a child for one year old girl as well as a boy.
  11. Pram for dolls. A gift for a girl for a year will be pleasant if she loves to play with dolls and imitate adults. The girl will be happy to roll bobbleheads and fancy dolls in a light, comfortable stroller.
  12. This soft book, sewn by the hands of a loving mother, is a beautiful gift for a girl for a 1-year-old with her own hands.
  13. Bed linen with a crib is a practical gift from grandparents. Surely they did not forget to add a rag doll as a gift to play with.
  14. Sewn doll in folk style as a gift for a year old girl with her own hands from a loving grandmother-needlewoman.
  15. What to give a girl for a year to take her imagination? Safe plasticine will open up unlimited creativity in the baby and will take his time for a long time. The child can sculpt figures by developing fine motor skills of the hands, which further contributes to mental development;
  16. The doll is suitable for a child who is trying to play mother and daughter. It is desirable that the toy can be changed, fed and carried in a stroller. Many dolls are sold with a set of clothes. But mothers of needlewomen can sew the clothes of their favorite toys with their own hands.
  17. A delightful wooden clock will delight the girl. After all, numbers in the form of different geometric shapes can be put into them. The educational toy is a great gift from the godmother and godfather.
  18. The musical rug is a beautiful developmental gift. It stimulates the development of coordination of movements and soothes children’s curiosity.
  19. Elegant shoes are adored by all one-year-old girls and older. This is an analogue of an adult shoe that helps your toddler learn to tie shoelaces and deal with Velcro. Colorful drawings or embroidery on the shoes will complement the birthday girl’s outfit.
  20. Not a single little girl’s birthday is complete without soft toys. Traditional or fantastic animals will delight the birthday girl with their bright colors and funny look.
  21. Children’s easel or magnetic board for drawing and playing. The best gift for a child for a year cannot be found, especially if the girl loves creativity. A set of paints, pencils, crayons and magnetic figures will be a great addition to a gift.
  22. A set of toy children’s dishes are included in the list of the best gifts for a year-old girl.
  23. The music box for babies is an original gift for a 1-year-old girl.
  24. An album for the first children’s drawings with environmentally friendly and safe paints – what to buy for a 1-year-old girl is relatively inexpensive and pleasant.
  25. The rocking toy is great fun for a little girl. This is a delightful gift from grandparents to a girl for her first birthday.
  26. Children’s musical instruments will appeal to any kid, perhaps even discovering musical talent in him. Musical instruments develop good hearing in a child.
  27. A puzzle play mat is a beautiful carpet that can be laid flat or fenced off on the playing surface. Each puzzle contains a symbol, letter or number. These rugs contribute to the early development of children.
  28. A whistle, a pipe and other buzzing toys are what a grandfather can give a granddaughter for a year.
  29. The tent with a tunnel and a “pool” will impress the girl like a real castle, while balls and other toys will be a fabulous treasure.
  30. Children’s bowling is an original gift for a one-year-old child. It helps to develop dexterity, coordination of movements. Bowling is a very exciting activity that will not bother a girl even after a long period of time.
  31. Interactive toys that “talk” at the touch of a button is very popular with little ones because for them, it is a real miracle. From an early age, with the help of a child’s play, you can teach foreign languages.
  32. The stadiometer is the best inexpensive gift for the first birthday when the girl can already stand on her own. The wall decal will record the growth of the girl at different times of her wonderful life.
  33. The certificate for a children’s photo session will be more appreciated by the girl’s parents, but when the baby grows up, she will be pleased to look at her own high-quality photos.
  34. So that the child can feel all the delights of real fishing, the girl can be presented with fish and a butterfly net for a year.
  35. A children’s night light that will throw magical light figures on the wall will appeal to young storytellers who dream of getting into a magical world.
  36. For one-year-old, a girl can be given talking toys. At this age, the baby must learn to speak. She will try to repeat words or letters behind the toy. Additional figurine buttons will develop your musical ear.
  37. Finger paints will help your child create with their own hands. Bright blots will be the first drawings of the little artist.
  38. The sand playset is a good gift for both collective pastimes and for independent play. You can build fabulous castles, sculpt “pies” and other figures, create different compositions from the sand.
  39. Little children do their best to imitate their beloved parents. A toy phone will help a girl feel like an adult by imitating her parents.
  40. Kitchen sets are gifts that make you feel like a little housewife. Of course, at such a small age, it is difficult to do without helpers. But with the help of her mother and other loved ones, the girl will be able to find out the names of new items from the magical world of cooking. That will impress and give a lot of positive emotions. The little one will also like playing tea with girlfriends or with dolls.
  41. Superhero costumes are perfect for kids whose parents love movies and who sometimes try on the images of their favorite characters themselves. A cloak, a mysterious mask and a fluffy tutu skirt will make the girl irresistible.
Birthday is an important date in the life of every child, especially if the holiday is celebrated for the first time.

You can give the girl a one-year gift that develops mental, creative or physical abilities, has a practical value, or a keepsake.

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For a one-year-old girl, no matter who you are, daughter, granddaughter or niece, it is important to choose a gift that will definitely please the baby. Therefore, it is advisable to proceed from considerations about what the girl loves most.

Toys for the Girl’s First Birthday

What to give a girl for a year on her first birthday? The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a present for a girl for a year is a toy. Ordinary plush toys at this age are not interesting for children. Give preference to a large doll with a stroller.

The baby will be happy to imitate adults and take care of her doll. In addition, at this age, children like moving toys, so the child will be delighted with the stroller.

Instead of a stroller, you can give a large car that the child can push in front of him. The fact that cars are only given to boys is just a stereotype.

Another great option for a children’s toy is a rocking chair. For example, a rocking horse will not only entertain but also develop coordination of movements. It may not be an ordinary horse, but a sound one. In modern stores, you can now find rocking horses that make sounds of neighing, a clatter of hooves, wagging their tail, etc.

Educational Gifts for Girls for One Year

At this age, young children are actively developing psychologically. They get to know the world around them, begin to actively communicate with their beloved parents.

The question of what to give an original girl for a year can be postponed until a future birthday. While the baby needs developing gifts. The gifts you give a girl for a year should build psychological and social skills and help the child developmentally.

It’s great if you know which toy to buy for a 1-year-old baby girl. If not, check out our selection. Cognitive thinking, the ability to speak and communicate with peers, fine motor skills, tactile sensations – all this will help develop the following subjects:

  • Talking toy.
  • Doll and items for her: clothes, furniture, dollhouse.
  • Sorter toys (puzzles for matching objects by color, size and shape).
  • A set of cubes, nesting dolls, pyramids, suitable toys for a one-year-old baby girl.
  • A set of large animal figurines that give a girl for a year will introduce the little ones to the world around her.
  • Children’s kitchen and utensils for dolls.
  • Sand playset.
  • Floor puzzle mat.
  • Educational shoes (the child laces up his shoes and uses Velcro).
  • Toy phone.
  • Busy board (a board with door handles, bells, bells and chains fixed on it).
  • Sound posters with letters, animals, birds or cartoon characters.
  • Interactive books are gorgeous birthday gifts for a 1-year-old girl.
  • Children’s development kit (aimed at the all-around development of the baby).

A Practical Gift for a Girl for a Year

Practical gifts are especially appreciated in any family with a 1-year-old child.

What to give a daughter for a year from parents is not suitable as a present from friends and relatives of the birthday girl’s family. Mom and Dad, as well as their friends, are more likely to choose toys and entertainment. Practical gifts from older family members are appropriate. The need for practical gifts increases sharply as the girl grows up. Perhaps not all of them are original, but they will definitely be useful in everyday life.

Be sure: such gifts will definitely find their use. Before buying anything from the following list, be sure to consult with the parents of the baby because there may be a possibility that this is already in the house:

  • Outerwear (jacket, hat, scarf) is a practical idea of ​​what to give a girl from her godmother for a year.
  • Home clothes (jacket, bathrobe, T-shirt).
  • Shoes are a high-quality and very necessary gift for a 1-year-old girl for her birthday.
  • A child car seat needs to be bought for a girl for a year if the parents own their own transport.
  • Bathing accessories: ducks, boats, soft fish – wonderful toys for girls 1-year-old.
  • A stroller for walking is important and answers the question of what to give a girl for 1.
  • Blanket, pillow, towel, bed linen is a traditional idea of ​​what to give to a granddaughter for one year.
  • Books (fairy tales and useful for the development of the publication).
  • A set of dishes for the baby (spoon, cup, plate).
  • Children’s toothbrush and toothpaste – if you have any thoughts of what to give your daughter for 1-year-old for good habits.
  • A night light or lamp to help parents put their baby to bed.
  • Children’s furniture (bed, chair, table, toy box).
  • Diapers or baby food.
  • Security items (plugs for sockets, corner caps, door latches and cabinet locks).
  • Money in a beautifully designed envelope.
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Creative First Birthday Gift

From the first years of life, the baby develops the skills necessary for the subsequent creative realization of the personality. Already at the age of 1, you can start modeling, drawing and other creative activities that are interesting for your child.

What can you give a girl for 1 year to develop her imagination? Remember: all crayons, plasticine and paints must be safe for health. Choose non-toxic products that can be easily wiped off your baby’s skin and clothing. So, for the development of creative skills, you can give the girl the following things:

  • Finger paints in jars are a good idea of what to present to your niece for 1 year old.
  • A set of safe soft plasticine.
  • Markers, wax or regular crayons, large pencils.
  • Whatman sheets.
  • Drawing board, magnetic markers.
  • Water painting poster.
  • Painting mat.
  • A table and a chair for creativity.
  • Coloring book with stickers.
  • Magnetic board with letters and numbers.
  • Children’s easel or drawing frame.
  • Sound puzzle is a funny gift for a year for a girl.
  • Musical instruments (children’s drums, synthesizer, xylophone).
  • Musical toys (pyramids, books, dolls).
  • A dance mat that plays music when you press it.

Memorable Gift for a One-year-old Child

The first birthday is one of the most important dates in the life of a family, primarily for parents.

It is necessary that the girl’s mom and dad remember this event for a long time. In addition to educational and practical items, you can give your child a keepsake.

Perhaps, when the girl grows up, mom and dad will show her a gift for 1 year and this will arouse her interest and warm feelings. To do this, you can give the girl the following gifts:

  • Professional photo session.
  • Portrait of a baby and her parents.
  • Album for pasting photographs.
  • Traditional gift: a silver spoon with a personalized engraving.
  • Wine (there is a tradition: when the baby is one year old, the parents bury a bottle of wine in the ground and dig it out when the girl gets married).
  • Animator invited to the holiday.
  • Certificate for visiting a development center or recreation room.
  • A set for an impression of a palm or heel.
  • Tickets for a children’s event: circus, zoo, puppet theater.
  • A gift for those with a sweet tooth: a cake to order.
  • A medal or diploma is a gift for a girl for 1 year, rather for the affection of her parents.
  • A figurine or collectible toy.
  • Decoration (earrings, pendant).
  • Stadiometer for measuring growth.

Gifts for the Physical Development of a Girl for a Year

By the first year of life, the girl begins to move actively. Sometimes it is very difficult to keep track of her.

The baby already knows how to independently climb on and off furniture, move objects, imitate the behavior of adults. She studies with interest the coordination of movements, strengthens self-confidence, tries to learn about the whole world around her. To develop and support the child’s physical activity, you can give the girl the following items for her 1st birthday:

  • A wheelchair with a stick for a girl or a stroller for dolls.
  • A sports and game complex (a low slide with a tunnel) is a useful gift for a one-year-old girl.
  • Small home trampoline.
  • A massage mat is a good idea of what to give a 1-year-old baby girl from relatives.
  • Battery-powered toy vacuum cleaner.
  • Rubber jumpers in the form of animal figurines.
  • Children’s bowling gift for a girl for 1 year to develop dexterity and balance.
  • Ball (inflatable, textile, plastic, wood or rubber).
  • A play tent or a house that you can give a child for a year to a girl right now.
  • The swimming pool for a 1-year-old girl will be just right.

What Is Not Advisable to Give a Girl for 1 Year

We considered what to give a girl for birth for a year. It is impossible not to say about what is not necessary to give because you can get into an awkward position when the child simply does not need a present. When choosing what you can give a girl for a year, remember some of the nuances:

  • Stuffed Toys. Usually, such things gather dust on the shelf for a long time, without arousing interest in the baby;
  • Radio-controlled toys. The child does not yet know how to use them, but the sharp sounds of the instruments can scare him;
  • Toys with small parts. During the game, the baby can swallow them;
  • Toys are too loud. If you choose a gift that makes sounds, go for a medium to quiet tone.

What to Give a Girl for a Year: Tips

So, there are many ideas of what to give a child for a year to a girl. Find out what things the baby prefers, and feel free to buy an original present.

Choosing a present for your child for a year is a very important procedure. At this age, the baby begins to learn about the world around her, to pay attention to the smallest details of the objects around her. The girl begins to developmentally and physically, which means that it is necessary to choose a present that will help her in this.

First, be sure to check the age the item is intended for. Not always a birthday present for a girl for a year may be suitable. If you buy a toy from 18 months old, be sure to warn your parents, and you should not give items up to 1-year-old (rattles, simple dolls) at all – they simply will not arouse the girl’s interest.

Secondly, do not purchase goods for older children: from three years old and older, it is still too early for a girl to play with such gifts. Radio-controlled toys are also not the best option: a child may be frightened by sudden sounds and movements.

Pay attention to the quality of the gift so as not to harm the baby’s health. Check the soundtrack of the toy, if provided, inspect the appearance of the product. Do not buy a gift with small parts that can be easily detached and swallowed.

Clothes and shoes can be donated for growth, and if you are in doubt about what to give a girl for 1 year, buy a certificate in a toy store: this way parents can choose all the things they need on their own.

Ps: Don’t Forget About Mom

After you decide what to give a girl for one year old, think about her mother too. This, of course, does not have to be a luxurious and expensive gift, a bouquet of flowers will be just right. A box of chocolates or other sweets can be added to the flowers. In any case, pay attention to the baby’s mother, because this holiday is just as important for her as for the child.

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