100+ Happy 19th Birthday Quotes & Wishes of 2023

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Happy 19th Birthday Quotes & Wishes: We have dedicated this section to the birthdays of adolescents between the ages of 19. Remember this age birthday is something extraordinary.

19th Birthday Quotes

Each year you accumulate, your body undergoes many changes and your character, they are usually birthdays that are not forgotten. That is why we wanted to make beautiful birthday wishes of 19 years for your children, brothers, friends, etc … to leave them a nice gift in the form of words.

Happy 19th Birthday Quotes

19th Birthday Quotes

  • It’s been a year since you came of age, have
    did you make the most of it?
    From now on, only decadence can come!
    Do not believe me too much, the best moment of your life
    will last until the past twenty years.
    You still have time, but don’t abuse it either.
    Live, smile, enjoy and learn
    as if you were still a child,
    but remember that reality and adult life
    also begin to demand your attention.
    Happy Birthday!
  • They say 19 is an ugly number.
    Halfway between the age of majority and the twenties,
    for many, it is the beginning of a concern for the future.
    But you don’t have to worry so much yet!
    There is still time to dream with your feet off the ground,
    there are still many experiences you must discover.
  • Child or adult?
    It’s hard to tell what you are at this age,
    and a lot depends on how quickly
    life has forced you to mature.
    You are lucky, you have had everything you need
    to be able to grow safely.
    Now you reach your last carefree stage:
    live it like there is no tomorrow,
    because everything is over!
  • Today with 19 years you
    already know practically everything about life.
    Television, technology and information
    tell you about the good and the bad of the world
    from the moment you are born.
    You are a strong generation that grows up
    with things that are beyond its reach
    and with which little by little, it learns to deal.
    Maintain that strength that has always characterized you,
    and enjoy your day as much as you can.
    You deserve it!
  • Today is not just any day!
    Today is the day when you confirm that you are an adult,
    but at the same time, you claim your piece of innocence,
    youth and tranquility.
    No one is going to take that away from you yet,
    you are still a child,
    but learn to be an adult
    by the time you have to deal with it.
    Happy Birthday!
  • They told me that your labor was long,
    you didn’t want to leave there!
    Life is a constant confrontation
    between comfort and the inside
    and the unknown and external.
    The first will make you live well
    but the second will make you live happily.
    If you want my advice, always choose the latter.
    Happy Birthday!
  • You are one step away from changing
    the first of the numbers on the cake.
    Nineteen years now …
    I have the feeling of knowing you
    for many more.
    Enjoy your day as much as you can
    and remember that I will always be around.
  • The candles on the cake are increasing
    just like your wisdom and knowledge.
    Your appearance changes on the outside and on the inside
    and adult life draws closer.
    You will have to be strong but until then…
    jump, dance and enjoy!
  • I wish that as the years go by,
    the illusions
    you have in life keep intact.
    You are already a man,
    but don’t lose your smile.
  • Very close to twenty,
    who has seen you and who sees you.
    Build a beautiful future
    with a beautiful woman.
  • You’re in the prime of your life,
    so take advantage of every moment
    before it’s too late.
    Know that life is ephemeral.
  • The memories of your youth
    illuminate my face,
    so when this day comes
    I want to celebrate it with the joy
    of those who have seen you grow up
    and have never stopped loving you.
    Happy Birthday.
  • I still remember the days yesterday
    watching you grow up with joy.
    Today you are nineteen years old
    and you have to enjoy and celebrate it.
  • Words fight to express
    the happiness that all of us here wish for you.
    For now, we are going to celebrate and enjoy
    a festive and happy birthday.
  • The most beautiful of all the petals
    happily begins to bloom
    full of life and illusions.
    Receive my congratulations today.
  • May love and joy
    be with you night and day
    for the rest of your life.
    Start by enjoying today,
    the date we saw you born.
    Blow the candles with great enthusiasm
    for all that you have left to go.
  • May the family entertain you with gifts,
    since today it turns nineteen.
    May you enjoy a beautiful celebration
    in which joy and enthusiasm are not lacking.
  • Let these words give you a hug,
    which is the one I would give you for your birthday.
    I just hope to give it to you as soon as possible
    and wish you never forget to be free.
  • How could I show
    my appreciation for you?
    I can’t find the words
    to express that feeling,
    but today I take the opportunity to tell you
    to enjoy every moment.
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Happy 19th Birthday Wishes for Friend

19th Birthday Quotes

  • Keep sharing
    many more years of friendship with me,
    because a friend is a treasure
    that must be tried to preserve.
  • Today I carry you in my heart
    like every moment of my life.
    Enjoy all the illusion,
    among many hugs and smiles.
    With you, I would like to be
    sharing all my joy
    for being your friend of the soul
    throughout your life.
  • There is no gift that can show
    the greatness of our friendship.
    Live your life with joy and happiness,
    enjoying every moment of freedom.
  • I can’t find the words to show
    how wonderful it is to have your friendship.
    Receive today my sincere wishes
    that you live a life full of dreams.
  • Nineteen precious springs
    today meet our great friend.
    A bright future awaits you,
    let us live it with you.
  • Thank you for being my friend,
    thank you for being my confidant,
    Happy Nineteenth Birthday!
  • Friend, I want to congratulate you on your nineteen,
    Dream, live, fly …,
    but always be you.
  • Having your friendship
    is what encourages me
    to continue fighting.
    Happy nineteenth anniversary.
  • I love having your friendship,
    you are always there for me.
    Happy nineteen!
  • Happy 19 years! I want you to know that it is a pleasure to meet you, because you are a loyal friend, one of those who hardly see each other anymore. You have your ideas very clearly and that makes those of us around you feel inspired by you. So, today I only have one thing to say to you, let nothing change you!
  • Happy 19 years! It is a joy to be close to you in this life because whenever I am by your side, you have a word that makes me laugh. I love our friendship, it was instantaneous from the moment we met, and I know nothing will break it.
  • The candles are increasing, as are good friends and achievements. Happy Birthday, number 19! Adult life is getting closer
  • Happy 19 years! We coincide in age and ours is a great friendship, so today we will toast for many more years.

Happy 19th Birthday Wishes for Son

19th Birthday Quotes

  • As soon as you were born, I knew you would be
    the most important thing in my life.
    Happy nineteen son.
  • Son, Happy nineteen,
    may life teach you
    that the important thing in life
    is love.
  • Son, you’re one year older today,
    you’re nineteen.
    She is still the best daughter.
    I love you!
  • On your 19th birthday, I
    wish that you can fulfill your dream of freedom.
    I adore you, son!
  • Congratulations on your nineteenth birthday,
    keep fighting for your dreams,
    they will surely come true.

Happy 19th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

19th Birthday Quotes

  • May your nineteenth birthday
    never end your zest for life.
    Congratulations, daughter!
  • Dear daughter,
    on your nineteenth anniversary,
    I want you to know
    how much I admire you.
  • Today you turn nineteen,
    thank you for giving me so many joys.
    Happy Birthday, Daughter!
  • I always loved you in the distance,
    now that you are mine, I am happy,
    Happy nineteen!
  • I wish you a nineteenth birthday
    full of love, joy and happiness.
    I love you!
  • Have a happy nineteenth birthday,
    and a life full of all the best.
  • Congratulations! May these 19 years be for you the path of success, balance and happiness.
  • You reach your final year before your twenties, enjoy it to the fullest! Happy 19!

Happy 19th Birthday Wishes for Sister

19th Birthday Quotes

  • Thank you for everything you have taught me,
    happy nineteenth birthday sister.
    I love u
  • The night you were born,
    a new star was born.
    Enjoy your nineteen.
  • I will always love you
    with all my heart.
    Happy nineteen sister, niece!
  • Your grandparents want to congratulate you,
    on your nineteen years,
    wishing you to be very happy.
    We love you, sister!
  • The most beautiful girl in the world
    has become a spectacular young woman,
    today you turn nineteen,
  • You are
    nineteen years old,
    I hope it is the beginning,
    of a long life,
    full of happiness.
  • I love you
    that these nineteen that you meet
    are the beginning of a long
    and lasting love.
  • How nice it is to know that I have seen you grow and that today there are 19 candles that you must blow out. Happy Birthday!
  • Moments of greater independence come for you, and I would tell you to take the path that makes you happy, do not think about what others will say. Happy 19!
  • For my part, I tell you that, although I know that you are becoming a more mature and independent person, I am still here for whatever you need, so do not hesitate to talk to me if you need to. A hug!
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Happy 19th Birthday Wishes

19th Birthday Quotes

  • If I hadn’t met you,
    I don’t know what would have happened to my life.
    Happy nineteenth birthday, love!
  • Thank you for giving me so much love,
    Asking for absolutely nothing.
    Happy nineteen. I love you love!
  • The distance has not been achieved,
    and I love you above everything and everyone.
    Happy nineteenth anniversary!
  • I still remember the day you were born, you
    filled our lives with joy.
    Congratulations on your nineteen years.
  • Since I met you,
    I have not been able to avoid
    loving you every day,
    more and more.
    Happy nineteen years old!
  • Despite the distance,
    we are linked by an invisible thread.
    Happy nineteen, love!
  • You are getting older every day, it
    is your nineteenth birthday,
    time passes quickly,
    take advantage of it.
  • Happy 19 years! Take advantage of everything that youth gives you, and that is, who would give me your age? Go back to those years when everything was yet to happen and I did not stop learning. I hope you live a happy day and that this new year brings you many good times.
  • You are almost reaching your twenties, and whoever has known you for a long time knows how much you have changed, but don’t worry, it has always been for the better!
  • May these nineteen come with many surprises, good times, and much joy. Congratulations on reaching this new stage!
  • Happy 19 years! You have reached a time of great decisions and many learnings. I hope you make the most of it!
  • You have already come of age for a year and you have surely learned many things. I imagine it will have been a very intense year… and now you are already 19! The path of life has only just begun, as much is yet to come.
  • I would like to be able to give you some advice that you could apply, but I have nothing, in particular, to tell you, only what helped me, and that is that the best way to learn is by making mistakes, because that will mean that you have tried. Happy Birthday!
  • How did the coming of age feel? Today you are 19 and you still have great experiences to live, get ready because this is the beginning! This age will not last forever, that is why you should take advantage of it, and keep only the best memories in your memory.
  • In all this time, I have seen you mature and become a confident person, capable of achieving everything you imagine. Continue like this and you will see that there will be nothing impossible for you! Happy Birthday!
  • and closer, so don’t think about it too much and always try to enjoy yourself.
  • May you be very happy, and your future be even more so!
  • One more year to enjoy your beautiful youth and your growing autonomy. Happy 19!
  • God has allowed you to reach this beautiful stage, and with his hand, you will see that everything will be easier. Happy 19!
  • You’re one year out of twenty. How does it feel? Go ahead and build the future you always imagined! Congratulations!
  • Today I have seen a lot of enthusiasm in you, later I realized that you had a birthday. Happy 19!
  • Happy Birthday! Being 19 years old is really beautiful, you will discover it, because it means greater independence and freedom, although that also brings great responsibility. However, it is a very interesting time, from which to learn a lot.
  • I have no doubt that you will live a very intense year, and that today will be incredible, because you have been wanting it to arrive for days, so… let’s celebrate!
  • The 19 years are beautiful because you have already passed the age of majority, and surely you have many new experiences and a lot of desire to continue learning and to continue enjoying your freedom.
  • And that is what I wish you on your birthday, that you continue to enjoy everything the world has to show you, that you continue to take advantage of any opportunity, that it makes you grow and that it makes you mature.
  • It is a day of sharing with those of us who know and appreciate you, a beautiful day of beautiful encounters. Congratulations!
  • Reaching 19 is beautiful, and doing it as well as you have done, with so much joy, so much positivity and so much maturity, is much more.
  • You know that for this family, you are proud and that we will always support you in all your projects. With the wish that you have a great day, I tell you … happy birthday!
  • With the joy it deserves, we are going to receive this day, with plans to celebrate, and with some surprises that I know, you will like. And it is that reaching 19 years is quite an event, you leave behind the step of coming of age, and you continue walking to become an adult.
  • I am lucky to be close to you, because I have practically seen you grow up, and I can tell you first-hand that you are a very fighter person. Someone like you, who never gives up what he wants to achieve, will go far.
  • So for this year, I wish you much happiness and harmony, but also that you do not lose the perseverance that characterizes you because it makes you a wonderful person. Happy Birthday!
  • When I turned 19, I celebrated it in style, and I hope you do exactly the same. It would be wrong to tell you that you make me a little envious, but it is the truth!
  • Healthy envy, of course, because you are in a beautiful time of life in which you will gain total independence, and although it may seem like a difficult task, it is a process from which you learn a lot and that will shape you as a person. Congratulations!
  • You are in the prime of your youth, never stop being happy and having great illusions. Happy 19 years!
  • What a beautiful day for you today, it must be beautiful to know that one reaches 19 years. I hope you have a very fun party that you do what makes you happy, and that you face this new age with a smile, also yours is beautiful.
  • I know that you are a very brave person, and that is why I also know that you will get very far, wherever you set out, you just have to know to be clear about what you want. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy 19 years! I hope you receive with joy all the energy that this day has to offer you. I guess you will feel the new air of beautiful times that come with this age that you are beginning, so much to discover, and one more year to enjoy independence and freedom.
  • I want to tell you how glad I am to meet you and to have coincided with you in life because you make this much better. Never stop being who you are, it is nice to be near you!
  • I hope you have taken advantage of this last year and that you continue to do so in the next. Happy 19 years!
  • All I could say to you today would be words that I repeat to you almost every day, but even so, I want to remind you of some so that you do not forget them and that the change of age does not change you.
  • You are a caring person, no one ever helped me as much as you! You are intelligent, you have a lot of empathy and I love being able to be close to you every day. Happy 19 years!
  • I have to tell you that this age you have reached is wonderful, it will allow you to enjoy greater independence and freedom, and there is an incredible world to explore!
  • I forgot to say the most important thing of all, and that is that today I will be by your side to celebrate!
  • Happy 19 years! This day is unrepeatable, you will never return to it, so live it as intensely as you can, taking advantage of every minute. Think how wonderful it is to have a life ahead of you, with so many opportunities and so many things to do and learn.
  • Happy 19 years! You keep the same smile that you had years ago and that is so beautiful … Never lose it!
  • Happy 19 years! You have so much to discover that I get excited just thinking about it, and I am certain that you will know how to take advantage of it all. At the moment, you have a beautiful day to celebrate ahead of you, and I hope it goes very well.
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