Classic 19th Birthday Gift Ideas for Guys

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On the one hand, choosing a 19th birthday gift ideas for guys is very simple, because at this age, young people, as a rule, have many desires and goals for which there is not always enough money.

19th Birthday Gift Ideas for Guys

If a birthday present for a guy is chosen by his girlfriend or friends of the same age, you will have to seriously consider an impressive surprise without large material costs. Consider what you can give a birthday man so that he is pleasantly surprised.

List of 50 Best Gifts for a Guy for 19 Years

The most practical and sincere surprises that are likely to please a young man:

  1. hot smoked home smokehouse;
  2. barbecue or barbecue set;
  3. leather purse;
  4. the business card holder or cardholder;
  5. subscription to the gym or swimming pool;
  6. wireless microphone;
  7. travel backpack;
  8. a bag made of high-quality thick leather for daily wear;
  9. electronic book;
  10. steam generator;
  11. picnic cooler bag;
  12. electric scooter;
  13. unicycle;
  14. computer chair;
  15. electric shocker;
  16. box for jewelry or watches;
  17. tickets to a concert-show, music festival or cinema;
  18. portable game console;
  19. radio-controlled car or helicopter;
  20. tourist trip to the desired country;
  21. visiting a live quest;
  22. tattoo certificate;
  23. table football, hockey;
  24. superhero costume;
  25. the latest video games;
  26. horse riding;
  27. scuba diving;
  28. a master class on making cocktails or burgers;
  29. beginner photographer training courses;
  30. electric toothbrush or irrigator;
  31. board game;
  32. hot dog maker;
  33. freezer;
  34. camera with instant printing of pictures;
  35. projector starry sky;
  36. selfie stick;
  37. football or basketball;
  38. scratch card, the surface of which can be erased as you visit a new country;
  39. stand-cooler for laptop;
  40. fashionable sunglasses of a famous brand;
  41. an entertaining set for growing crystals or mushrooms;
  42. darts (target and darts);
  43. table for bathroom or bed;
  44. universal wireless charging for gadgets;
  45. an exact copy of the main page of the newspaper on the date of birth;
  46. quality umbrella;
  47. a spacious windproof tent for a comfortable overnight stay in bad weather and cold;
  48. home sports complex or horizontal bar;
  49. hookah;
  50. a certificate from any shop related to the birthday boy’s hobby.

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Classic 19th Birthday Gift Ideas for Guys

There are traditional presents that will always be useful and needed. If there is neither time nor desire to fantasize about a choice, the universal option will come in handy. Such things can be given by both parents and a loving woman, friends, and colleagues. In any case, the guy will be pleased and gladly accept this gift.

Classic gifts that are appropriate to present for the celebration:

  1. Trimmer for haircut or shave. Young men at this age take care of themselves with pleasure.
  2. Leather accessories (belt, gloves) are perceived favorably by birthday people of any age.
  3. Engraved watch or bracelet.
  4. Clothing. In this case, it is important to know the exact parameters of the gifted person and his taste. It is better if the person himself indicates what thing he would like to receive.
  5. Money. Relatives or colleagues may not suffer from a choice, but collect a certain amount and put it in a beautiful postcard envelope.
  6. Home tools. Many men will be happy with such a gift because it is practical and can always come in handy.

List of Original Gifts for a Guy for 19 Years

When choosing an original gift, the main thing is to please and not overdo it with emotions. At the age of 19, a guy wants to swagger and laugh, for this reason, many fun surprises can pleasantly surprise him and are unlikely to embarrass him. Most interesting ideas:

  1. Detergent and soap dispenser with a funny design. It can be made in the form of a female breast or priests.
  2. Dance mat. If you connect it to a TV, you can arrange dance battles with friends.
  3. Caricature from a photograph. Many artists and firms provide such a service, so finding a performer is not difficult.
  4. An unusual alarm clock is especially useful for those who like to sleep and be late for lectures. As an option – an accessory that “runs away” from a sleeping guy or requires hitting a target.
  5. Toilet paper printed with humorous rhymes or interesting facts. So the birthday boy will not be bored sitting in the bathroom and will not have to take a smartphone with him there.

Best Gadget Collection – Top 20 Gadget Ideas

On the 19th birthday, young men are often given gadgets. Such a gift will always be useful and cause genuine joy. It is necessary to take into account the desires and interests of the young person to please with the choice. Best ideas:

  1. smartphone;
  2. tablet;
  3. laptop, personal computer and accessories for it;
  4. robot vacuum cleaner for a guy who lives separately from his parents;
  5. smart scales to help you keep track of your body weight;
  6. robot Sphero Ollie for a lover of competitions and racing with friends;
  7. smart toy with memory and the ability to play music and sounds;
  8. an electric kettle that can be controlled remotely from a smartphone;
  9. projection keyboard;
  10. portable projector for playing video files;
  11. weather station, air humidity and temperature sensor;
  12. smartwatch;
  13. virtual reality helmet;
  14. a smart pen that connects to a personal computer or laptop and transfers stored data;
  15. a smart ring that can control various gadgets in a house or apartment;
  16. smart trash can keep your home clean;
  17. fitness bracelet for sports;
  18. Bluetooth headphones without wires, which are constantly confused;
  19. portable speaker;
  20. game console.

Top 15 Useful Gifts From Parents

The dearest people know their son like no one else. Gifts from loved ones can be personal. Present options:

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  1. an album with family photos from memorable events;
  2. personalized mug or other utensils;
  3. table lamp with the ability to adjust the intensity of light or shade of lighting;
  4. bed linen with a specially printed print, which depends on the hobby of the young guy;
  5. silverware, which will remain for the son for long memory (if he lives separately);
  6. a warm pajama set that will keep you warm in winter;
  7. a family tree framed in a beautiful expensive frame under glass;
  8. a set of beautiful universal ties;
  9. a humidifier that will create comfortable conditions in the young man’s room;
  10. Swiss knife with personal engraving;
  11. powerful flashlight with the ability to recharge the battery for a lover of hiking and traveling;
  12. a warm bathrobe that is nice to put on after a bath or shower;
  13. any gadget that the son has long dreamed of;
  14. keepsake jewelry;
  15. payment for training courses, if the young man wanted to get on them.

Gift Ideas for 19-year-old Grandson From Grandparents

Grandparents can present the same gifts as parents. In this case, the value of the gift can be any. This is either a material thing or a surprise impression. Since older people do not always understand fashion trends, you can give money to your grandson.

Grandparents often complement the main gifts with items made by hand. Grandmothers knit sweaters and scarves, and cook delicious pies and cakes. Grandfather can burn the initials of his beloved grandson on wood. Such gifts are especially valuable because they contain a piece of the soul of a loved one.

What to Give a Guy for His 19th Birthday From a Friend

A friend knows his friend like no one else, so when choosing a gift, you should take into account the character and hobbies of the birthday man. Popular practical and pleasant gifts that many 19-year-old boys are happy to receive:

  1. Sports nutrition, a fitness bracelet or other useful little things if the young man is fond of sports. Dumbbells and gymnastic simulators will also be appropriate.
  2. A vest with many compartments, a hunting knife, and a bowler hat, if the guy is fond of hunting or forays into the forest.
  3. Spinning, fishing rod, set of lures – all these are pleasant surprises for the angler.
  4. Hookah, alcohol roulette and other useful gifts for those who love parties and spending time with friends.
  5. Brazier – a lover of country rest.
  6. A mouse pad or the mouse itself, or a webcam are ideal gifts for gamers.
  7. Collectible figurines from movies or cartoons. A fan of anime or cartoon characters can order decorative pillowcases or bedding with the appropriate images.
  8. A pulse lighter for a friend who smokes.

What to Give a Guy a Friend From a Girl for 19 Years

The presentation should be unique and useful. Women are more romantic than men, so the gift should be well thought out so that it does not become too personal. Useful things that will please a young person and will not violate personal boundaries:

  1. a wicker string bag with cans of delicious beer, dried fish and other snacks;
  2. beer glasses with a funny inscription or personalized engraving;
  3. custom-made cake or other confectionery product with figures made of mastic, cream, and marzipan;
  4. small accessories that function when connected to a computer (fan, keyboard vacuum cleaner, miniature lamp);
  5. large house slippers in the form of a cartoon character or a wild animal.

Gift Options for Your Beloved Guy for 19 Years

Girls want to pick up a surprise for their one and only, which will show how great a bright feeling is. There are several interesting options that the birthday boy will like:

  1. Personalized towel with the couple’s initials embroidered. The young man will be pleased to always see a reminder of his beloved, wiping his face after washing.
  2. Surprise party. Perhaps the young man did not plan to celebrate the celebration. If a girl organizes a real holiday with friends and family, it will be a real surprise.
  3. Checkbook of desires. If the budget for a gift is limited, you can make it yourself. The book includes certain services that a guy has the right to demand from his soulmate.
  4. Painting from a joint photo. This option is suitable if the couple has been dating for a very long time or even lives together. When the relationship has just begun, it is better to refuse this gift.
  5. Dance. In this way, a whole range of emotions can be expressed. The sensual performance is sure to please a 19-year-old boy. It is advisable to work out the dance in advance at choreography lessons or from videos on the Internet.

Gifts From Best Friends – Top 20 Cool Presents

Gifts from the best friends in some cases can be personal. It depends on the relationship between people and the nature of the gifted. Best Presents:

  1. electric stand for a mug or a glass with a heating function from the computer;
  2. winter gloves with a coating that allows you to use your smartphone without removing the accessory;
  3. quadrocopter;
  4. portable electronic game;
  5. a set of personalized balls for a sports fan;
  6. purse with a personalized logo;
  7. radio for bathroom or shower;
  8. hammock for a pleasant pastime in the country;
  9. multitool;
  10. expander or punching bag to relieve stress;
  11. raincoats for shoes;
  12. action camera;
  13. power bank powered by solar panels;
  14. sports bag;
  15. a bar for alcoholic drinks in the form of a globe;
  16. a book cache where you can put money or important documents;
  17. subscription to a car wash for a year;
  18. pear chair for a relaxing holiday;
  19. tent;
  20. bath set.

20 Cool Gifts for a Lover of Humor and Practical Jokes

A lover of jokes and an instigator of funny comic events can be presented with an original funny gift:

  1. 3D pillow in the form of a scary wild animal;
  2. a set of lollipops with unpredictable flavors;
  3. a bizarre piggy bank (in the form of a bomb, a toilet, a jar of caviar, etc.);
  4. an anti-clock that goes in reverse;
  5. a set of socks with funny prints;
  6. clothes with bright patterns (the more ridiculous and funnier the image, the better);
  7. helmet for drinks with holders for beer and other drinks fixed on the sides and a straw;
  8. chameleon mug;
  9. toilet golf;
  10. beer bottle opener in the form of a police baton;
  11. comic help-exemption from work or household chores on your birthday;
  12. inflatable suit “Sumo”;
  13. a headrest for a car in the form of a roach or other funny creature;
  14. bath hat in the form of a military cap;
  15. cube “Kama Sutra” for a change in intimate life;
  16. slippers with soles for mopping;
  17. T-shirt with a ridiculous photo of a young man;
  18. toilet cover in individual style;
  19. a flash drive in the form of car keys or a coffin with the inscription “how old are you”;
  20. comic award (cup, medal) with a commemorative engraving from the donor.

If the Birthday Is a Student – 20 Gifts for Study

The hard life of a student should be diluted with a pleasant and useful surprise. The following things will work for this:

  1. laptop bag or backpack;
  2. thermo mug or thermos;
  3. external hard drive with a large amount of memory;
  4. a set of quality writing utensils;
  5. folder for notebooks and papers;
  6. markers for drawing, drawing;
  7. cover for the record book;
  8. diary in a beautiful frame;
  9. scanner-translator;
  10. copier, printer;
  11. holder for pens and pencils;
  12. delicious coffee or tea;
  13. voice recorder for recording lectures and seminars;
  14. cleaning sticker for keyboard and monitor;
  15. MP3 player for listening to audiobooks;
  16. easel, a set of brushes and paints for creative nature;
  17. notepad with interchangeable blocks;
  18. a folding chair if the guy lives in a dorm with limited furniture;
  19. public transport pass for a month or more;
  20. electronic organizer.

Top-9 “Smart” Gifts for an Intellectual

To please an intellectually developed young man who likes riddles and secrets is not always easy. Possible options:

  1. A telescope with which you can look at the starry sky and planets.
  2. Puzzle. Currently, in online stores, you can find many interesting gifts on this topic. For example, if a guy loves wine or whiskey, you can order a special wooden puzzle box with a souvenir bottle, and the package will open only when you solve it.
  3. Neocube Ball magnets can be used to create various shapes.
  4. Microscope. It will appeal to a lover of biology and all living things.
  5. Encyclopedia on a specific subject.
  6. Rubik’s Cube. The birthday boy will be interested in collecting it in the shortest possible time.
  7. Model of a car, a ship, an airplane – for a modeling lover.
  8. Robot in the form of a dog or other pet.
  9. Genetic test with an interpretation of indicators for a connoisseur of genetics and anthropology.

Top-20 Gifts for Extreme

If a young guy loves extreme pastimes, give the following presents:

  1. hand-painted skateboard;
  2. certificate for training in extreme sports or driving;
  3. stunt bike;
  4. racing on quad bikes or buggies;
  5. bike riding lessons under the supervision of a professional instructor;
  6. skydiving;
  7. paragliding;
  8. kayaking on a stormy river;
  9. visit the rope park;
  10. visit the climbing wall;
  11. tickets to the trampoline center;
  12. flight in a wind tunnel;
  13. racing steering wheel for cars;
  14. a set of protective accessories, depending on what kind of sport the young person is fond of;
  15. bungee jump from a high bridge;
  16. wakeboarding;
  17. visiting an airsoft or paintball club;
  18. tickets to the park for the most extreme rides;
  19. wakeboarding board with an interesting pattern;
  20. balloon flight.

For a Fashionable Young Man – 15 Top Ideas

At the age of 19, young people constantly think about their appearance and try to look presentable in front of the fair sex. If a guy likes to draw attention to himself and follows fashion trends, you can give him the following things:

  1. cufflinks with an original memorable pattern that no one else has (if finances allow, you can choose a product made of gold or other precious metal);
  2. expensive perfume or toilet water;
  3. branded shirt;
  4. high-quality belt with the ability to change buckles of different designs;
  5. latest running shoes;
  6. certificate for visiting the barbershop;
  7. consultation with a professional stylist;
  8. original T-shirt with the emblem of the fashion house;
  9. famous brand of running shorts;
  10. denim Wrangler, Lee or Levi’s;
  11. an invitation to an elite nightclub for a party;
  12. shaving machine or haircut;
  13. stylish watch;
  14. genuine leather gloves;
  15. a set of cosmetics and accessories for the care of a beard and mustache;
  16. IQOS.

List of Gifts for a Car Guy

Useful and practical birthday present options for a 19-year-old guy:

  1. a certificate for training in a driving school, if a young person does not yet have a driver’s license, but wants to get one;
  2. video recorder;
  3. radar detector;
  4. car vacuum cleaner;
  5. seat covers;
  6. a set of tools for cars;
  7. a set of summer or winter tires;
  8. holder for phone and glasses;
  9. mug-thermos with the possibility of heating;
  10. floor mats;
  11. breathalyzer;
  12. a set of expensive cosmetics for the car interior or its body;
  13. complete maintenance of the vehicle;
  14. trailer (if the young man needs it).

What Is Inexpensive to Present to a Guy on His 19th Birthday

19 is the age when most boys are students. The young man’s friends can hardly buy anything expensive with their modest stipend. However, this does not mean that any trinket will do. A list of inexpensive gifts that a young man will like and turn out to be necessary:

  1. A beautiful cover for a passport, record book or other documents. You can order a product with a humorous inscription or with a cheerful pattern.
  2. Metal bracelet with leather inserts with scorched engraving.
  3. Glowing earphones with a zipper. Fashion accessories will not get tangled.
  4. Shaker and recipe book for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. You can add basic ingredients to the gift.
  5. Solid diary in a simple style.
  6. Chalk or magnetic board for writing on the refrigerator.
  7. Silicone, wooden or metal phone case. You can order a product with an individual pattern.
  8. Large cup for tea with a compartment for cookies or sweets.

DIY Presents for Birthday

Personally made gifts sometimes bring much more positive emotions than purchased ones. The main thing is to invest your time and energy, and the birthday boy will understand how dear he is to the donor. What can you give with your own hands:

  1. Edited video. You can ask the relatives and friends of the guy to say a few kind words to the young man. Also, some people prefer to collect videos from memorable events in a guy’s life in one video.
  2. Knitted item. If a mother, girlfriend, grandmother or colleague is fond of needlework, why not knit a warm sweater, hat, scarf or other wardrobe items for the birthday boy.
  3. Photo collage. You can print images on a color printer or order photos on photo paper. A large photo frame with many cells and an original design is also suitable.
  4. Bakery products. Cakes, pastries, and cupcakes always delight birthday people of any gender. If a young man has a sweet tooth, he will like the man-made culinary product, in which they have invested their strength and soul.

Is It Possible to Give a Guy 19 Years’ Money?

Money is a pretty relevant present for a 19-year-old boy. The young man will be able to spend them at his discretion or save them up for an expensive thing in the future, which he has long dreamed of. Money is given in a special postcard or envelope. You should not transfer the amount to a card or phone, it is permissible to give a check or a certificate.

If you want to beat the gift originally, you can exchange a large gift amount for small bills and coins, and then put everything in a huge box or jar. You can also create an artistic composition out of money. Some confectioners make special cakes, from which the birthday boy can get banknotes at the festive table.

What Can Not Be Given to a Guy for 19 Years?

Gifts should not be useless or inappropriate. Not a single person, going to a celebration, would like to offend the birthday man. However, sometimes it happens that dubious presents are purchased that upset the young person or cause other negative reactions. To avoid such a misunderstanding, you should not give a 19-year-old guy such things as:

  1. Souvenirs that will simply gather dust on the shelf. Young men, like all men, are very practical, and there are very few lovers of souvenirs among them.
  2. Crockery, service. The guy will not be delighted with such a surprise.
  3. Kitchen appliances. An exception may be young men who live alone and want to receive a household item as a gift.
  4. Underwear, socks and other personal items are not suitable for the holiday, a man will get all this on his own.
  5. Stuffed Toys. This also includes various home textiles and decorative items.
  6. Intimate toys. If a gift is given by a girlfriend, then this option is acceptable. However, in other cases, the present will look like an inappropriate joke.

Choosing a gift for a man is not an easy task. 19-year-old boys prefer not only pleasant presents but also practical ones. If you take into account the interests of the birthday man and avoid buying unnecessary things, you can give him a real surprise that will be appreciated.

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