Best 19th Birthday Gift Ideas for Girl of 2023

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Thinking about what to give a girl for 19 years, first of all, you will have to admit to yourself that you will not be able to get off with a trinket. Either you are looking for a really unusual idea for a gift, or you “close” the lack of imagination with a high cost of a presentation. Plus, do not forget that there is still plenty of time from the age of nineteen to real adult life.

19th Birthday Gift Ideas for Girl

19th birthday is one of the most anticipated and exciting holidays for all young people. On this day, they become full-fledged citizens, and joy overwhelms young people not only because of the new rights and opportunities received. With the onset of adulthood, they can finally feel like adults, start making new plans and preparing for an independent life.

Obviously, the best 19th birthday gift ideas for girl should be special, since her 19th birthday is one of the brightest and most unusual holidays of her youth for her.


On the day of the age of majority, you can give a girl a variety of presentations. Parents usually try to please their daughter with something expensive and exclusive; jewelry or other expensive accessories are often presented for a holiday. Gifts from siblings, friends and boyfriends may not be as expensive, but still original.

Whether it is a practical present, a new fashion accessory, or incredible entertainment depends entirely on the birthday girl’s hobbies. It is her interests that should be guided when choosing the optimal presentation. Remember that for any gift, it is not the cost that is much more important, but how much it corresponds to the interests and preferences of the future owner.

We offer several options for best gift ideas for 19th birthday girl, which will definitely not upset the birthday girl.

Best 19th Birthday Gift Ideas for Girl

A Gift to the Most Beautiful Girl

Your present must be beautifully packaged. It is imperative to give it with a bouquet of flowers (find out in advance what the birthday girl prefers) and a prepared witty speech. And the main gift can be something that emphasizes the beauty, grace and good taste of the heroine of the celebration.

Jewelry. It is logical that the nineteenth birthday becomes an occasion to present the first serious ring, pendant, brooch. The problem is that not all adults realize how segmented the jewelry market is now. That is, there will be jewelry for every age. There are few universal things that are equally suitable for representatives of different generations.

So you have to put yourself in the shoes of yesterday’s teenager, set aside your ideas about beauty and thoroughly understand the tastes of the birthday girl, take a closer look at her wardrobe, makeup. The worst option is to give expensive jewelry, “so that it was,” as a contribution “for a rainy day.”

Illuminated mirror. A large dressing room mirror with lamps around the perimeter will help the girl to feel a little like a movie star. Effectively! However, LED-backlit mirrors are not as ruthless in terms of energy consumption, and they often find it easier to fit into the interior.

Wristwatch. The decisive factor when choosing a completely non-functional but effective accessory will, of course, be the design. Wristwatches are not obliged to emphasize status (and what is such a status at the age of 19?), But they must certainly be combined with the girl’s lifestyle. Sports watches, bright and original or vintage … Perhaps, just boring classics are the least appropriate here.

A Gift for Communication

At this age, the girl is surrounded by friends, life is in full swing. Classmates, former classmates, colleagues (some already earn their own living). Therefore, the birthday girl will definitely appreciate gifts for communications.

Smartphone. It seems that the days when young people definitely needed an iPhone to feel like adults are gone. But nevertheless, a smartphone for the nineteenth birthday will have to be presented as a top-end one or so. It is not a shame to discuss this gift with the birthday girl in advance. After all, it is quite possible that she already has a specific model in mind.

Gifts For Health

A healthy lifestyle is not just fashionable hobbies now. Among the birthday gifts, there must be something for the health of the birthday girl. Don’t skimp on the really healthy stuff, not cheap protein bar kits.

Juicer. No matter how the relationship with a healthy diet develops by the age of nineteen, a juicer will come in handy. A glass of fresh after breakfast has both benefits and a light flair of the aristocracy. And fresh juices are also a good reason to think like an adult about what enters our body and what the consequences are.

Gifts For Travel

Nineteen years is the age from which a girl can completely independently decide where to go or go. Therefore, feel free to choose gifts for travel for your birthday.

Tent. You yourself know – in life, sometimes quite suddenly, there are moments when a tent is desperately needed. Especially when I was young. But keep in mind that a stuffy, uncomfortable and poorly protected from moisture tent can turn away from spending the night in hiking conditions for a long time. Fortunately, there are few such copies left on the market.

Suitcase. A symbolic gift that recognizes the girl’s right to complete freedom of movement and, as it were, says: “The whole world is now open to you.” Let the suitcase be compact – this will once again emphasize that the thing is purely personal. Secondly, he must be cute. And, of course, on casters.

Gifts For Creativity

A girl at the age of 19 may have several hobbies, usually, all her friends and relatives already know about them. Ask them and please the birthday girl with something that will definitely come in handy. Let your gift become a necessary, favorite thing for her.

Reflex camera. A rare modern girl is not interested in photography, at least at the level of Instagram. And 19 years is a very suitable age to fully experience the difference between a “DSLR” and a smartphone camera. If only it would be nice to be sure that the birthday girl is seriously passionate about this kind of art. Because the cheapest DSLRs cost the same as a smartphone with four cameras.

Home recording kit. By the age of 19, musical persons often begin to compose songs. The ability to record them at home is the most valuable gift for such a girl. You probably already have a musical instrument. Now you need an external sound card, microphone and headphones. All this can be purchased as a set or separately. Sound cards usually come with software, a music editor in the beginner’s version. The enthusiasm of youth is definitely enough to easily cope with mastering the basics of working in such a program.

Gifts For Sports

Movement is life, and even at this time, there is so much energy in the girls that they have enough for dancing until the morning and for active sports. The sports gift will definitely not leave the birthday girl indifferent.

Exercise bike. Large cities in Russia are still not sufficiently friendly towards two-wheeled road users. But pedaling is a good habit. Especially when compulsory physical education is a thing of the past.

The most profitable option in terms of saving living space would be an upright exercise bike, or even better, a folding one. What is nice, expensive copies differ from the available ones mainly in additional electronic gadgets. With the main goal, burning calories, everyone can do it. Only portable exercise machines cause mistrust here.

Balance board. The board on the roller was originally intended for training athletes for whom balance and coordination of movements are critical. But the thing “went to the people,” became fashionable and self-sufficient. We recommend giving it together with skate protective ammunition.

Gifts For Comfort

Show the birthday girl that you care about her health and comfort. Let your gift remind her that someone is worried if she is cold or wet. Just consider your color preferences so that your present does not lie dead weight in her closet.

The original umbrella. An unusual but reliable women’s umbrella will be a great gift if the birthday girl does not expect too much from you. After all, it’s one of those things that you don’t usually buy yourself. In addition, umbrellas tend to get lost somewhere, which means there are never many of them.

Gifts For Pleasure

The pleasures of adulthood can be difficult to resist. And here, the old wisdom comes to the rescue: “If you cannot win – lead.” Why not choose a symbolic adult gift for a girl?

Wine accessories set. Such a set (if it includes something other than a corkscrew and a cork) will push you to a deeper acquaintance with the drink, the formation of the correct culture of consumption. A book about the nuances of winemaking will not be superfluous either. By the way, understanding wine is a youth trend that is only gaining momentum.

Gifts for a Business Girl

Highlight your admiration for the birthday girl by listing her best business qualities. The birthday girl will definitely appreciate your speech. A gift can be something useful for her active social activities, studies or work.

Diary. Symbols of the transition to the world of adults with its abundance of affairs and the eternal lack of time. Let it look so as not to leave doubts – everything on its pages is of great importance. And the lock provides a level of privacy appropriate for a nineteen-year-old girl.

Gift Tips

First of all, you must remember that a 19-year-old is no longer a child, so it is best to skip the options for traditional teen gifts right away. An exception can only be the originally designed sets of sweets, which are often presented even to adult women. All other categories of gifts are open to free choice, which can be limited only by the flight of your imagination.

Close relatives can opt for expensive items, and friends often limit themselves to exclusive souvenirs and hand-made gifts, which are mostly affordable. Try not to choose personal items for a girl. These things include clothes and shoes, fashion accessories, decorative cosmetics and perfumes. One of the few exceptions in this area can be caring cosmetics for daily use, all other accessories, when choosing, require the direct participation of the girl.

If you want to please the birthday girl with something new and unexpected, then be sure to be guided by the peculiarities of her character. When you decide to give a girl a certificate for a parachute jump, remember if she has a fear of heights. Such gifts, chosen at their discretion, can turn into a big disappointment for the birthday girl.

It is also worth abandoning banal gift options, such as home appliances and accessories, as well as standard souvenirs. The day of the 19th anniversary is just that holiday on the occasion of which you can and should make the most incredible and original gifts. Unusual souvenirs, hand-made gifts, personalized gifts and exclusive designer accessories are ideal as a presentation.

19th Birthday Gift Ideas

What will ideas for a gift for a girl for 19 years be the most relevant? Try to choose something unexpected and desirable at the same time for the birthday girl, and do not forget about flowers and original souvenirs. It is best to think over the options for a gift in advance, making accessories by hand should also be ordered several days, or preferably weeks before the holiday. Here are some gift ideas that are perfect for young girls:

  • design compositions of flowers, sweets or fruits;
  • electronic gadgets;
  • jewelry made of gold or silver;
  • fashionable accessories;
  • decorative home decorations;
  • tickets for entertainment or master classes;
  • Gift certificates.

One of the most common gifts for women is bouquets of flowers for sets of sweets, they will be relevant not only for the 19th birthday. As an alternative to the classic bouquet, you can choose a beautiful designer flower or fruit compositions decorated in a basket. Original “bouquets” are made from sweets and other types of sweets. Electronic gadgets and accessories them remain an excellent gift option for young people.

You don’t have to choose something expensive and trendy. Portable speakers and stylish headphones, cases and stands for mobile phones, fitness bracelets and other electronic novelties differ at an affordable price.

Parents and close relatives may prefer jewelry. If you do not have the opportunity to buy jewelry made of gold or silver, then pay attention to high-quality jewelry, which can also please many young fashionistas. In addition to jewelry, there are many more fashion accessories that every girl needs. Stylish bags and backpacks, scarves and wallets, gloves and belts – you can endlessly list the accessories you need to create a unique look.

You can also give preference to decorative decorations for the home, the birthday girl will certainly delight the original pillows, posters, lamps or unusual wall clocks. You can also give the hero of the occasion a ticket to a concert or a master class on your favorite type of creativity; professional photoshoots are very popular among young girls. If you do not have confidence in choosing a specific gift, then it is better to give preference to a gift certificate to a specific store.

Original Gifts

Young people who go to make a worthy gift to their friend for their 19th birthday should pay special attention to original and non-standard things. At a young age, not everyone can afford to make expensive gifts. There are many interesting accessories to choose from among affordable accessories. A very relevant and original gift for a girl for 19 years – means and accessories for personal care.

Girls can choose a set of brushes for creating make-up, a set for a manicure and a pedicure for a friend. It is more difficult for young people to understand the variety of girlish accessories. They can opt for hand-made organic cosmetic kits.

Another original and affordable present is a camera with an instant photo printing function. It will be great entertainment for the owner and will allow you to capture the brightest moments of life in a photo. When choosing original gifts for the birthday girl, do not forget about custom-made accessories. Handicrafts and souvenirs with photo printing have become very popular.

You can print her favorite photo on canvas for a friend, or you can order an artist to paint her portrait from a photo. It is important to note that hand-made art souvenirs are quite expensive and can be a great gift option from a large group of friends.

Among the most original souvenirs that are perfect for girls, it is worth noting handicrafts made from flowers printed on a 3D printer. Very interesting design compositions, soft toys and home decorations are made of such flowers. Unlike a bouquet of fresh flowers, such a “bouquet” will never fade and will delight the owner for many years.

At the age of 19, many girls are still studying, so hand-made stationery sets will be an excellent gift option. You can choose a beautiful notebook or a hand-made diary for her, order a stylish engraved pen and other accessories necessary for study.

If you are fond of any kind of creativity, do not miss the opportunity to make a gift for your girlfriend yourself. Such presents are always appreciated because they are made especially for the hero of the occasion. Even if handicraft is not your strong point, you can arrange a beautiful poster with congratulations for your friend or make a beautiful postcard yourself, hand-made souvenirs are always nice to receive.

Expensive Gifts for a Girl for 19 Years

On the day of the daughter’s majority, most parents prefer exceptional, expensive gifts. It can be luxurious home accessories, expensive jewelry, and new electronic accessories – the choice of a particular gift depends solely on the girl’s preferences and interests.

In recent years, smartphones, tablets, netbooks and laptops have become one of the most common parental gifts; without these electronic gadgets, the life of a modern person is simply unthinkable. New items in the world of electronics appear several times a year, so you will always have the opportunity to please your daughter with a worthy present.

If she pays much more attention to personal care than electronic gadgets, you can donate electronic beauty accessories to her. Choose the most modern and expensive hair dryer or a styler that allows you to do dozens of hairstyles. All kinds of epilators are very popular among girls, and you can also give preference to a modern home simulator.

Expensive gifts can be both practical and decorative, and you can also present your daughter with a certificate for some kind of exceptional entertainment. Maybe she has long dreamed of flying in a helicopter over her beloved city or wanted to go on vacation to the sea. Such gifts for the 19th birthday will also come in handy, the value of such gifts lies in the fact that they can give the owner an unforgettable experience. The opportunity to have an incendiary party with friends can also become a very desirable and valuable birthday present for a birthday girl.

Useful Gifts

Choosing which gift to give for 19 years, you definitely don’t want to be limited to only decorative souvenirs. For the hero of the occasion, you can choose a very interesting and useful gift, and one of these gifts will be certificates for shopping. If you know which brand of clothing the birthday girl prefers, you can buy her a gift certificate at the appropriate store. In it, she will be able to choose new stylish things and accessories for herself, but it is not worth choosing new clothes and shoes for the birthday girl on her own.

In the variety of useful gifts, you can also choose many interesting home accessories. You can choose a set of original home clothes for the birthday girl or make an unusual blanket to order, on which her favorite photographs will be printed. Beautiful wall murals or an artistic lamp will help to create a unique atmosphere in the girl’s room; they are excellent options for inexpensive and practical gifts.

If a girl has a favorite hobby, then she can choose new accessories for her hobby. The useful gifts you have chosen will not be boring if you choose them, focusing on the interests and preferences of the birthday girl. Many girls at the age of 19 are fond of sports and keep fit, they can choose new sports accessories as a birthday present or buy a subscription to a popular gym. Beautiful sportswear and sports nutrition purchase certificates can be great gifts from this category too.

Among the variety of useful gifts, one should not forget about books. At 19, literary preferences can be very different, someone is crazy about exciting romance novels, while other girls prefer serious educational literature. In any case, a carefully selected book can be an excellent option for both a basic gift and a practical souvenir.

A Gift for a Girl From a Guy

Many people believe that gifts for a girl from a boyfriend can be extremely romantic. Indeed, a certain element of romance may be present in the selected present, but you definitely should not be limited to standard romantic souvenirs. You can organize an interesting joint entertainment for your girlfriend, only it should be selected in such a way that it would be interesting for two.

It can be a trip to a concert or a stylish nightclub, many people prefer sports activities. If funds permit, invite the girl to fly over the city in a hot air balloon. If she loves the most unusual entertainment, you can invite her to a new quest room, and some girls may be impressed by going to a shooting club. A horse ride can be an excellent example of joint romantic entertainment, and you can also order a joint photo session on her birthday.

Such original presentations can be supplemented with romantic souvenirs, for example, to make your girlfriend a beautiful composition of balloons or a bear from rosebuds. A very interesting option for a romantic souvenir is eternal flower arrangements in flasks, as well as jewelry in a romantic style. Among the most interesting romantic souvenirs, it is worth highlighting T-shirts that can be chosen either directly for the birthday girl or for two.

Buy your girlfriend a stylish My Favorite Girl T-shirt so she can wear it when you go for a walk or party together. There are also many interesting options for couples t-shirts with romantic designs. Young people should wear them at the same time, the design of such T-shirts complements each other and forms a single composition.

Inexpensive Gifts

If you are looking for an inexpensive 19th birthday present for your girlfriend, take a look at cute souvenirs and handicrafts. They can be both decorative and practical; it is best to order the production of such presents in advance. Among the most attractive inexpensive accessories are:

  • hand-made notebooks and diaries;
  • decorative pillows;
  • photo calendars;
  • confectionery bouquets;
  • cinema or theater tickets;
  • a set of favorite dishes;
  • accessories for electronic gadgets.

All girls love cute, stylish accessories, so colorful notebooks, notebooks and diaries will be a very pleasant and exclusive surprise for them. With a variety of inexpensive accessories, you can choose interior decorations for your home. It can be colorful pillows, a calendar with a photo of the birthday girl, and unusual lamps. Even at a young age, girls strive to make their room cozy and unusual, so such accessories will not be forgotten.

For a sweet tooth, you can order the production of a confectionery bouquet, and if your friend has a favorite dish, do not miss the opportunity to treat her to her on holiday. A great option for an inexpensive presentation would be cinema or theater tickets. If her birthday coincided with the premiere of a new interesting film where her favorite actor is filmed, do not miss the opportunity to make such a symbolic gift.

Finally, do not forget about the original accessories for electronic gadgets. Cute smartphone cases, colorful laptop bags, the latest wireless earbuds or solar-powered chargers have long become a must-have for everyday use.

What Is Better Not to Give

Those who have not yet decided what to give a girl for 19 years should definitely take into account one important nuance. Not all things, even very necessary and expensive, can pretend to be a good gift. Some items are not accepted to give due to unfavorable omens, while other gifts may even offend the birthday girl. Never choose items or accessories that can remind a girl of her appearance or health problems.

If she is overweight, then a new simulator or gym membership is unlikely to be a pleasant gift for her on her 19th birthday. An exception can be made only if the hero of the occasion herself expresses a desire to start a new life and wants to cope with her problem with all her might. For girls who have skin problems, caring for cosmetics is not the best option. If you want to make a gift from this category by all means, visit a well-known cosmetics brand store and buy a gift certificate for her. Let the birthday girl decide which skincare products she needs the most.

In your pursuit of fashion accessories, try not to buy cheap fakes. Such things are rarely of high quality; it is possible to recognize a fake in them without much difficulty. It is best to choose the fashion accessories of the brand that suits your financial situation. Hobby products should also be chosen with special care. You can make a choice in their favor only if you know for sure about the girl’s hobbies. If she has never been seen embroidering or knitting, then presents from these categories may seem simply useless to her.

Of the things that are not customary to give in accordance with the signs, it is worth highlighting a wristwatch. It is believed that such a gift can shorten the life of the future owner. Also, do not give her various piercing and cutting objects. Even if a girl enjoys cooking, a set of top-notch kitchen knives may not be the optimal present. Some accessories and personal care supplies cannot be considered the best gift option either. Shaving razors, deodorants, cosmetics for imperfect skin – everyone should buy such accessories on their own, they will not be suitable for the role of a gift.

How to Choose a Gift for a Girl for 19 Years

  • By the time they come of age, most teens are active on social media. Perhaps the birthday girl’s posts will suggest an idea for a gift.
  • At the age of 19, many are trapped in stereotypes about adult life and the distribution of social roles in it. You should not use gifts to confirm teenage fears and scare you with dull scenarios of the future. For example, a set of utensils or utensils could be interpreted as referring to “stovetop.” And the absolutely terrible idea is to give something for the future family life.
  • Emphasize with a gift that the girl is entering a period of unprecedented freedom. That she is free to make any decisions. Even if this is not entirely true, you still want to believe in a fairy tale at this age.
  • Adult skincare products, like any cosmetics that remind you of age, are a bad idea. There is no need for them, but they are able to sow unnecessary anxiety about the future.
  • Money is a boring gift. But we have to admit that due to the lack of good ideas, as well as in the event of a failure of gift intelligence, it is better to present a swollen envelope for 19 years.
  • The nineteenth birthday is a very important milestone. Formally, the girl will become an adult, but she is still waiting for the gift with the bright emotions of a teenager. A better moment to fulfill any of her big dreams may not turn up. So don’t save!


Whatever present you choose, try not to forget about the original souvenirs, they are nice to receive at any age. Among the variety of practical souvenirs for young people, colorful T-shirts with drawings and inscriptions remain one of the best options.

Girls over 19 years old can choose a stylish T-shirt that will express their individuality and will be a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd. In the catalogs of the World of T-shirts store, there are options for women’s T-shirts for romantic natures, inveterate athletes and music lovers, lovers of creativity and creativity. You will be delighted not only by a huge selection of models but also by reasonable prices.

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