Best 19th Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter

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A daughter’s birthday is a significant event for every parent, especially if she is already celebrating an “adult” date.

19th Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter

Last year we celebrated coming of age: it would seem that the problems with choosing a gift were left behind. But now the question has again ripened, how to please the grown-up daughter. So, first, let’s decide from which area you need a gift:

Best 19th Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter

If you limit the range of intended gifts, the choice will be significantly reduced. Now make an effort and determine what your daughter really likes.

1. Hobby Gift

This category includes all kits for creativity, sports equipment, music CDs, art albums, etc .:

  • if a girl loves to create soft toys at her leisure, she will like the thematic set for creativity;
  • if she never turns off the songs of a certain musical group, give her a CD with the last concert of the group. The best alternative, in this case, would be a ticket for the singer’s performance – if it takes place in another city, arrange a trip;
  • a brand new tracksuit or tennis rackets will suit a girl who leads an active lifestyle;
  • Give an album with reproductions of famous painters to a young lady who is studying the work of artists of a certain era.

With gifts for hobbies, everything is usually quite simple – and the choice is large, and at a price, you can choose an affordable one.

2. Clothing

Every girl wants to look fashionable and stylish. If you know your daughter’s tastes, there will be no problems with the gift. But you have to walk around fashionable boutiques and choose an exclusive item, then sales assistants will come to your aid.

It’s great if you know what kind of wardrobe item your daughter dreamed about – you don’t even have to look, go and buy. Or present a certificate of purchase in a spectacular way.

3. Decorations

A grown girl needs jewelry. Of course, the date is not round, and a high-quality present will not be cheap, but among the assortment of jewelry stores, it will be possible to find a budget option. In this case, pay attention to the following products:

  • Gold chain – a memorable gift for daily wear and for special occasions. Pay attention to the thickness of the product: thin chains are not suitable for girls with curvaceous forms, so it is better to buy something more massive;
  • Earrings. Earlier, women’s earrings played the role of a talisman, even if they still serve as a talisman for a growing daughter. If a girl prefers silver, take a look at products made of white gold or platinum. Pay attention to the model of the earrings – they must match the shape of the birthday girl’s face;
  • Ring. A modest, graceful ring will remind you of loving parents every dayThis is a symbol of the feminine principle, the ring brings love and family well-being. It will be great to find a piece of jewelry with a suitable zodiac stone.

4. Cosmetics

This is a good gift, girls at this age rarely go without makeup. But make your choice responsibly: cosmetics should be of high quality and proven.

If you know your daughter’s preferences for a particular brand, choose decorative products from the same company. Such a gift will significantly save the girl’s budget in the future. Everyone knows that being beautiful is not a cheap pleasure.

5. Nice Little Thing

The gift doesn’t have to be expensive.

It can be a cute little thing that will become a memory for your daughter.

Suitable as such a gift:

  • box;
  • vase;
  • pillow with a funny inscription;
  • a set of combs;
  • diary;
  • a case for a phone;
  • laptop bag;
  • wallet;
  • USB flash drive of the original design;
  • cool figurine or glass.

A romantic girl will love a set of candles or fragrant curly soap. If your daughter has a good sense of humor, present her with a T-shirt or apron with Angelina’s torso. There are many options.

6. Emotion Gift

This is probably the best gift that parents can give – after all, students have so little time for entertainment, and youth requires fun.

If funds allow, organize a trip for the birthday girl to the country in which she dreamed of visiting. But take into account the recommendations: If your daughter already has a permanent partner, they should be sent on a trip together. As a last resort, let them go with a friend: so it will be calmer for you, that the child is not alone in a distant country, and the daughter is more cheerful.

We will add a visit to the SPA in the same category: it is better to present a certificate so that the girl can independently choose the services that she likes best.

Give vivid impressions of adventurers and extreme sports, for example:

  • skydiving;
  • diving into the depths of the sea;
  • rafting on a mountain river;
  • climbing the mountains.

The daughter will appreciate such a gift – she will understand that her parents are interested in her life and hobbies.

Organizing a party is a good option. Notify the girl’s friends: for sure, they will not refuse help and suggest creative ideas.

7. Sweets

Even an adult girl remains a child who is not averse to eating something tasty. You can give the birthday girl an original bouquet of sweets or a cake with mastic and photo printing.

Or you can make a gift set yourself: buy a medium-sized basket and fill it with your daughter’s favorite sweets and fruits. Let her feel like a helpless little girl again, whom mom and dad love very much.

A poster decorated with chocolates will also create a festive mood – the daughter will understand what kind of creative parents she has.

8. Gadgets

If you decide to donate a gadget, then it should be cool and preferably the latest model – otherwise, you just don’t need to spend money. An exception will be the situation when you are picking up a laptop for study.

And do not forget that a girl is celebrating her birthday: be sure to complement the present with a luxurious bouquet.

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