Best 19th Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend

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19th Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend: Choosing a gift is an exciting moment. You always want to pick up a present with taste and expectation that it will bring genuine pleasure and benefit to the future owner. If right now you are racking your brains over what to give your friend for 19 years – use the overview of current gifts and choose the most suitable one! Considering that this age is a kind of line between tear-off maximalism and the transformation of a guy into a confident man – we have collected the best gift ideas that will fall exactly in the top ten!

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Ideas for Original Gifts for 22 Years

1. Quest Hike

A win-win option if you want to give your friend an unforgettable “gift-impression”. An unusual and mysterious atmosphere, overwhelming adrenaline, a sea of ​​emotions and positive – this is exactly what you should experience on your 19th birthday!

Full immersion in the world of mysterious and ominous riddles, challenges with puzzles and the search for non-trivial solutions will unite you and give the birthday boy and his guests an unforgettable evening! It is better to order participation in the quest from the organizers a couple of weeks before the planned event.

Pick up a quest that intersects with your friend’s interests and hobbies. Take on zombie apocalypse challenges if he is interested in fantasy, or solve a medieval quest if the hero of the occasion is fond of history! This will further enhance the pleasant effect of the gift and emphasize your attention to the interests of your friend.

2. Paintball Gift Certificate

Brutal men’s fun is exactly what you need to get a whole range of unforgettable emotions! Cunning, strategy, pursuit and thirst for victory are guaranteed to tighten the birthday boy and everyone invited to the atmosphere of adventure!

If your friend is an active and open person – give him the opportunity to spend this day in an extraordinary, interesting and fun way!

Agree in advance with the organizers of paintball entertainment the cost of all services and ammunition and plan the number of invited people for an even division into teams! Preparing in advance will save you awkward and annoying moments.

The cost of participation can, by agreement, be divided into all invitees, which means it will not hit your budget hard.

3. Engraved Cufflinks

Of course, one can consider that for a 19-year-old age, such a man’s accessory is too “age”. But rest assured – such a thing will most likely be one of the first business accessories that will perfectly complement the image for upcoming interviews or making business contacts.

Complete your present with engraving with a short and warm wish and be sure that this gift will be one of the most memorable and useful.

Cufflinks should be of excellent quality and preferably in a classic style. The sophistication and pretentiousness for this accessory will only play a disadvantage.

4. Clothes or Accessories With a Unique Photo Print

Do you want to surprise your friend with an original thing and at the same time make a gift with meaning? Photo printing on a T-shirt, backpack or cap will perfectly cope with this task. As a print, you can choose a unique photo of the birthday person, an image that intersects with his hobby or a cool inscription – everything here will depend solely on your imagination and sense of humor of the future owner.

19th Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend

1. Sports Paraphernalia and Season Tickets

If your friend is fond of sports, leads a healthy lifestyle and keeps fit, he will appreciate a gift in the form of sports attributes or a subscription to a fashionable fitness center. In addition, you can present a certificate for a sports or therapeutic massage, a subscription for an unlimited visit to the pool, etc. Sport is life, so give your best friend longevity!

2. Functional Sets for Tourism, Fishing, Barbecue

An absolute hit if your buddy is an avid fisherman, traveler or just a supporter of outdoor activities! The sets contain the most necessary equipment and individual items (folding tables, chairs, a set of baits for fishing, etc.), which will make your rest or hobby as comfortable as possible.

3. Computer Accessories and Gadgets

Present the most up-to-date and modern computer accessories and a friend’s gratitude is guaranteed to you! Remember how nice it is to receive as a gift something that you feel sorry for buying yourself. A high-capacity flash drive, an ultra-clear webcam, speakers or headphones are never superfluous.

4. Poker Set

Poker is a pretty trendy game. It will be especially great to organize poker competitions in a close male circle. It is reckless, atmospheric and perfectly diversifies boring everyday life.

Budget Gift Ideas for 19th Best Friend

1. Mobile Phone / Tablet / Laptop Case

An excellent choice for those who want to make a quality, useful and budget gift. Such accessories are never superfluous and allow you to change the style of your gadgets at least every day! In addition, if your friend suffers from inattention to technology, you will save his money for further repairs of an accidentally broken or scratched phone/tablet/laptop.

For many models of covers, you can order original photo printing. Take advantage of this option and the gift will acquire individuality and even more value, despite the democratic budget.

2. Quality Organizer With Handle

Another must-have gift that will always come in handy! It doesn’t matter if your friend is working or studying – there are invariably moments when you need to take notes on lectures, enter important work information or write down contacts. An electronic carrier can break, freeze, get lost, and a paper analog is much more reliable and always at hand. Proven by practice and time.

3. Cake or Sweets in a Typical Birthday Style

Sweet is always associated with a sense of celebration and the release of endorphins. So why not make a present for a 19-year-old friend in the form of a delicious cake or sweets? Order a cake with your favorite theme or even a birthday photo and you won’t go wrong! In addition, it is a great end to the holiday, which will forever remain in the memory and in the photographs.

4. Photo Calendar

Make a selection of 12 of your photos with the most memorable and warm moments and order a photo calendar. Each new month will remind you of the most positive and bright moments of your friendship.

Ideas for Cool and Comic Gifts for 19 Years

1. Draw Order

Here you can give free rein to imagination and come up with whatever your heart desires! Starting with a harmless holiday in the style of “Surprise!”

It’s important not to go too far. Try to adequately assess your friend’s sense of humor and nervous system. Give preference to positive pranks.

2. Flying Alarm Clock

If you have never made such a gift – now is the time to fix it! Surprise and delight are guaranteed! Such a gift will be especially relevant if you want to make every morning the birthday person not only cheerful and cheerful but also sporty.

Just imagine: your friend wakes up from the ringing of the alarm clock and must not just press the shutdown button, but catch him and insert the propeller in place to turn it off! Sleep immediately removes the hand, and the positive charge for the whole day is provided. In addition, it is an excellent physical exercise after sleep.

3. Radio-controlled Toys

Every man – whether he is 19 or 52 years old – is a child at heart. And he will 100% love the radio-controlled toy. Whether it’s a complex aircraft model, RC boats, boats or just cars – it’s always fun to drive! You can arrange a competition between friends by presenting a set of several attributes at once. Make your friend’s birthday truly unforgettable and original!

Top 10 Gifts for a Best Friend for 19 Years

  • Mechanical watches
  • Genuine leather wallet or purse
  • Genuine leather tablet bag/briefcase
  • Perfume
  • Elite alcohol
  • Modern gadgets: phone / laptop / tablet
  • Brand clothing and accessories
  • Book in a deluxe edition
  • Multitools
  • Car accessories


Remember that when choosing a gift, the main thing is not its cost, but your personal attitude. Try to ask your friend in advance what he would like to get and build on your financial capabilities. We hope our review of current gifts will help you make the right choice and a gift to your friend for 19 years will bring a lot of positive emotions.

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