Best 19 Year Old Birthday Gift Ideas in 2023

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Finding what to give a guy for 19 years is a task that is easy to cope with only at first glance. Yesterday’s schoolboy becomes an adult, he enters into adulthood and must remember this special day, and even more, so remember forever!

19 Year Old Birthday Gift Ideas

You must do everything possible so that the birthday person on the holiday of his majority received the maximum positive charge. Using our advice, you can find a good gift for a guy for 19 years.

Best 35 Ideas of 19 Year Old Birthday Gift Ideas

  • Stylish travel bag
  • Boxing gloves
  • Home hammock
  • Plasma ball
  • Forms for sandwiches or omelet
  • Stones for whiskey
  • Chocolate fountain
  • Mini Popcorn Maker
  • Action camera for shooting cool videos
  • Cotton candy machine
  • Luminous shoelace
  • Sweatshirt with a cool picture
  • Piggybank puzzle
  • Beer helmet
  • Faux fur hat
  • Souvenir bar “For the Strongest”
  • Gloves for training or cycling
  • Communication headset
  • Gaming mouse
  • Dinosaur 3D Lamp
  • Aerofootball set
  • Desktop book boxes
  • Hammock for legs under the desk
  • Survival kit
  • Sleeping bag
  • Gamepad
  • Sofa armrest organizer
  • Vacuum cleaner for keyboard
  • Tabletop punching bag antistress
  • Backlit goblet
  • Water scooter
  • Big congratulatory wall newspaper
  • Metal detector
  • Multitool
  • Electronic translator

What Original Gift to Give a Guy for 19 Years?

Let’s start with the idea of original gifts for a guy for 19 years, which can easily make the birthday man speechless. You know that surprising a teenager is another task, but if you go through experiments, discard your prejudices and try to look at things through the eyes of the birthday boy, you will be able to complete the mission!

You simply have no choice but to do your best to impress. For example, here’s what original you can give a guy for 19 years:

1. Personalized Pillow

Usually, teens don’t like to be taught, but edifying speeches can be expressed in unusual ways! For example, choose a ready-made pillow or order a pillow with phrases printed on it. Instructive words like “Lech, go to bed in any incomprehensible situation” will amuse the birthday man and sink into his soul for a long time.

2. Lamp With Wireless Charging

This is what the original can give a guy for 19 years who reads a lot and often writes something at the table until dark. A lamp made in a laconic design will decorate both the workplace and the bedside table. The birthday boy will be able to choose the optimal angle of inclination, brightness and temperature of the light. But the main feature of this lamp is wireless charging from a smartphone!

3. Smart Watch

Such a gadget will be the perfect assistant for a young birthday boy! Only in appearance, do they look like an ordinary electronic clock. In fact, they can take calls, pay bills, and download applications. Such a clock is an excellent cheat sheet for a student because the teacher may not even guess that the guy is looking at the dial not at all to clarify the time!

4. Virtual Reality Glasses

These accessories amaze everyone who has looked at them at least once. They are suitable for watching 3D videos using a smartphone, as well as TV shows, and concerts of your favorite artists, providing good resolution and rich colors. This is a suitable original gift for a 19-year-old guy who actively uses gadgets.

5. Darts

Do not assume that the onset of the 19th birthday dramatically forces a person to grow up. The guy you know still has the same boy who would love to play dart throwing. Darts is a fun game that can be played as part of a party or just out of boredom.

6. Growing Pencils

Here’s what unusual you can give a guy who loves to draw, makes sketches, and drawings for his 19th birthday. Once the pencil is very short, stick it into the soil. And after a couple of days of regular watering, in front of a creative guy, a basil or mint plant will bloom to his delight!

7. Poker Set

Such a game develops mathematical and strategic thinking, killing time usefully and fostering faith in victory. This set will be an occasion to pass the day with fun with friends, if, for example, the weather is not very pleasant outside.

8. Runaway Alarm Clock

Good prevention of being late to the university and important meetings. You won’t be able to turn it off so easily. As soon as the birthday boy wants to delay the signal, the device will start running wildly, jumping and making sounds that will definitely make the sleepyhead get up from the bed.

9. Radio-controlled Helicopter

With such a device, an adult boy will not get bored. This is not just a toy, but a joy for a person who is keen on aviation. This is also a big surprise for a guy who has not yet had time to realize his dreams.

10. Glasses With a Video Camera

This is what an unusual gift you can give a guy for 19 years if he loves to shoot videos. It is only at first glance that these accessories seem to be ordinary glasses. In fact, with their help, a guy will be able to shoot interesting scenes unnoticed by others. The video material is recorded on the card, which allows you to edit it later on a computer or laptop. The glasses are also charged from these devices.

11. Thermo Mug

This is where the real magic happens! As soon as a hot drink is in such a container, it will change its design strikingly, inviting the owner to observe the constellations appearing or the color change.

On the occasion of the age of majority, a flash drive made of wood will do. The sturdy case with the natural wood grain will amaze others. If you wish, you can decorate such a flash drive with engraving or a congratulatory inscription for the birthday person. If this option seems boring to you, then choose a flash drive stylized as a car or a bullet.

What is useful to give a guy for 19 years old?

To choose a really useful gift for a guy for his 19th birthday, which he will use with pleasure and joy, pay attention to the birthday boy’s hobbies, and his lifestyle. At this age, a teenager continues to search for himself and finds bolder ways of self-expression. Many people start doing something creative that they missed in childhood (for example, playing a musical instrument). Here’s what we offer as a useful gift for a guy for 19 years:

What Is Interesting to Give a Guy for 19 Years

To choose an interesting gift for a guy for 19 years, usually, you have to tinker a lot. Basically, any day can be made special if you back it up with unforgettable impressions. For example, a loved one or friend can be presented with a certificate for an extreme adventure or a thing that he could only dream of. Here’s what we offer an interesting gift to a guy for 19 years:

1. Adventure

On this day, a birthday person can be surprised with a certificate for a jump from 4000 meters. With a parachute, of course! Such a gift is suitable if the guy often boasted of his courage and bravery. Here it is time to check if this is really so! If skydiving is too cool and extreme, present the guy with the opportunity to fly in a wind tunnel. Vivid impressions await the birthday boy, but without unnecessary danger.

2. Master Class

It is never too late to study, and the 19th birthday is a great occasion to comprehend something new and to reveal your next talent. The guy can be pleased on such an important day with a master class in fencing (if he is not indifferent to ancient weapons), and sushi cooking (enough to spend money on something that you can cook yourself). If an artist is still sleeping in the soul of a friend, boyfriend or brother, give him the opportunity to attend a drawing workshop.

3. Concert

The opportunity to celebrate a birthday right under the stage during a performance of your favorite band is what you can give a guy for 19 years! This idea will not leave indifferent a music lover and an ardent fan, whose walls of the room are almost all hung with posters of their favorite musicians. The more global the event, the higher the chances that this birthday will sit in the head of the birthday person for a long time!

4. Unusual Congratulations

Surprising the birthday person with pleasant words in a conspicuous place, for example, on a billboard on the way to the university – why not a present worthy of admiration? You can also give your 19th birthday boy an interesting gift in the form of a mailbox for a parcel. Let him suspect that some distant relative has decided to surprise him on such a day. Put in the box everything the guy is crazy about – sausages, sausages, a can of beer, chips, caviar.

5. A Luxurious Vacation

This is not about the beach and palm trees, but about the opportunity to spend such a day in the spa with a massage session or in a bath. In the sauna, the birthday person will be able to take a good steam bath with friends or in a close circle of loved ones, which will give not only good emotions but also strengthen health.

A guy for his 19th birthday can be presented with an interesting portrait printed on designer paper. A masterpiece like this can easily be mistaken for the work of a talented artist, as the special canvas effect paper and watercolor effect ink give the work a stunning look. Alternatively, you can give the birthday person a portrait made of threads, words of congratulations or a photo printed on the board.

What Is an Inexpensive but Pleasant Gift to Give a Guy for 19 Years?

It so happens that on the eve of an important holiday there is very little money. In this case, you will have to prepare an inexpensive gift for a guy for 19 years. When choosing such a presentation, you need to take into account that you are not presenting it just to serve the line.

Therefore, the gift should be useful. The birthday boy should not put it away and then successfully forget about its existence. Well, and most importantly – this thing or accessory should be of interest to the hero of the occasion. Here’s what inexpensive but pleasant you can give a guy for 19 years:

1. Winemaker

Here’s what inexpensive you can give a guy for 19 years if he loves quick snacks. Such a thing, despite the modest price, will definitely come in handy. It has enough room for a cup of tea, a glass of wine and a few snacks. With such a device, you don’t have to drag an uncomfortable tray and a mountain of plates from one room to another, fearing that something is about to fall out of your hands.

2. Smartphone Screen Magnifier

With this accessory, watching videos for a whole group of friends will become much more comfortable! The birthday boy will not miss a single detail.

3. Magnetic Note Board

It’s time to end your friend’s forgetfulness. You can paint the board with drawings and decorate the refrigerator door with your own handiwork. Or use it as a space for funny jokes, reminders, gags.

4. Carnivorous Plant

Here’s what pet to start with if a guy dreams of a pet. This predatory flower has two benefits: it produces oxygen, like all plants, and also destroys mosquitoes, spiders, and harmful insects. How? He just devours them!

5. Jump Rope With Electronic Counter

Here’s what an inexpensive but useful gift you can give a guy who loves to play sports on a 19-year-old DR. With the help of regular jumps, it will be possible to tone the whole body.

6. Book-safe

This is what is inexpensive but pleasant, you can give a guy for 19 years who has long dreamed of acquiring a place to store his secret letters, a collection of postcards and other valuable things. Such a book is easily disguised among the folios on the bookshelf.

For coming of age, you can give mulled wine glasses, paired beer mugs decorated with bright patterns, a coffee grinder, and a kite. The birthday boy is, as it were, in the middle between adulthood and yesterday’s childhood, so presentations with a slight touch of fun from the past are also suitable. For example, a design mug or a radio-controlled helicopter. Well, the most useful budget option is a Russian dictionary.

What’s Cool to Give a Guy for 19 Years?

With the help of a cool gift for a guy for 19 years, you can not only bring a smile to the face of the hero of the occasion but also make him feel special sympathy for you. Don’t be discouraged if you haven’t come up with anything suitable yet. We have prepared a list of cool ideas to give a guy for 19 years:

1. Bed Linen “Cosmonaut”

So what if the 19th anniversary is on the doorstep? If the birthday boy has dreamed of going into space since childhood, make it easier for him. Present a set of sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases with space-themed 3D prints. This is a good option for a fun 19-year-old present for a guy from his brother or sister.

2. A Box With Several Cans of Beer

Such a birthday should be celebrated on a grand scale! And it is better to drink a jar of delicious beer for health and happiness. Such a cool gift can be presented to a guy on his 19th birthday by friends.

3. Basket With Cold Cuts and Sausages

The birthday boy’s stomach will enjoy it! A 19-year-old is still a growing organism that requires many elements for its development, so edible surprises are very appropriate.

4. Personalized Gadget Case

Such a cool gift can be presented to a guy for 19 years from a friend. Personalized presents evoke special feelings because these are things intended for a specific person.

The guy will also love the relaxing eye pad, which will give him quick relaxation after reading or watching a video for a long time. But the main bonus is that it is filled with lavender and flax seeds, so thanks to their aromas, the birthday person will be mentally transported to one of the distant countries, like India. The pillow will give you full rest and help restore harmony inside.

Top 34 Best Ideas That You Can Give a Guy for 19 Years

Fortunately, the problem of choosing a presentation has existed for a very long time, so people have accumulated a lot of experience in solving this issue. The development of modern technologies and the use of advanced developments in the modern world have only expanded the list of gift ideas for a teenager. If you want to choose a really good and useful gift, we advise you to use the most popular ideas that are presented in our selection:

  • A leather bag or purse for storing important documents and money will be useful to a teenager in his later life.
  • Tuition fees at a prestigious university will be an excellent gift option for a teenager who wants to get a higher education.
  • Ashtray or lighter for a smoker.
  • A phone holder with which you can take unusual pictures.
  • Anti-stress in the form of a soft pillow with balls.
  • Bag chair.
  • New smartphone or tablet.
  • Hammock for home and garden.
  • A small fan that attaches to the keyboard.
  • Backlight for keys on a laptop.
  • Gaming computer mouse.
  • Certificate for the purchase of computer games.
  • Modern glasses with virtual reality function.
  • Blindfold, earplugs and pillow for comfortable sleep.
  • Home dressing gown with slippers.
  • A set for a bath, which includes a broom, mittens and a hat.
  • Airball with LED lighting.
  • USB flash drive or removable disk for storing personal information
  • Tickets for a concert by your favorite musical group.
  • Helmet for riding a motorcycle.
  • If a young man is fond of sports, it is worth giving him equipment.
  • Stylish shoes for a classic suit.
  • Organizer for placing writing utensils on the desktop.
  • A classic piggy bank for money.
  • Army dry rations will become a symbolic gift for an adult guy.
  • Quality parker handle with a set of rods.
  • A set for a real man, which can include various sweets or delicacies.
  • Mountain climbing certificate.
  • The wireless charging station will become an indispensable assistant in the age of modern technology.
  • Wireless waterproof speaker.
  • A tie with a clip or a bow tie will complement the classic suit of a young man.
  • Professional sneakers with automatic lace-tie function.
  • Skateboard or bike for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • A portable charger is useful in any life situation.

Practical Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend for 19 Years

The moment of growing up and transitioning to an independent life is a turning point for every person. During this period, a person’s worldview and life values ​​change. In this regard, special attention should be paid to the choice of a practical gift that will be useful to a young person in his future life and, possibly, in his professional activity. Among the most useful gifts for a young person are the following:

  • In the modern world, it is impossible to imagine a person without technical means of communication. You can find a useful accessory for your phone. Headphones, sports bracelets or smartwatches will become an indispensable element of a teenager’s everyday life.
  • The modern format of e-books for reading your favorite works will be a good presentation option for a reading young man.
  • A classic suit or coat will be a useful gift for a young person entering adulthood.
  • The multifunctional knife will come in handy in any life situation.
  • If your financial situation allows you to make an expensive present for a guy, you can give him a car for his 19th birthday.
  • A new computer or laptop will become an irreplaceable assistant in the future life of a young person.
  • Classic shoe care kit and electric shoe dryers.
  • A certificate for the purchase of household appliances or the purchase of computer accessories will allow the guy to independently choose the necessary equipment for the house.

What to Give a Son on His 19th Birthday From His Parents?

For parents, the period of growing up a child is also of particular importance. Mom and Dad, who recently taught the child the first words and steps, supported him in all endeavors, rejoiced at all the successes and achievements, should let their son go into independent adult life. This holiday is filled with vivid memories and bright joy. To emphasize the importance of the event, parents wish to choose a special gift for their son. In the list below, we have collected a selection of the most successful gift ideas for a child’s 19th birthday from parents:

  • For a teenager who turns 19, a high-quality wristwatch with a leather strap will be an excellent gift. To make the gift give pleasant memories, you can make engraving on the watch.
  • If you have a sufficient amount of money, it is worth spending it on the purchase of a ticket to travel around the world. The child will definitely appreciate such a surprise from the parents.
  • For a young person in a transitional age, you can give a game console with your favorite games. Despite the fact that the child has already grown up, for the parents, he will always be a child.
  • Another option for a gift is a hoverboard or electric scooter. A modern means of transportation will certainly come in handy for a young man.
  • If a young man is fond of collecting, it is worth supplementing his collections. Study your son’s hobbies carefully in order to present him with a suitable model of car, coins, stamps or collectible weapons.
  • A modern electric shaver is also an excellent present for a grown-up child.

Commemorative Gifts From Grandmother for Coming of Age

Almost every person on the planet associates a grandmother with something warm and cozy, and for some, the grandmother evokes memories of childhood and summer holidays. Perhaps the grandmother no longer follows fashion and modern technical progress, but her gifts always carry warmth and care, which is why they are so memorable and important for a teenager. An excellent option for a memorable gift for a grandson on his 19th birthday would be the following ideas:

  • Warm sweater, socks, scarf, gloves. Ordinary items of clothing, but they are hand-knitted, therefore priceless. Such a surprise from your grandmother will give warm memories and pleasant emotions for many years.
  • A photo album where you can put your memorable pictures. A similar gift option is also perfect for an adult grandson.
  • Often, grandmothers give family values ​​that are passed on from generation to generation. Such a present is filled with deep meaning and memory of past generations. It is worth taking such gifts with all the importance.
  • If the grandmother cannot choose a gift, she most often consults with the grandchild’s parents. To give a good present, you can jointly choose an expensive technique that will be useful to a teenager.
  • Also, grandmothers often give money so that the grandson can choose a gift on his own. It should be understood that for a grandmother, it is not material values ​​that are more important, but wise advice, instructions and warm words.

Hobby Gift From Brother and Sister

The life of those people who have brothers and sisters in their families has been filled with incredible adventures and interesting events since childhood. Siblings have their own hobbies, personal secrets and special secrets that only they know about. For the brother’s majority, you can pick up a present associated with his individual hobbies, interests and hobbies:

  • Study your brother’s hobbies in advance, this will help you choose the right option for a gift. If a teenager is fond of ship models, it is worth buying the model he has long dreamed of, even if it is expensive.
  • For active athletes, a horizontal bar that can be installed in the doorway will become an indispensable gift. With his help, the brother will be able to play sports right at home.
  • For the runner, sneakers in which he will practice his favorite sport will become an irreplaceable gift. In addition, you can donate a wrist fitness bracelet to track your heart rate while running.
  • If you notice that your brother is fond of animals, you must consult with him in advance in order to give him a pet. It can be a cat, dog, hamster or even aquarium fish, depending on the preferences of the young man.
  • For mountain hikers, a Traveler’s Kit is a great surprise idea. You can put all your travel essentials in a large travel backpack.
  • If your brother is fond of fishing, choose a quality fishing rod or professional spinning rod with lures for him.
  • For a brother who already has a car, you can donate an interior cleaning kit. The most popular option is a special vacuum cleaner with a set of attachments that can be used to clean even the most difficult-to-reach places in the car.
  • A brother who is fond of musical creativity is recommended to present a musical instrument. Depending on your hobbies, you can donate a drum kit, guitar, synthesizer …
  • For the artist, you should choose a set of paints, high-quality consumables and a canvas for future creative success.

Original Gifts for a Guy From a Girl for His 19th Birthday

If your boyfriend has his 19th birthday soon, for sure, you will want to pick up something unusual and memorable for his holiday. Usually, a beloved girl knows the preferences of her boyfriend, so it will be easier for her to prepare a surprise. However, if you have no ideas, you can use the list below of the most popular ideas for choosing an original presentation for a guy:

  • Give your boyfriend an unforgettable romantic candlelight evening. Such an event will remain in the memory of a young man for a long time. For a romantic evening, you can choose a non-standard setting, it can be the roof of a house or a park if the weather conditions allow you to spend time outdoors.
  • For a young man, a girl can make a craft in the shape of a heart, on which words of love and wishes for a memorable date will be written. A handmade gift will surely please the young man, and will also give pleasant and warm emotions.
  • Cook his favorite food, it will show your love again, and it will also help to get creative in cooking.
  • If you have been dating a guy for a long time, you probably know his favorite perfume. This can be an excellent idea for a presentation, present a perfume with the guy’s favorite scent. However, if desired, a girl can choose a fragrance of her own preference, so that the young man tries a new perfume.
  • Tickets to go to the theater for two for a good performance will be a suitable option for a young person interested in art.

Funny Gifts for a Guy for Coming of Age From Friends

A special role in the life of every teenager is played by his friends because it is with them that the young man tries to spend most of his time. Friends usually create a certain comfort zone in which everyone can be themselves, so they can calmly play a trick on each other. The selection of funny gifts, souvenirs and gags are very large, we will only tell you about the most common ideas:

  • Medal or certificate with the inscription “For the coolest friend in the world.”
  • Anti-stress from the gift shop.
  • A case with fake bills will cheer up your friend and help cheer him up.
  • A skydiving certificate will boost your spirits and your adrenaline levels. However, such a gift should only be given if your friend loves extreme sports.
  • Alarm clock, to turn off which you need to catch up. A present like this will help a friend get up in the morning.
  • A suitcase with a geographic map so that a person can mark the countries and cities that he has already visited.
  • A set with various items of clothing and souvenirs with the theme of your friend’s favorite films or TV series. As an addition to the gift, you can arrange a themed party or visit a cafe decorated in the style of your favorite movie or TV series.
  • A lighter in the form of an unusual figure is suitable for a young man who smokes.
  • House slippers in the form of cars.

Ideas for Inexpensive Gifts for a Guy for 19 Years

Unfortunately, it often happens that the desire to make a good gift does not coincide with the financial capabilities, but this should not be an obstacle when choosing a present. There are many ideas for inexpensive and useful gifts for teenagers. If you want to find a suitable present at an affordable price, we advise you to use the tips below:

  • An inexpensive and high-quality leather-bound notebook or diary for recording your plans and smart thoughts every day. A gift like this will help a person make plans and manage time wisely.
  • A glass or thermos that does not spill water will be a classic addition to hiking trips.
  • Suspenders for classic pants will help to complement and emphasize the stylish look of a young man. As an addition, you can donate leather gloves and a trouser belt.
  • A poster depicting important things that need to be done in time in your life will pleasantly delight a young man on his birthday.
  • A decorative lava lamp will fill the room with unusual shades.
  • A quality umbrella with an engraved handle.
  • T-shirt with your brother’s favorite photo and wishes. An excellent idea would be to purchase a white T-shirt, on which all the family and friends of the young man will leave their wishes with colored pens or felt-tip pens.

Diy Gifts for a Guy’s 19th Birthday

Nothing can compare with a gift that you prepare with your own hands since no one will have a second one. If you also want to give the guy a charge of good mood and pleasant memories of the past holiday, you should consider the ideas below for preparing a surprise:

  • If you know how to cook deliciously and beautifully, then for your birthday you should make your own cake. As a decoration, you can print your photo on jelly with best wishes.
  • Hand-knitted items of clothing will also be a great addition to the holiday. The guy will be pleased to receive socks, a sweater or a hat that his girlfriend has knitted.
  • An unusual and romantic gift will be a congratulation in the format of a video or presentation. Try using photographs or videos of a young person’s memorable life.
  • If your boyfriend loves puzzles and quirky challenges, looking for a gift is a great idea. Place clue notes around the house ahead of time so the guy can find the present.
  • An unusual and original idea is to create small envelopes with sweets for all occasions. Place candies, cookies or other sweets in the envelope, and then sign in what situation you need to open this envelope. As an example, you can use the inscriptions “When you are sad”, “when you miss” …
  • If you have drawing skills, you can paint a portrait of a guy. This memorable gift will bring pleasant emotions and a good mood for many years.

What Shouldn’t You Give a Guy for 19 Years?

If you want to please your boyfriend with your gift, you can use the tips above. Choose the most suitable option to prepare a pleasant surprise for your loved one. However, we must not forget about those things that should not be used as a gift idea for a teenager. Despite the large list of great gift ideas, there are various gift options that you shouldn’t give a guy for his birthday. Among such ideas are the following:

  • Money is almost never recommended to be used as a gift for a person, especially when it comes to a teenager. A young man may misuse them, so you should choose a present yourself. A gift for the 19th birthday should be useful and original because this day will be remembered for a lifetime.
  • You shouldn’t give perfume to a young man either, as you may not guess his preferences and tastes. If you really want to give perfume or cologne, it is better to choose them with the birthday boy.
  • A guy may like underwear only if it is a gift from his girlfriend. However, in most cases, such a gift option would be inappropriate for a young man’s 19th birthday.
  • A pet can be presented to a guy only if you know his preferences and wishes in advance. If a young person is allergic or does not have time to
  • It is not recommended to give intimate surprises directly at the time of the birthday celebration, as there may be minor children nearby. In addition, an intimate gift can embarrass a person. If you want to give something intimate with the restriction of 19+, it is better to do it alone with the birthday boy.

The transition to adulthood is always associated with something unusual and important, the boy gradually turns into a man, which is reflected in his character and behavior. When choosing a gift, you should pay special attention to the teenager’s hobbies, interests and hobbies.

Final Thought

Also, when choosing a present, you should pay attention to the aspirations of the young man and his goals in life. To make the gift really good, you should put a piece of your soul into it. Warm memories will always delight a person, as well as support him in difficult times even after many years.

Almost every person associates the eighteenth birthday with the transition to an adult and independent life. In this regard, you should choose a special and unique gift that will emphasize the importance of the moment. If you also want to choose a present for a guy who will soon be 19 years old, we advise you to read the selection of various presentation ideas presented below.

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