Best 18th Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls From a Guy

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Best 18th Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls: Despite the fact that the 18th birthday is not around the date, this is a very significant and extraordinary event in the girl’s life, requiring a special approach to choosing a gift. Try to prepare for this date in advance. Take a closer look at the girl’s hobbies, listen to her words, and delve into her interests. This will help you not to get into a mess and give exactly what can cause her the most enthusiastic feelings.

18th Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

Also, don’t forget about the colors. Extraordinary peony roses will surprisingly subtly emphasize the beauty and youth of your chosen one and will look great in her photographs.

Top 100 Ideas of What to Give a Girl for 18 Years From a Guy

  • Florarium
  • Exotic Fruit Basket
  • Goddess of Love Diploma
  • A pet
  • Dressing room mirror
  • Eco-box set with eco-friendly products.
  • Fashion perfumery
  • Light alarm clock
  • Earrings “Elf ears.”
  • Bathroom Shelf Table
  • Action camera
  • Device for instant preparation of cold desserts
  • Facial sauna
  • Lava lamp
  • Painting with Swarovski crystals “Hieroglyph Love.”
  • Multi-style
  • Roombox
  • Sonic toothbrush
  • Scratch card “Plan of conquering the world.”
  • Mirror toy “Baby, you’re just space!”
  • Smartwatch
  • Lamp for a manicure with a set of gel polishes
  • Mulled wine set
  • Smartphone projector
  • Air ionizer
  • Bag chair
  • Kigurumi
  • Just Add Ice Cream Set
  • Portable waterproof speaker
  • Rakletnitsa
  • Extreme Driving Course Certificate
  • Freezer
  • Bio fireplace
  • Woolen stole
  • dream Catcher
  • Decorative panel with hooks
  • Instant camera
  • Pocket mini thermal printer
  • Salt lamp
  • Picnic set
  • Handmade soap set
  • Perpetual calendar
  • Electric scooter
  • Toaster Printer
  • Tickets for a cultural event
  • Tabletop rock garden
  • Collectible doll
  • Professional Makeup Brush Set
  • Aroma lamp with a set of essential oils
  • Set of boards for serving sushi
  • Kanekalons
  • Stylish handmade jewelry
  • Cocktail shaker
  • VR glasses
  • Bonsai tree
  • Musical instrument
  • Hairdryer with ionization
  • Aquafarm
  • Electronic butterfly in the bank
  • T-shirt with a cool lettering
  • Hike to the amusement park
  • Figure skating
  • Personalized 3D lamp
  • Computer monitor
  • Designer notebook
  • Wall clock safe
  • Electric curlers
  • Large makeup set
  • Thai massage certificate
  • Electronic book
  • Rings on phalanges of fingers
  • Selfie tripod
  • Fashion sneakers
  • Inflatable sun lounger
  • Beauty case
  • Hanging table for balcony
  • Dance mat
  • Computer chair
  • Stylish gloves
  • A set of cupcakes with photo printing
  • Creative Wireless Headphones
  • Decorative fountain/waterfall
  • Mug with a compartment for cookies
  • Original master class
  • Projector starry sky
  • Gift edition of your favorite book
  • Silk scarf
  • Stylish backpack with a USB charging port
  • Bicycle
  • Popcorn maker
  • Graphics tablet
  • Carnivorous houseplant
  • Telescope
  • Named robe
  • Karaoke microphone
  • Modular picture
  • Peignoir with a chemise
  • River cruise
  • Colored hair crayons
  • Set of exotic varieties of coffee or tea
  • Laptop cooling pad

Ideal Gifts for a Girl for 18 Years From a Guy

Each girl on her birthday is waiting for a pleasant and intriguing surprise from her beloved. Therefore, guys always have a hard time choosing the right gift. Fortunately, there are still great ideas that will appeal to even the most capricious birthday girl.

1. Romantic Dinner

Yes, it’s that simple. A chic restaurant with good food, beautiful music and exquisite wine, your loving gaze and the appropriate atmosphere will make your girlfriend happy.

2. Hot Air Balloon Flight

Blue skies and an unprecedented sense of freedom, accompanied by a glass of champagne, will impress even the most reserved birthday girl.

3. Picnic

Take on all the questions about organizing a picnic and give your beloved an unforgettable holiday in the bosom of nature. Prepare a barbecue according to a special recipe, set the table beautifully, and take care of comfortable folding chairs and a table. Accompany all this with a fire under the starry sky, and for dessert, perform a song dedicated to the girl with a guitar.

4. Limousine

Order a beautifully designed limousine to the entrance of your beloved, drive around the city at night, and be sure to visit the places of your first dates. This trip will certainly touch the thinnest strings of her soul.

Some expensive and pretentious thing does not have to be an ideal gift. It can be any little thing that is important and necessary for a girl. For example, an original hairpin, a coffee Turk, a planter for her favorite flower, which she has been planning to transplant for a long time, and a stylish laptop bag. Such a present will not only demonstrate your caring attitude but will serve as a constant reminder of you and your tenderness.

5. Cozy Things

In addition, you can give something cozy and cute that will lull your chosen one, reminding of you. For example, a pillow-heart, a soft blanket with your personal phrases, made-to-order, night light with joint photos.

6. Wildflowers

If the season permits, present the birthday girl with a bouquet of fragrant wildflowers. Often, such a modest and sincere composition surpasses the chicest bouquets in their emotional message.

Do not forget: what seems like a trifle to you can be very important for a girl. Be mindful of the little things. Sometimes, attention and care are better than the most expensive gifts.

Original Gifts for a Girl for 18 Years From a Guy

Unusual gifts give the celebration a light and cheerful mood. However, quite often, such “surprises” turn out to be unsuccessful. If you are going to present the birthday girl with something original, you should thoroughly study her character, interests and inclinations, so as not to upset and disappoint her with her creativity. When choosing something non-trivial, pay attention to the following options:

1. Berry and Chocolate Bouquet

A bouquet of unsurpassed beauty can be composed of any berries and sweets that the girl loves. If you wish, you can add flowers to it. It all depends only on your imagination and on the skill of the compiler.

2. Retrospective Video

If you are friends with technology and have the skills of video editing, present your chosen one with a film consisting of shots of her childhood, youth and your time together. And don’t forget to prepare a handkerchief – the ribbon can be very sentimental.

3. Bouquet in Ice

Another masterpiece that amazes with its cold and bright splendor. An unapproachable and at the same time defenseless composition will sincerely surprise the girl and cause her the most vivid emotions.

4. Author’s Chocolate

According to your order, chocolatiers will make any candies and bars and pack them in a beautiful gift box.

5. Congratulations From the Animators

Order an unusual birthday greeting from the agency and, with the help of the actors, create a festive mood for her on the way to work or school.

6. Wall Calendar

Present the girl an original calendar, made according to an individual design project, using your joint photographs and with cool captions.

7. Rose in Gold

An elegant sparkling gift. Along with the precious gold plating, there is a real rose, grown especially for such a transformation. Since there are no two identical colors in nature, each is unique.

Also, fans of unusual gifts may like:

  • anti-stress lamp;
  • original flash mob;
  • karaoke party;
  • subscription for 12 books;
  • lucid dreaming mask;
  • anti-stress pillow “Man’s shoulder”;
  • a walk on the city rooftops;
  • luminous solar bank;
  • dream art portrait;
  • paired hoodies;
  • the game “Imaginarium”;
  • set “Tea in test tubes”;
  • creative photo session;
  • caricature doll from a photo;
  • apparatus for making cotton candy;
  • LED shower head;
  • quest with funny challenges;
  • red umbrella in the shape of a heart;
  • recording a song in a recording studio;
  • fireworks;
  • animal hat;
  • inflatable swimming toy;
  • fondue set.

Inexpensive Gifts for a Girl for 18 Years From a Guy

In order to give a girl pleasant emotions, it is not necessary to spend all your savings. With a limited budget, you should rely on originality and practicality. There is no need to go on a pointless search for an expensive thing that is sold for a penny. It is better to purchase a quality present from an acceptable price range. For example:

1. Chocolate Fountain

Such a gift will appeal to any sweet tooth, besides, it looks very presentable and is often used at parties.

2. Sunglasses

Knowing what style the girl prefers, it will not be challenging to choose beautiful and stylish glasses for her.

3. Purse

A miniature handbag with compartments for phones and money will become an indispensable companion for a girl on walks and travels.

4. Portable USB Blender

An indispensable gadget that allows you to prepare cocktails and smoothies in any condition: on a walk, on a trip, in the gym and in the office.

In addition, you should pay attention to the following options:

  • blanket with sleeves;
  • Body Oil;
  • USB heated mug;
  • personalized wine glasses;
  • set for making rolls;
  • handmade comb;
  • table writing set;
  • a set of cups for espresso;
  • neck massager;
  • original candelabrum;
  • a book of wishes with a 3D cover;
  • gloves for touch screens;
  • LED candles;
  • book safe;
  • heart-ball for making decisions;
  • a device for weaving braids;
  • set of honey souffle;
  • SPA gloves;
  • 3D pen;
  • pocket mirror with LED illumination;
  • interactive piggy bank;
  • personalized bath towel;
  • chocolate card;
  • a set of healthy snacks;

Expensive Gifts for a Girl on Her 18th Birthday From a Guy

If your budget allows you to present a girl with a luxurious gift, you need to consider if it will embarrass her and if she can accept it. If the answers to these questions are positive, then you can donate the following:

1. Jewelry

Products made of precious metals have not lost their relevance for many centuries and are win-win and worthy gifts. The main thing is to choose jewelry in the appropriate style, taking into account the taste and character of the girl. To add value to the presentation, you can decorate it with a commemorative inscription.

2. Giroskuter

The popular eco-friendly vehicle without traffic jams will take your darling to her destination. And so that it is always ready to go wherever you want, it needs to be recharged on time, therefore, along with the gyro scooter, you can also present a docking station.

3. Home Simulator

If a girl follows her figure and goes in for sports, she will be very happy with such a gift that will allow her to exercise at any time, regardless of the fitness club’s operating hours.

4. Reflex Camera

The photography enthusiast will appreciate the professional camera. Perhaps in the near future, thanks to her, she will find her calling and source of income.

5. Netbook

The compact and lightweight device fits into a handbag without any problems. You can take it with you on trips and studies. Choosing a netbook for a girl gives preference to elegant and feminine models.

6. Cottage Rent

Arrange a real holiday for your beloved and rent a chic cottage with a swimming pool for her party. Bring in waiters and cooks, so you don’t have to bother with the kitchen chores.

In addition, you can donate:

  • a certificate to the store of branded items;
  • training at a driving school;
  • a trip to another country;
  • a subscription to a fitness club;
  • a certificate for a fur store;
  • plasma TV;
  • Personal Computer.

Useful Gifts for 18th-Birthday Girls

Oddly enough, there are girls who prefer practical gifts. For them, you can choose one of the following:

1. Smart Scales

This gadget should not be given to the birthday girl without prior approval. Not every lady will adequately respond to such a present. But a fan of healthy lifestyles, diets and fitness will be sincerely delighted with him.

2. Designer Aroma Lamp With Himalayan Salt

A practical and useful gift that can purify the air, and create cozy lighting and a romantic atmosphere.

3. Leather Women’s Backpacks

This practical and elegant accessory will harmoniously blend into any look and will accompany your beloved on all trips and travels.

4. Ultrasonic Humidifier

The device cleans the air from dust and dirt and saturates it with moisture. An irreplaceable device for a girl who looks after her health.

Some more ideas for a valuable gift:

  • smart ring;
  • Yandex. Station
  • coffee machine;
  • computer mouse with rhinestones;
  • Selfie LED ring;
  • manicure set;
  • robot vacuum cleaner;
  • multilevel jewelry box;
  • pillow “Beauty Sleep”;
  • device for diamond peeling;
  • hydromassage foot bath;
  • travel iron;
  • holder for documents;
  • umbrella with LED backlight;
  • stun gun;
  • beach towel complete with a beach bag;
  • funny heated slippers;
  • cooler bag;
  • a flash drive in a funny design;
  • travel suitcase;
  • external hard drive.

Fantastic gifts for a sports girl for 18 years from a guy

Modern girls do not sit still. They travel, play sports, and lead a healthy lifestyle while still managing to study and work. Active ladies who are passionate about training and fitness will like the following gifts:

1. City Folding Scooter

Any sporty girl will appreciate such a stylish and compact vehicle.

2. Electronic Massager

Thanks to this self-massage device, your beloved will be able to relax after an intense workout and relieve muscle fatigue.

3. Balance Board

An excellent device that combines fun play and the development of balance. Allows you to maintain muscle tone without leaving the apartment.

4. Rollers-quads

Riding brightly colored four-wheeled skates will help improve flexibility and spatial orientation.

5. Column Clock

The original device will appeal to a lover of fitness and morning jogging, will not let her get bored and will make a pleasant company for sports.

In addition, you can donate:

  • high-quality thermo mug;
  • the game “Twister”;
  • longboard;
  • bicycle handlebar cover;
  • visiting a shooting club;
  • portable exercise bike;
  • massage chair cover;
  • badminton set;
  • ATV racing;
  • bungee jumping;
  • a romantic trip to the forest with an overnight stay;
  • Heated Gloves;
  • snowboard;
  • portable facial moisturizer;
  • Jolie jumpers;
  • “Pogo stick” simulator;
  • a sports bottle with a column and a lamp;
  • fitness and yoga mat;
  • thermo lunch box;
  • wrist case for a smartphone;
  • an original belt bag;
  • door mat “Weight control”;
  • tabletop anti-stress “Boxing pear”.

The Best Presents for a Romantic Girl

A gift for a romantic young lady should be chosen with special trepidation, because for her, first of all, emotions and mood are important.

1. Long-lasting Rose in a Flask

The charming and effective gift is a copy of a flower from a Disney fairy tale and symbolizes true love and devotion. A live rose, processed with a special composition, will delight the birthday girl for more than 5 years.

2. Unusual Night Light

The choice of all kinds of nightlights is unrealistically huge. Which one you give your chosen one will depend only on your imagination and her preferences.

3. Portrait of a Birthday Girl in String Art Style

An original gift is made to order from hundreds of meters of threads and nails.

4. Voice Painting “Love Is …”

A gift that combines words of love and your photo together, made in the style of the legendary chewing gum. Thanks to him, the girl at any time will be able to refresh your confession in her memory.

5. A Set for Creating a Painting With Bodies

A unique and very intimate present, with which you can paint an abstract picture that expresses your love and closeness.

6. Sentimental Photo-present

You just need to come to the photo center and bring the product on which you want to apply your joint photo.

7. Pendant “I Love You”

The exquisite pendant contains a piece of a real miracle: when illuminated closely, it creates an extraordinary light projection of the phrase “I love you” in a hundred different languages.

8. A Checkbook of Desires

When presenting such a gift, keep in mind that the birthday girl can use it at any time, only by tearing off the necessary page and presenting it to you. And you will have to fulfill in the very near future what is written in the check.

Also, a romantic person will be pleasantly surprised by:

  • beautiful underwear;
  • romantic weekend;
  • fireworks from live butterflies;
  • billboard with congratulations and declarations of love;
  • love letter on aged paper;
  • a medallion with your joint photo;
  • a gift certificate for a star named after her;
  • a ticket to a concert of your favorite band;
  • a ride in a carriage drawn by three horses;
  • poems or songs dedicated to her.

Diy Gifts for 18 Years Old Girl From a Guy

Having certain abilities, you can make an exclusive gift for a girl, which she will proudly show to her friends. Especially if his idea is not a desire to save money but a sincere desire to make his beloved something pleasant.

1. Shell Fruit Vase

Materials: shells of pistachios (from about 200 pieces) or other nuts, glue for dishes, parchment paper, hairdryer.

Work progress: boil the nutshell, thus removing salt, and mix it with a spoonful of glue. Cover a vase or other suitable shape with parchment, and glue it with a shell as in the technology of papier-mache products. Let the mold dry. Apply glue to the areas that are not glued and dry them with a hairdryer.

2. Tin Can Phone Case

Materials: beverage can, scissors, marker, ruler, silicone phone bumper.

Work progress: cut off the top and bottom of the can and make a cut on the backside so that the desired part of the pattern is in the center. Straighten the jar and circle your smartphone on it with a marker. Cut out the workpiece with scissors. Attach the piece to the bumper and make the appropriate holes for the camera, speaker, etc. Insert the resulting part into the bumper and put the phone in the finished case.

3. Commemorative Photo Album

Materials: ready-made photo album, photos of a girl, scrapbooking paper, ribbon, felt-tip pens, various decorations (flowers, beads, sparkles), colored paper, glue, and regular and curly scissors.

Work progress: decorate the album with special paper and decorative elements, paying special attention to the cover. Cover the cover with several layers of decorative paper: the first layer is the background, then various curly frames, decorative flowers and ribbon. You can also place photo fragments and captions here.

On the pages of the album, in chronological order, place the photos, leaving a short description under each. Following your imagination, decorate and color each page. Leave one sheet for the wishes of friends and family.

An alternative to a memorable album can be a slideshow. Pick up a festive background and place pictures of the birthday girl on it. Show her and the guests your creation by playing the appropriate music.

4. Night Light From a Bottle

Materials: white matte bottle, black acrylic paint, rhinestones, Christmas garland, glue, brush.

Work progress: paint a tree on a bottle with paint or print a suitable image of a tree, cut it out and stick it on the bottle. It should be dark in color and free of foliage. Decorate the tree with rhinestones that will act as leaves. Place a garland inside the bottle – the lamp is ready!

Remember what kind of creativity is close to you, and think about what you can do well with your own hands. For example:

  • notebook;
  • smartphone holder;
  • photo frame;
  • laptop table;
  • a garland for a photo shoot;
  • stone rug;
  • a book with kisses;
  • bedside table;
  • panels made of natural materials;
  • handbag embroidered with sequins;
  • cake or original dessert;
  • stuffed toys bouquet;
  • a picture embroidered with beads.

What Is Better Not to Give a Girl for 18 Years From a Guy

Before purchasing a present, it will not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with the list of anti-gifts. But, if the girl personally asked you to donate one of the following, you should still listen to her request. So, in most cases, you shouldn’t give:

  • clothes and shoes;
  • money;
  • set with shower gel and soap;
  • master classes not interesting for the birthday girl;
  • fakes of famous brands;
  • means and benefits for weight loss;
  • gym membership;
  • weapons and cutting objects;
  • pectoral cross;
  • kitchen utensils;
  • gifts imposing other people’s interests;
  • artificial plants;
  • alcohol and smoking accessories;
  • Kits for needlework if the girl is not fond of such things.
  • ring – unless, of course, you are going to offer her a hand and a heart;
  • gifts indicating physical imperfections (epilator, wax strips, anti-age spots, etc.);
  • presents from an intimate store and underwear, if your relationship has not yet reached the appropriate level;

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