Best 18th Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

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The 18th anniversary is not just a birthday, it is a kind of stage to which the birthday people themselves attach great importance. That is why, if your girlfriend’s holiday is approaching, you should prepare for it seriously and thoroughly.

18th Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

Our 18th birthday gift ideas for girlfriend will help you decide on a present. It is also important to think about your congratulation so that it becomes special and memorable. If this is a close friend, you can even ask in advance what kind of surprise she expects from you. And in other cases, connect all your imagination and creativity, and start searching.

List of 90 Best 18th Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriends


  1. Surprise party. If your girlfriend doesn’t really like the pre-holiday chores, you can take on some of her responsibilities and organize a cool party to make this birthday the coolest and most fun.
  2. Wristwatch. The relevance of this accessory has slightly diminished due to the proliferation of smartphones and other digital devices that show the time. But if you choose really beautiful and original wristwatches, they will definitely become one of the birthday girl’s favorite jewelry.
  3. Electronic book. It can be gifted to a friend who actually loves to read for 18 years. If such a gift seems too expensive, you can get together with other friends and buy a really high-quality book.
  4. A portable printer for printing photos directly from your smartphone.
  5. A fitness bracelet is a great present for a sports girl who loves an active lifestyle. It will also be an excellent present for a girlfriend who only dreams of starting to play sports.
  6. Cool headphones for a smartphone. You can choose something pretty, for example, flower-shaped bushings or just a high-quality device.
  7. Coffee maker. This is a great gift for an 18-year-old girlfriend who loves this drink.
  8. Scratch a map of the world with an erasable top ball. It makes it possible to “discover” new countries and regions as you visit them or just whenever you want.
  9. Aquafarm. A girl who loves wildlife will definitely like such a gift, because this is a small aquarium with real fish, and in the upper part of it you can grow flowers and greens for the kitchen.
  10. Gym membership. It will be an excellent gift for a girlfriend for 18 years in two cases: if she loves sports or if she really wants to start training, for example, to change her figure for the better.
  11. Rollers are a great present for an active girl if her birthday is in a warm season.
  12. Piggybank in the form of a safe with a combination lock or ATM. You can also look for a cool vintage pig if your girlfriend loves such original things.
  13. The telescope will appeal to a girl who loves science or simple observation of the world around her.
  14. Pop art portrait, printed from a photo of the birthday girl. If she prefers paintings of a different style, choose what the friend will definitely like.
  15. The apparatus for making cotton candy or for ice cream is a great present for those with a sweet tooth.
  16. Nice and inexpensive jewelry for memory. You can choose a pendant made of silver with the name of the recipient or a pendant on a bracelet.
  17. A jewelry box in the form of a chest with a lock.
  18. A beautiful hair clip, elastic band or headband.
  19. Jewelry stands in the shape of a graceful dancer, tree, flower, etc.
  20. Organizer for clothes or linen.
  21. A tabletop chest of drawers for various little things – comfortable and cute to look at.
  22. A device for hair care and creating a beautiful hairstyle, for example, a hairdryer, an iron, etc.
  23. Cool pajamas. Surely, as a good friend, you know the tastes of the birthday girl, so you can choose what she likes and is perfect – warm flannel pajamas, sexy silk or cool Kigurumi.
  24. Warm blanket with bright patterns and/or sleeves to comfortably hold a book, mug, etc.
  25. Gourmet chocolate from a renowned manufacturer or handmade, tailored to the tastes of the recipient.
  26. Delicious bouquet. It can be made from sweets or other sweets, and if the girl does not eat sweets, you can choose a composition of fruits, berries and even vegetables.
  27. An original T-shirt, decorated with a unique print. You should come up with it yourself or entrust this business to a professional, telling about your wishes and ideas about the perfect picture.
  28. Exotic indoor flower. This is a good gift for a friend who loves house plants for 18 years.
  29. Nice wallet. It can be made from leather, fabric, or other material. If a friend loves cool things, she will like a funny wallet in the form of an animal or fruit.
  30. Handbag or backpack.
  31. A beautiful lamp in the shape of a flower, teddy bear or other object evokes the most pleasant emotions.
  32. Soft toy. Many girls at the age of 18, like in childhood, adore soft toys, and a cute bunny, doggie or teddy bear will be an excellent choice.
  33. A photo session is a wonderful birthday present that will give the birthday girl the opportunity to feel like a real star and a photo model.
  34. A cool joystick or other gamepad is a great present for a girlfriend who loves computer toys.
  35. Wireless speaker with light music or other useful and interesting functions.
  36. Unusually designed computer mouse.
  37. A flexible or laser keyboard is original and practical, so it will appeal to any girl who actively uses a PC for work, games or communication.
  38. Magnetic darts. This is a safe alternative to regular darts for the girl who loves this game.
  39. Cool mug. There are so many of them that you can easily get lost in the store. Try to find something that is guaranteed to please the birthday girl, for example, a self-stirring mug with a photo of the recipient. Also, good ideas are a chameleon mug, an unusual-shaped vessel, for example, in the form of a cat’s paw or with a special tea net.
  40. A puzzle with a photo of the birthday girl.  You can choose your general photo to remind you of a pleasant moment, adventure, etc.
  41. A toy pillow, such as a cute kitten.
  42. Lunch box to carry food to school, work, training, etc.
  43. An invitation to a cool disco. Surely in your city or its environs, there is a chic club, which is not allowed until 18 years old. Now there is a reason and an opportunity to get there.
  44. Lamp projector. This is a very beautiful gift that allows you to completely transform the birthday girl’s room.
  45. Alarm clock with a projector, with a light “bell”, with a flying button, with LED-backlight.
  46. A set of stylish and original document covers.
  47. Laptop bag.
  48. “Magic” ball-predictor, which helps to make important and not very decisions.
  49. A smartphone case decorated with a photograph of the birthday girl, her initials or other unique decors.
  50. Thermo lunchbox warms up food.
  51. Snow globe with a photo of the birthday girl inside. If your birthday is in winter, this gift will be appropriate and pleasant, but in summer it is better to choose something else.
  52. Photo album. To make the gift even more pleasant, you need to put a few of your common photos in the album, evoking the most pleasant emotions.
  53. Fortune cookies. Such an inexpensive and unusual gift will appeal to every girl.
  54. A photo collage of your general photos from party walks and other entertainment, to guaranteed to cheer up your girlfriend in her 18 years.
  55. Photo frame in the form of a cube with illumination.
  56. A bottle of water with an original drawing with the name of the birthday girl or a witty signature.
  57. A set of several bars of handmade soap in the form of flowers, seashells, fruits and other beautiful objects that evoke only pleasant associations.
  58. Warm scarf with beautiful ornaments, pompons, bright patterns and other original decors.
  59. Bath bombs made of natural ingredients with a friend’s favorite aromas are an inexpensive and pleasant gift for 18 years.
  60. Certification from a beauty salon, for example, for eyelash extensions or permanent makeup.
  61. A flash drive in the form of a piece of jewelry or something cute, or funny, for example, a teddy bear.
  62. Mechanical butterfly in a jar. Such an insect looks like a living one and even reacts to touching the jar with the movements of its wings.
  63. Keychain digital photo frame.
  64. The 3D puzzle is a great 18th birthday gift for a girlfriend who loves intellectual entertainment.
  65. Warm gloves or mittens – knitted or fur with cool pom-poms.
  66. The designer belt for a coat, trousers or dress.
  67. An unusual umbrella with a pattern that appears after getting wet in the rain, with a luminous handle, folding in the opposite direction, or with other interesting “chips”.
  68.  The florarium is a real living garden in a glass vessel.
  69. Hot air balloon flight. If the birthday girl is not afraid of heights and has long dreamed of such an adventure, you will definitely make her happy by making her dream come true.
  70. Laptop table with soft knee pad.
  71. SPA certificate. Any girl will like such a present – one of the most versatile ideas.
  72. Beautiful fur earmuffs are a fashionable winter accessory for a dear friend so that her ears do not freeze.
  73. Stylish jewelry from a well-known manufacturer or handmade by a good master. Surely you know your friend’s tastes well, so it will not be difficult to choose a piece of jewelry that fits perfectly into your wardrobe.
  74. Coloring book anti stress. This is not a children’s picture book but an exquisite and original edition for adults with beautiful and/or psychedelic pictures that you need to paint with your own hands. This is a very interesting activity that helps to put in order nerves and get rid of stress.
  75. Hydromassage foot bath.
  76. Bathroom table with a stand for a tablet, mug, books, etc.
  77. A portrait on a lightbox is a great gift for a friend of 18 years.
  78. A set for a manicure in a beautiful case. It can be decorated with the initials of the birthday girl.
  79. Aroma lamp with a set of essential oils that your girlfriend will definitely like.
  80. A case for glasses – sunglasses or for eyesight.
  81. Yoga or gymnastics mat.
  82. An ice cream maker is a great gift for a girlfriend who loves this delicacy.
  83. Subscription to your favorite magazine. Surely you know which edition your girlfriend will definitely like, so you can make the right choice.
  84. Nice, comfortable and warm terry robe. The great idea is to decorate it with personalized embroidery, for example, on the back.
  85. The waterproof radio for the shower is a super present for the lover of singing and dancing in any situation.
  86. Recipe book. If a friend loves to cook, such a birthday present will definitely delight her.
  87. Bio fireplace. A friend will definitely like such an unexpected gift because it will help warm up a little, decorate the room and create an unusual romantic atmosphere in it.
  88. Ultrasonic facial massager. It will help to improve the condition of the skin and get rid of traces of fatigue and age spots. Moreover, such a massager can activate collagen synthesis and prevent the appearance of wrinkles. Although there are no wrinkles at the age of 18, thanks to proper care, they will not appear.
  89. A certificate for recording a song in a real professional studio. If a friend dreams of becoming a singer, she will be delighted with such a gift.
  90. The external battery is in the form of a teddy bear, a robot, candy, etc. This is one of the most popular and actually practical gifts that can please an 18-year-old girl.


To please your beloved girlfriend, organize a small surprise for her. You can arrange a funny theatrical congratulation or an unexpected flash mob. Also, an interesting option is a large wall newspaper postcard with the signatures of friends and girlfriends, funny photos and jokes about the birthday girl.

Do not forget about flowers, balloons, ribbons and other cheerful festive tinsel, and your present for a friend for 18 years will become even more pleasant, more fun and will cause a lot of positive emotions.

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