Best 16th Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend

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16th Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend: 16 years for a girl is a serious milestone, childhood is slowly becoming a thing of the past and the heyday of youth begins. Naturally, such an event should be celebrated with an incendiary party with best friends. It is not customary to come to such holidays empty-handed, so all those invited begin to choose suitable presents in advance. If you cannot decide what to give your 16-year-old friend, we will suggest the most successful gifts.

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How to Choose the Right 16th Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend

To definitely please with a gift, it is better to ask the birthday girl herself what she would like to receive for her birthday. If you are close friends, it will not be difficult to have a confidential conversation. If the girlfriend is in no hurry to reveal secrets, then you have to think for yourself and analyze:

  • Features of the recipient’s temperament and character. For example, a quiet and modest girl will not be pleased with too bright and noisy gifts.
  • Interests, hobbies and hobbies. Information about them will help you choose the perfect gift.
  • The financial capabilities of the buyer. Teenagers rarely have large sums of money, so they usually have to look for something pleasant and inexpensive. If you can afford any gift, think about whether the birthday girl can accept something too valuable.

Having analyzed all three points, you must proceed directly to the choice. But remember that the gift should show your good attitude towards the birthday girl. Therefore, any present must be beautifully packaged and accompanied by sincere congratulations. It can be written on a postcard or read from memory.

When packing a presentation, don’t be afraid to overdo it. 16 is the age when you can afford a lot. Depart from classic packaging principles, use unusual materials, joke and get creative.

Don’t forget to add flowers to your gift. If there is no money for a luxurious bouquet, buy something simpler or even collect wild plants, if possible. You can also make simple paper flowers. They will be a little funny, but the girlfriend will delight.

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Top 10 Gifts for a Friend for 16 Years

  1. Original sweets
  2. Cosmetical tools
  3. Devices and tools for manicure
  4. fashionable accessories
  5. Cute little things, such as boxes, mirrors, etc.
  6. Jewelry and bijouterie
  7. Gadget case
  8. Big congratulations on Whatman paper, balloons and flowers
  9. Books
  10. Thermos, apron and other household stuff

What to Give Your Best Friend

Best friend’s relationships usually involve no secrets or secrets from each other. Therefore, you probably know what kind of gift a dear person dreams of. True, the lack of money can prevent you from acquiring it. A 16-year-old girl rarely has enough money to buy digital equipment or jewelry. Therefore, you need to choose useful presents in an affordable price range, for example:

  • Cosmetical tools. Usually, such a gift is considered too personal and not very decent, but the best girlfriends can afford to choose shadows, lipstick or mascara for each other. Scented body cream or bubble bath is also a good gift. If you and your friend are very close, you can even give very personal products, such as acne cream.
  • Tools and devices for a manicure. A set of varnishes of different shades or in the same range will be useful for a girl who herself loves to paint her nails. You can also donate good nail scissors or a whole set if your financial situation allows. But don’t buy cheap Chinese knockoffs. It is better to present one file, but worth it.
  • Fashionable accessories. There are a huge number of objects without which the image seems incomplete. You can choose a beautiful scarf or shawl, gloves or a fashionable belt with an original buckle for your friend.
  • Useful little things for beauty. This large group includes everything that helps girls always remain beautiful. This can be a handy pocket mirror, a set of makeup brushes or sponges, a professional styling comb or curlers.

If money is really bad, you can offer your friend your help in preparing for the holiday. In fact, this is a very valuable gift, especially if a large-scale party is planned and the necessary cleaning and decoration of the room, cooking and entertainment.

Inexpensive Birthday Gifts for a Friend

The hardest part is choosing inexpensive gifts. After all, they should not cost much, but at the same time look like a million. Usually, when it comes to inexpensive things, any shirpotreb or small souvenirs comes to mind. Of course, neither one nor the other will cause sincere joy. In the case of a very limited budget, you can give your girlfriend unusual treats for her birthday:

  • Sweet medicine. These are ordinary multi-colored sweets, packed in a bottle like pills, and signed accordingly – “From bad mood”, “From boredom”, etc.
  • Box of chewing gum “Love is…”. Fragrant chewing gum with “thoughtful” pictures on the inserts is an excellent way to raise the mood in a girl’s company.
  • Unusual chocolate. It can be a chocolate bar in its original packaging, for example, with the inscription ““For the best friend” or a set of several bars with different fillings. You can also get a delicious treat straight from Belgium with nuts, fruits and berries.
  • A beautiful jewelry box. Almost all girls love these things.
  • Magnetic whiteboard with crayons. You can attach it to the refrigerator and write notes or recipes for your favorite dishes.
  • The original apron. Such a gift will come in handy for any novice hostess.
  • Small thermos. If a friend likes to walk for a long time, she can take her favorite hot drink with her.
  • Interesting book. This could be the publication of the girl’s favorite author or useful reference books.
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Original Gifts for a Girlfriend for Her 16th Birthday

If the birthday girl has everything she needs, and you want to amaze and delight her, you need to choose original and unexpected presents, for example:

  • A figure of balls. It can be a large bright bouquet, a garland or an animal. Although these toys are short-lived, they will cheer up the birthday girl and help create a festive mood.
  • Creative passport cover. A good option is a handmade product. So you will know for sure that there is no other like that.
  • Magic ball with answers. It’sIt’s a fun little knick-knack to help you make decisions. If not taken too seriously, it will become real salvation, for example, when you have to choose what to wear in the morning.
  • Massage pad. Usually, they are filled with various loose and rustling substances, so you can not only lie on the pillow but also crush it. It helps relieve stress and fatigue.

Diy Gifts

If you want to please your friend with an exclusive gift, but there is not enough money for designer things, you can try to do something with your own hands. Analyze your skills and talents and think about what you do best. And the most popular gift options look like this:

  • Homemade clothing. A real needlewoman will be able to knit a scarf, hat or mittens for a friend. You can also sew something simple, like an apron.
  • Decorations. The easiest way for a novice needlewoman to make a bracelet is made of elastic bands, beads or beads. There are many techniques for creating original jewelry. It is necessary to study them in master classes on the Internet and choose the most suitable one.
  • The case for the tablet. It can be sewn from any convenient material. It is not very difficult to do this, it will be enough to study the master class and a little training.
  • Keyboard stand. It can be sewn or knitted in the form of a small pillow or toy.
  • Frame. It is easy to make from cardboard, wood or plywood. The finished product must be decorated with suitable decorative elements. These can be beads, shells, interestingly shaped pasta, small parts and seeds.
  • Handmade soap. There are simple recipes for the digestion of baby soap, which will allow you to get a unique product at a minimal cost.
  • Aromatic sachet. This is a small bag with aromatic herbs or oils embroidered or otherwise decorated. It will fill your friend’s room with a delicate aroma and remind you of your friendship.
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If you are not friends with handicrafts at all, you can make a large congratulatory poster with sweets. To do this, you need to take a Whatman paper and write congratulations and wishes for a sweet life on it, and then glue the birthday girl’s favorite chocolates. Such a large, bright and sweet postcard will surely delight a friend on her 16th birthday.

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