Best 10th Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter

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Choosing the Best 10th Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter is always tricky. It is not always possible to please a child. Moreover, at this age, she already has her own taste and hobbies, and the risk of choosing an unsuitable present increases.

10th Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter

That is why, in order to correctly choose what to give a daughter for 10 years from parents, you should first find out about her preferences and what is generally popular among children of this age category.

Selection Rules

Girls at this age are no longer babies, they show their own character. During this period, they grow up sharply and begin to be interested in fashion, but at the same time, they still love toys. It is not uncommon for them to choose their mother or older sister as an example to follow.

Modern children grow up earlier. They don’t care about the price of the gift, so they shouldn’t choose the most expensive thing just to pamper their daughter. If the present is desired or corresponds to her hobbies, then it will still delight the birthday girl, even if purchased at a low cost.

You should not consider a daughter 10 years old to be a little girl who is only fond of games and dolls. She may already have versatile interests and a desire to know the world. But if her parents still treat her like a little girl, giving her children toys, then she may develop stress.

Gifts Not Worth Giving

A 10-year-old girl is at a very sensitive age, so some presents may offend her:

  • Things from “Second-hand” or for growth. The child will not be happy with clothes that have already been worn by someone else, even if they are in excellent condition. Yes, and things a couple of sizes larger, too, will not suit her, even if we are talking about a fashionable fur coat or jacket.
  • Health products. If a girl has health problems, then this is still not a reason to present her with an inhaler to the DR.
  • Age-appropriate gifts.
  • Clothes out of season. For example, if a daughter’s birthday falls in the summer, then a snow scooter would be an inappropriate presentation option. It is unlikely that she will be happy to have to wait several months before she can try the thing.

Top 10th Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter

  • A doll in the form of a heroine of famous cartoons.
  • Hand-made doll.
  • Mannequin for creating hairstyles.
  • Magnetic constructor.
  • Lego.
  • Dollhouse.
  • An interactive pet.
  • Bike.
  • Skates or rollers.
  • Sets for creativity or needlework.
  • Case, strap or other mobile phone accessories.
  • Sets of natural cosmetics is suitable for age.
  • Nice bag or backpack.
  • Stylish accessories (umbrella, belt, wristwatch, glasses, hat with a large fur pompom, mittens with a beautiful print).
  • Jewelry – a ring, earrings, a pendant with a zodiac sign or the first letter of a name, etc.
  • A large set of accessories, including elastic bands, hairpins, headbands, and headbands.
  • Smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, e-book or mp3 player.
  • 3D pen.
  • Tablet for drawing.
  • Giroskuter.
  • Home planetarium.
  • Computer accessories (mouse, wireless headphones, webcam, flash drive).
  • Night light or alarm clock with a projector.
  • Camera.
  • A beautiful box or chest for storing jewelry and various little things.
  • Elegant clothes.
  • Microphone for karaoke.
  • Dance rug.
  • A pillow or mug with a picture of the birthday girl.
  • Cool pajamas, slippers.

Popular Birthday Gifts for 10th-Year-Old Daughters

Choosing a gift for their daughter, parents can get confused about the current variety of gadgets, toys and accessories. So that you do not have to think about what is most valuable now among children of 10 years old, we have compiled a list of the most popular gifts for them. These are the surprises that most children ask their parents for.


Almost all of today’s children use gadgets all the time. And there will always be a few of them because new devices and models are constantly being released. A daughter 10 years old will also be delighted if her parents present her with a brand new smartphone, even if she already has a phone. You can also choose as a presentation:

  • tablet;
  • PC or laptop;
  • Mp-3 player;
  • an e-book (useful for study, because this device is much lighter in weight than several school textbooks);
  • a USB flash drive of an unusual shape or engraved with the daughter’s initials;
  • portable speakers;
  • a computer mouse with a bright print or backlight;
  • webcam with good resolution.

Another gift option from this category is a camera. Modern children, even at such a young age, love to be photographed and take selfies. Perhaps she is seriously interested in photography? Then a semi-professional camera will come in handy.

Study Accessories

This group of presents, although very necessary for a school-age girl, is very controversial. After all, she already has pencils and pens, and they are not suitable as a worthy gift for her daughter. But still, among the accessories of this category, there are things that a schoolgirl will be happy with:

  • a bag or backpack with a beautiful pattern (heroes of your favorite movie, animated series, etc.);
  • pad-lockable notebook;
  • a diary with a bright cover, interesting stickers and informative notes;
  • a large set for drawing from markers, crayons and gel pens;
  • experimental kits for schoolchildren like “Young Chemist” (for girls who are fond of science).

Gifts for a Stylish Look

Kids don’t like being presented with clothes, preferring toys to them. But at the age of 9-11, girls begin to be intensely interested in their appearance and fashionable novelties:

  • The clothes are beautiful and smart. No need to give your daughter a simple jacket for every day or a pair of tights for DR. Let it be a beautiful dress in which she can show off in front of her friends. Or a stylish jacket, coat, fashionable jeans, smart blouse, etc.
  • Stylish accessories – a hat with a scarf, an original belt, a small handbag or a beautiful wristwatch.
  • Cosmetics. But it must be the means appropriate for her younger adolescence. There is no need to give her baby cosmetics like “Little Fairy” because the girl has already grown up from this age. You can present decorative cosmetics, tonics and lotions for the face, light lip glosses, light eau de toilette, etc.
  • Decorations. All girls love jewelry. It can be both gold and silver products and simple jewelry, depending on your financial capabilities.


Books will always be a valuable and useful gift, but only if they are selected according to the taste and preference of the birthday girl. Here is a list of books that are popular with girls of this age:

  • Classics – A. Christie, A. K. Doyle, etc .;
  • Harry Potter Edition Gift Set. Almost all children love the adventures of a young magician and his friends. And the gift set is also equipped with additional accessories that will help the child feel like a real magician, including a glowing magic wand.
  • Interesting encyclopedias. But these should not be scientific publications written in “dry” scientific language, but fascinating books with text that are understandable for children and vivid pictures. There are even special children’s encyclopedias.
  • Books on astronomy, space, esotericism and other similar topics, if the girls are fond of them.


A young lady of 10 years old does not devote as much time to playing with dolls as before. She considers herself more of an adult, but still, she still loves the cartoons about “Monster High.” Many even older girls collect dolls in the form of the heroines of this popular animated series. Well, girls of all ages probably love teddy bears, hares and cats.

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If a little lady likes to collect and build something, then modern designers will be the perfect birthday present for her from mom and dad. Now you can find a wide variety of kits – magnetic, electronic, simple plastic or metal. For example, she will probably be interested in creating a miniature copy of the Eiffel Tower with her own hands. Puzzles belong to the same series of toys that develop thinking and self-control. For a gift, it is better to take a large set of 500-1000 parts.

  • Type: Classic
  • Material: Plastic
  • Age: 16 years old
  • A number of elements: 1070 pcs.

The interactive Furby toy is especially popular among today’s children. Girls love to care for, feed and play with this fluffy animal. But when choosing such a gift, remember that there are several versions, and you need to take the Russified one. Otherwise, the child and her new pet will not be able to understand each other.


The range of games is growing every year more and more. If your daughter has reached the age of 9-11, then she can already choose not the most childish but more complex strategic or team games.

  1. Twister is a game for a large and fun company.
  2. A monopoly is a classic option that has not lost its popularity for many years. It can be called a mini-version of real life. Here you can build a career, buy houses and cars, and even retire.
  3. Scrabble is an intellectual game in which you have to form words.
  4. Jenga – players must make a tower of wooden parts, and then pull out one piece at a time so that the structure does not fall apart, and then attach the pulled element to the top of the pyramid.

Surprises for Creative People

At the age of 10, many girls are interested in needlework. If your daughter has found her new hobby in this direction, then a suitable birthday present will bring her joy.

  • A set for weaving from elastic bands. Almost all girls of primary school age are fond of this type of craft. It is also called limigurumi. Fashion accessories can be weaved from small colored elastic bands – bracelets, key rings, rings, pencil cases, bags, etc. To make it comfortable for a girl to weave, choose a large set with a special loom and a brochure with step-by-step recommendations.
  • Set for making soap. If a girl has just started to be interested in this kind of “hand-made,” then it is better to choose a basic set for her to create simple soap figures. And for more experienced needlewomen, there are kits with a variety of curly shapes, flower petals and essential oils that can be added to create an original and fragrant soap.
  • Paints that can be used to paint on fabric. With their help, the birthday girl will be able to diversify her wardrobe and create real design masterpieces.
  • An embroidery kit is consisting of a variety of multicolored threads, hoops of different diameters and patterns for embroidering beautiful designs.
  • The 3D pen is a new hobby for modern children. With its help, you can create three-dimensional shapes right in the air.
  • Beading kit – for a young fashionista who loves to create fashionable jewelry and bead souvenirs.
  • A kit for sewing felt toys or assembling jewelry – depending on what attracts the little lady more.

Also, a girl with creative inclinations may be interested in other gifts selected taking into account her hobbies. For example, a new easel and paints for an artist, a musical instrument for a young musician, a beautiful dance costume or professional shoes for a girl who is fond of choreography.

Practical Gifts for 10th-Year-Old Daughter

These presentations include things that are useful gifts for girls in everyday life:

  • Linens. It should be made of a natural material that is pleasant to the touch. But in order to please the birthday girl, it is recommended to carefully approach the choice of colors. Let the kit be with a print in the form of the heroines of your favorite animated series (Winx, Monster High, etc.).
  • Jewelry box – there are various shapes, colors and sizes of such boxes.
  • An umbrella with an unusual pattern.
  • Orthopedic computer chair or ergonomic computer desk. Furniture should be suitable for the interior of the children’s room.

To make the girl’s room beautiful and cozy, you can choose several fashion accessories. They will complement the overall look and give the room individuality:

  • A night projector that creates the effect of a starry sky.
  • A fragrance set consisting of a special lamp and oils.
  • Decorative pillows of unusual shapes or colors.
  • The mini fountain is a decorative accessory that will decorate the room and humidify the air.
  • An unusual photo frame in the form of a clock, tree, etc.

For a Sporty Daughter

If your daughter is fond of some kind of sports or simply leads an active lifestyle, then parents can choose the appropriate things as a gift for her:

  • A hoverboard is a favorite form of transport for modern children.
  • Bike.
  • Training apparatus.
  • Skates, snow scooters, skis or cheesecakes – if the celebration falls in the winter season.
  • Rollers or roller shoes.


By this age, children become more serious. Many of them ask their parents to have a pet. If your daughter has long dreamed of a pet and is responsible enough to take care of it on her own, then parents can fulfill her dream on the DR. But first, you should make sure that all family members are free of allergies. In addition, mom and dad should be prepared that after some time, the responsibilities of caring for the animal may fall on their shoulders.

Most often, the following pets are chosen for children:

  • puppy;
  • Kitty;
  • parrot;
  • hamster;
  • Guinea pig;
  • degu squirrel;
  • fish, etc.

A Gift for a Daughter Who Has Everything

If you do not refuse your daughter anything, then when choosing a birthday present, difficulties may arise because she already has everything. However, there is a certain category of gifts that will suit even the most pampered princess. We are talking about unusual surprises that give emotions:

  • Professional photo session. All girls love to be photographed, so the opportunity to take professional pictures in a beautiful or unusual setting will surely delight the birthday girl. You can organize a photoset, during which the girl can be a doctor, a fairy-tale fairy and any other heroine.
  • Portrait. Recently, this gift option has become very popular. It is given to both children and adults. It can be a simple portrait on canvas or in the form of a pencil sketch, as well as stylization for another image (for example, a famous movie heroine or a cartoon girl).
  • Tickets for a concert by your favorite singer or band. It is advisable to purchase at least 2-3 tickets so that the girl can enjoy her favorite music in the company of her friends.
  • A trip to beautiful places, a tour of preserved castles or a trip to Disneyland.
  • The opportunity to attend a rehearsal of circus performers, theater actors or a trip to a record company so that your daughter can feel like a part of this unusual and exciting world.
  • Hike to a petting zoo, oceanarium or dolphinarium.
  • Professional master class on the girl’s favorite pastime.
  • Certificate for a course in your favorite handicraft.
  • Flying in a wind tunnel or hot air balloon.
  • Horseback riding.
  • Hike to the rope town.
  • Apparatus for making cotton candy or popcorn.


A daughter’s birthday is always a difficult moment for parents because it is necessary to find a gift that will truly delight their beloved. And the choice for girls 10 years old is even more difficult because they are no longer babies, but also not adults. Be sure to take into account the desires and interests of the child, and then you will definitely make the right choice.

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