100 Best 10th Birthday Gift Ideas for Boy

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Choosing a gift for a child is a responsible and challenging task, especially when it comes to a boy of ten years old. At this age, children already have certain preferences, hobbies, and established character.

All this must be taken into account when choosing a present because the boy is looking forward to his first anniversary. We hope that our review will help you better understand the diversity and versatility of the children’s goods market.

TOP 10th Birthday Gift Ideas for Boy

According to psychologists, at the age of 10, the boy gradually begins to transform into a real man, which is why many children want to receive an adult gift as a gift. The child develops a craving for knowledge of the world around him.

10th Birthday Gift Ideas for Boy

Do not even try to hand the boy a water pistol or a soft toy, with such a present, you will just ruin his birthday. If you want to pleasantly surprise your child, think about what he is interested in.

1. Sports Equipment Gifts

  • Football boots are an excellent gift for a boy who plays football. Since this is one of the basic elements of your outfit, choose quality footwear from a well-known brand.
  • Kimono for martial arts – if a child learns the basics of karate or judo, please him with a new form, this will become an additional motivation for new achievements and victories.
  • Nominal form – the present will be appreciated by a boy who is involved in a team sport. If the child is not an athlete, but only more for a football club, choose a uniform with the number of his favorite athlete.
  • Leg warmers are a form element that wears out quickly, so it will never be superfluous.
  • Boxing or goalkeeper gloves – with such a gift, the boy will feel more confident in training and among friends.
  • Soccer ball – it will be good if you manage to get the autograph of the famous football player – the idol of the birthday boy.
  • Rollers – you need to choose very carefully, pay attention to the quality of the wheels and frame, the reliability of the mountings, be sure to pick up a helmet and protection in the kit.
  • A bicycle is a great way to distract a boy from gadgets and the computer.
  • Skate – As with skates, be sure to donate protection and a helmet.

2. Gifts for the Creative Boy

  • Color by number – when choosing such a set, take into account the child’s hobbies, as well as his age, do not buy too voluminous work.
  • Origami is a beautiful present that develops spatial thinking, perseverance and imagination. In origami technique, you can make military equipment, animals and many other figures.
  • A set for modeling from polymer clay – the present will appeal to calm, diligent children who like to tinker with their hands. Polymer clay is a hypoallergenic material that retains its shape perfectly. The finished product can be colored.
  • 3D wooden construction set – the set includes step-by-step instructions, according to which the child will assemble an airplane, car or architectural landmark.
  • A set for burning out – for a long time, this hobby was not remembered, but today the hobby is reviving, at the age of 10, the child is already old enough to work with the burner, but it is still good if the parents are there.
  • A set for making models – if a boy is fond of military equipment, such a gift will certainly interest him because he will be able to assemble a miniature copy of an aircraft or a tank on his own.
  • A set for cutting with a jigsaw – a fascinating gift will surely interest the boy and distract him from computer games. The kit develops the child’s imagination, teaches how to work with wood.
  • A set for making fridge magnets – following the detailed instructions, a child can easily create wonderful decor with the image of his favorite cartoon characters with his own hands.
  • Set for making an alarm – together with his dad, the child will make a real alarm, it can be installed on the door of the child’s room.
  • Musical instruments – if a child is fond of music, such a gift will delight him.

3. Useful and Informative Literature

  • Encyclopedia – it can be a separate book or a whole collection of books on different topics.
  • Allowance for boys – at the age of 10, boys have a lot of questions that parents cannot always answer clearly. Special literature will help the child understand different topics.
  • A guide about wild, rare animals or poisonous plants – will delight the boy if, of course, he likes the topic of flora and fauna. Considering vivid pictures, the child will have a fun and informative time.
  • Atlas – if the child loves geography lessons and travel, encourage his passion by studying the atlas, he will easily remember the capitals of states, the names of countries and geographical objects.
  • Historical literature – if a child is fond of history, it will be interesting for him to read about the history of a state or some world event.
  • Books in a foreign language – if the child is interested in foreign languages, give him some books that he can read on his own. Pay attention to books with translation so that it is easier for the boy to understand new words.
  • Automotive encyclopedia – boys have already shown their love for technology at the age of 10, many of them are happy to understand the structure of cars, models and brands.
  • Fantasy and adventure – if the birthday boy loves to read, please him with a collection of works by your favorite author.

4. Experiment Kits Gifts

  • Set “Young biologist” – a child independently grows plants at home and studies each stage of development and formation, the process of plant respiration.
  • Fascinating Chemistry – A wonderful set of reagents for conducting safe chemical experiments.
  • Young Physicist – the kit includes everything you need to conduct more than a hundred safe and fun physics experiments. The main thing is that all of them will not cause any harm to the child’s health.
  • Growing crystals – the kit includes a saline solution and the necessary chemical components, when mixed, crystals of different colors and shapes are formed.
  • Growing mushrooms – the set includes a real mycelium of mushrooms, under the control of the parents, the child will be able to grow the crop on his own and see how the mushroom develops.
  • Set for making soap – the set contains the necessary components for the preparation of fragrant soap. If you show a little imagination, you can add dyes, flavors to it.
  • A set for making bath bombs – not only girls like such sets, but all children also love to mix something, observe a chemical reaction, and if the result is a wonderful effervescent bath bomb, the boy is guaranteed a good mood.
  • A telescope is an expensive gift, but it will sincerely delight the young scientist. Choose an easy-to-use device, the optimal objective lens diameter is 50-90 mm. Pay attention to the models that can be folded and taken to nature.
  • The laboratory of a young detective is a wonderful set that will acquaint the birthday boy with the basics of forensic science.
  • Set “Cartoon projector” – the boy will independently assemble the projector and find out how it works.
  • Children’s weather station – will acquaint the child with various weather phenomena, as well as independently conduct exciting experiments related to the weather.

5. Electronic Gadgets

  • E-book – a present can be used not only for entertainment but also for study. The stores offer a large selection of equipment, you can choose a model with a backlit screen.
  • A tablet is an alternative to a computer, on such a device you can draw, read, communicate with friends and parents.
  • Children’s netbook – the device is something in between a tablet and a laptop. The technical capabilities of a netbook are not inferior to those of a laptop.
  • Camera – will delight a boy who dreams of becoming a photographer, it is not at all necessary to buy an expensive model and a heavy lens, for learning a simple camera with a minimum set of options is enough.
  • A portable music speaker is an inexpensive gift, but the younger generation really likes it. It can be connected to the Internet or listen to music via Bluetooth.
  • Electron microscope – the principle of operation is no different from the optical microscope, but the electronic version provides the possibility of photographing and video filming. The device is expensive, but it can come in handy while studying.
  • A novelty from the LEGO company – an ordinary constructor, but the result is a device by which you can understand the principle of a perpetual motion machine.
  • Gyro scooter – transport for riding only on a flat surface, works on an electric drive. With such a gift, the boy will surprise his friends, and the road to school will become much more enjoyable.

6. Inexpensive Gifts

  • Alarm clock. The child will never be late for school, you can surprise him with the original model – a flying clock, in order to turn off the signal in the morning, the child will have to get up and catch it.
  • Pajamas with the image of your favorite cartoon character or movie hero. In such pajamas, the child will surely have only good dreams.
  • Heated slippers. A relevant gift if a child’s birthday falls on the cold season.
  • Luminous laces. An inexpensive and very stylish gift that will be practical and useful in the dark.
  • Glowing nipples if the boy has a bicycle. With such a gift, the birthday person’s transport will look stylish and it will be safer to ride on it.
  • Tinned socks. A fun and valuable gift because socks are never superfluous.
  • Homemade costume “Koschey” with the image of human bones on a black background.

7. Gifts-impressions for a Birthday Person or a Large Company

  • Flying in a wind tunnel. Want to surprise a child who has everything? Give him the opportunity to fly inside a wind tunnel. The boy will feel free flight in the powerful air currents.
  • Entertainment in the virtual reality park. Such a gift is perfect for a large group of children. Friends will choose the game, get the necessary gadgets and unforgettable emotions from their first anniversary.
  • Flying in a helicopter flight simulator. The simulator recreates as accurately as possible a flight in the cockpit of a helicopter, during which the birthday man will see mountains, seas, forests and will be able to independently control complex equipment.
  • Flight on the flight simulator of the Tu-134 aircraft. The simulator fully recreates the visual and sound effects of a real passenger plane. The birthday boy will control the flight from the cockpit as a pilot. For a child, you can choose one of the proposed routes.
  • Racing on radio-controlled cars. Another surprise for the company. First of all, the friends will be instructed, then several trial runs, and only after that the real championship will begin, for which the route of one of the international rallies will be chosen.
  • Painting lesson in VR glasses. If a boy likes to draw, he will probably be interested in mastering new technologies. The master will explain the basics of VR painting, explain the principle of operation of the equipment. The birthday boy will be able to take all the paintings as a keepsake.
  • Children’s quest. A wonderful surprise for a company of children. Friends will be able to determine the theme of the quest on their own, after which they will go to the world of adventure.
  • Travel to the children’s laboratory of experiments. If your child is curious, give him and his friends the opportunity to visit a unique laboratory, where a large selection of slot machines, devices, machines is presented. All exhibits can be touched by hand.
  • Excursion to the stable. A wonderful gift for a child of any age. The guide will tell you about horse breeds, how to properly care for them, how to feed them. Also, the birthday boy will be able to ride a horse in the arena.
  • Excursion to the chocolate factory. As part of the excursion, the birthday person will see a short film about the production of chocolate, visit the main shops where sweets are produced and at the end, he will definitely receive a treat.
  • Excursion to the ostrich farm. Friends will walk around the farm, see live ostriches, learn how to care for them, how to feed them, take photographs for memory.
  • Day of beauty for son and dad. During a visit to the barbershop, dad and son will receive advice from an experienced master. As a result, an adult and a boy will be able to change their image.
  • Visiting the children’s city of professions. At the age of 10, the boy is already thinking about his future profession, has an idea of ​​what he likes and what does not. In such a city, there are many play stations, visiting which the child learns about the peculiarities of many professions and will be able to better understand himself.
  • Visit to the petting zoo. This is an unusual zoo, here every animal can be stroked, touched, held in hands. In addition to traditional animals, the petting zoo also has exotic inhabitants.
  • Children’s photo session. Depending on what season your birthday falls on, you can shoot in the studio or outdoors. The photographer will recommend vivid images and take vivid pictures of the child.
  • Watching a movie in VR glasses. The attraction is a special platform where chairs are installed, after which everyone will receive virtual glasses and friends will start watching a movie in which they will become the main characters. At the same time, the platform performs sharp movements, enhancing the experience.
  • Burger day. The essence of the gift is as follows – the birthday boy and his friends visit the best burger cities, while parents should take care of booking tables in each institution in advance.
  • Visit to the karting center. A great gift for father and son is to spend the whole day at the karting center. They will be able to ride in a racing car, feel like real participants in the race, and have a snack in a cafe.
  • Visit to the children’s amusement park. Another scenario for holding a children’s birthday, while parents just pay for the necessary set of services, the park staff will take care of the rest. The time spent on the rides is not limited.
  • Play on Xbox. Such entertainment is offered by many modern cinemas; guests are invited to a separate room with comfortable sofas and a professional audio system. The set includes joysticks, boys choose games on their own.
  • Visit to the rope park. If the boy’s birthday is in the summer, invite the child and his guests to the rope park, where they will have to overcome various obstacles and finally cope with the trolley descent.
  • Visit to the aquarium. A great way to see real marine life, to get acquainted with their habits. In addition, rare reptiles and amphibians are represented in the aquarium.
  • Visit to the dolphinarium. A great way to spend your birthday with the whole family, watch the performance of sea lions, seals, dolphins.
  • All-day at the water park. In summer, you can enjoy the rides, have fun and have fun with your family or friends.
  • Walking on a yacht. The birthday boy and his guests will lead an unforgettable boat trip, during which you can have fun, arrange various competitions.
  • River rafting (rafting). After a short briefing, the birthday man and his guests get on the boats and go on a journey. Unforgettable adventures await them along the way.
  • Hot air balloon flight. Such a gift will cause an ocean of impressions. Of course, the flight can only be made when accompanied by parents.
  • Ride an ATV. An excellent birthday script for the whole family.
  • Visit to the climbing wall. The child will learn to overcome difficulties and not be afraid of heights.
  • Laser tag. Children will have modern laser weapons in their hands, battles will take place in a suitably decorated room.

8. Master Classes

  • Children’s master class of a young blogger. If the boy is sociable and likes to shoot interesting videos, invite him to master the profession of a blogger. During the master class, the child will learn how to create fascinating stories, edit videos and, of course, consolidate knowledge in practice.
  • Master class on jumping on a trampoline. Such a gift can be presented both personally to the birthday person and for the company. The coach will teach you how to keep balance, jump and land without injury. Safety will be provided by elastic nets.
  • Master class on robotics. Classes are held in a group of up to 10 people, the teacher divides the children into pairs and offers to assemble robots from a high-quality Lego constructor.
  • Master class in karate. The lesson will be conducted by an award-winning athlete, demonstrating basic techniques and strikes, protective blocks and stances. After the theory, the birthday person will work out everything in practice.
  • Cooking pizza. If a boy loves to cook and has an interest in cooking, he will surely enjoy this lesson. By the way, all his friends can come to the master class, because it is always more interesting to cook a tasty treat with a company. The birthday man determines the pizza filling himself, and then the treat can be eaten with a delicious compote.
  • Archery training. The company is waiting for a shooting range and an instructor who will explain how to shoot a weapon correctly, how to observe safety precautions, how to aim. The birthday boy will practice and be able to improve his marksmanship.
  • Lessons to play percussion instruments. Does the boy show interest in music? Delight him with a drum lesson. A professional musician will teach him how to hold sticks, work with a metronome, and select melodies to match his favorite songs. The final performance will be recorded on video for memory.
  • Master class from a blacksmith. The boy will watch how the blacksmith works, learn the history of the craft and even try to make his own product.
  • Roller skating. The training is carried out by a professional trainer who will warm-up, show you how to properly stand on the rollers, brake and fall. After the theoretical part, the birthday boy and his friends will be able to ride on their own.
  • Master class of playing the electric guitar. Under the guidance of an experienced musician, the child will master the basic chords, learn to play with a pick, learn about the principles of operation of amplifiers and pedals. If you wish, you can continue learning to play the guitar.
  • Pottery art. Working with clay calms develops imagination and spatial thinking. The birthday boy will create a ceramic product with his own hands and take it as a keepsake.
  • Master class of fencing. Every boy is a knight and a musketeer at heart, parents only need to develop these qualities in a child. Fencing is a wonderful sport for a boy; he may want to practice it professionally.
  • Basics of aero design. Modern technologies allow you to create beautiful and original decorative figures. The child will probably want to master new technology.
  • Master class on making cocktails. Of course, we are talking about healthy, tasty drinks, then the birthday man will be able to treat his guests with them.
  • Making interior toys. At first glance, fun for girls, but some boys are happy to sew funny toys. If the child is interested in this, encourage him to be infatuated with it.
  • Master class in figure skating. A stylish, sophisticated sport. If a boy loves roller skating, he may also be interested in ice skating.
  • Master class on making caramel. Does the birthday boy love sweets? Surely he will be interested to know how caramel appeared and how to properly prepare delicious sweets.
  • Teaching photography. If a child dreams of becoming a photographer, give him the opportunity to attend a lesson and get to know this art better.
  • Vocal lesson. The gift will surely be appreciated by those who love to sing. The specialist will tell you how to control your voice, suggest some vocal techniques.
  • Golf lessons. An elite sport, if you want your child to become a part of bohemia, take his interest in golf.

9. Always the Little Things You Need

  • A piggy bank will teach a child to be frugal.
  • The table lamp will complement the interior of the room.
  • A humidifier will provide the necessary level of humidity in the room.
  • The Lego mug is a great gift for the lover of the constructor.
  • Drawing tablet – the device develops creative thinking.
  • Glowing headphones – fashionable, stylish and comfortable.
  • A funny-shaped flash drive is a useful gadget for studying and just for entertainment.
  • Home planetarium – now the child will be able to view the starry sky without leaving home.
  • An electric plasma ball is a stylish interior decor and at the same time, a beautiful night light.
  • The flashlight will undoubtedly be appreciated by the birthday person who travels frequently.
  • Colony of ants. Does the child ask for a pet? Present him with a whole anthill – it is not burdensome and very exciting.
  • Globe with illumination – will delight the young traveler and will become a decoration of the children’s room.
  • 3D pen with LCD display – the boy will be enthusiastic about mastering new technologies.
  • Tabletop apparatus for making cotton candy. It is enough to pour sugar into the device and a delicious treat is ready.

Gifts for the Boy Who Has Everything

  • The Lego constructor is a win-win option since there is never enough such a constructor, of course, provided that the child is fond of it.
  • An interactive poster with interesting tasks.
  • The scratch map is a fascinating assistant in the study of geography or the starry sky.
  • Any comic or Disney-themed toys, but keep the boy’s interests in mind.
  • Unusual constructors – electric, magnetic, radio-controlled, solar-powered or Velcro.
  • Any gadgets, but of course, only those that the birthday boy does not have yet.
  • Funny slippers in the form of paws of an animal or tanks.
  • Team, board games.
  • Funny accessories – glasses, hats, gloves, scarf.
  • A ticket to the circus, cinema or football – depending on what the birthday person is interested in.

What Not to Give

It is strictly forbidden to give a present that does not correspond to the child’s hobbies. Also, you should not give the boy a present for the future or for growth, since the child wants to have fun here and now, and not later. Outdated gadgets will also not cause genuine joy and positive emotions. Money is unlikely to please a 10-year-old boy only if you put it in a funny piggy bank.

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